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Members Area

The most sophisticated members area for any boosting site! You can follow the boosters progress, see match history, chat live with the booster, request a specific booster , track previous orders and much more!


Lolboost prioritizes quality, speed and safety, and we value the trust and loyalty between the customer and the company. We will provide exceptionally trustworthy and responsible boosters, with an added layer of security for your elo boosting by making all the boosters use VPN’s when they play on your account.


Want to learn a new hero? Check out our guides, written by professional League of Legends players!

LoLBoost Features

Global leader in Elo Boosting and Coaching!

LoLBoost has proven to be one of the most popular and top rated elo boosting services out there. This has a lot to do with the different features we offer on our website, and the fact that we currently have the best and highest rated booster on staff. Some you will know from watching LCS or streams, other are top 30 challenger players on their servers. Here are some of the features you can expect when buying elo boosting from us!

  • Premium VPN servers. All boosters at LoLBoost use a custom IP address for every account they boost. None of the games they play can be traced back to us.
  • Appear Offline. At your request our boosters can use the Appear Offline function, which means he can boost your account while remaining undetected to your friends. Your friends cannot see that you are online or talk to you while your account is appearing offline.
  • Members Area. We have the most sophisticated members’ area in the elo boosting business. Here are some of the things you can expect from the members area:
    • Tracking your elo boost
    • Live chat with your booster or coach
    • Automatic updated match history
    • Requesting a specific booster for your account
    • Keeping track of all old and new orders
    • Contacting an admin directly from your profile
    • Rate and comment on your booster/coach
    • Edit your profile at any time, this includes passwords and account information
    • Access to clients FAQ
    • Adding accounts to boost from the same profile
  • Great customer support. You can contact us at any time, any days, be it weekend, Christmas or New Years. We never take a break and we will always get back to you as soon as we can!

Some Examples

On our site you can track your order, live chat with your booster or send your booster a private message. You can also pause and resume your order and look at your match history. 

On the dashboard you can keep track of all your orders!

Premium Elo Boosting and Coaching

Welcome to one of the top rated elo boosting and coaching sites online!

  • We are a group of dedicated League of Legends players from all corners of the world. We currently elo boost on the following servers: NA, OCE, EUW, EUNE, RUS, TR, LAS, LAN and BR.
  • All of our boosters are diamond or challenger players in the current season, with considerable experience in both competitive play, and boosting. Many of our coaches and boosters have won tournaments and cups, and have been involved in many LAN events.
  • We are one of the cheapest and fastest league boosting services out there, and we will always get you to the rating you pay for.
  • We are exceedingly good at what we do, and we have plenty of experience with boosting and coaching.
  • We have boosted over 500 000 accounts with unparalleled customer service and prices.
  • We have implemented an added layer of security measures for your accounts safety, and your elo boost is untraceable by Riot if you choose us.

League of Legends - Elo Boosting

Elo Boost and LoL Coaching

Almost from the first day League of Legends opened their ranked section, people have been buying and selling elo boosting. Summoners got tired of being stuck in elo hell and decided to buy an elo boost to both improve their gameplay and to raise their LoL elo. A lot of players argue that elo hell does not exist, but almost all boosters agree that it does, and all because of the simple fact that if you are a player who belongs in gold, but you are stuck in silver, it is very hard to carry yourself out of your elo, mostly because your teammates argue, flame and they might not be good enough to help you carry the game. But if you are a diamond skilled player who is stuck in platinum, it is much easier to carry yourself up, because the other platinum players will cooperate more than most silver players will. Of course, this is all relative, and there are a lot of controversy about this subject. No one can agree on if elo hell actually exists or not.

Today’s League of Legends community has very diverse opinions when it comes to elo boosting. A lot of players will openly oppose it and argue that Riot should put a stop to this once and for all, but most of those players have already received a boost or is planning on doing it. Our site alone has boosted over 500 000 different League of Legends accounts. There are hundreds of elo boost sites out there. Can you even imagine how many players receive or participate in elo boosting? It seems like boosting is one of those things that people are afraid to admit to, but most people partake in. One of the reason elo boosting has become so popular is because it’s much more fun playing with higher skilled players than yourself. You learn more and after playing for a while in platinum, your skill level will be around platinum and you can learn to carry yourself even higher. Many people who buy elo boosting from us ends up being able to carrying themselves even a whole tier higher than we boosted them to. People just need a confidence boost, and the chance to play with people who are better than them. It’s a great way to learn! Of course, a lot of the players who buy elo boost from us, also buys LoL coaching or LoL Guides, to supplement their knowledge. All in all, 90% of players, in our experience, will either get elo boosted or buy guides and League of Legends coaching.

When it comes to the boosting process itself, it is very safe with us, and a completely smooth experience. We always improve our website and make changes to suit our clients, and we are always open to new ideas. Some of the functions we have on our website are only here because clients have asked for it. As you know, we don’t only aim to satisfy those of our clients who are interested in getting an elo boost, we also sell guides, referrals and League of Legends coaching. LoL coaching is also one of those things that have been around for a very long time. Our coaches are truly one of a kind. They excel at teaching and improving our clients’ gameplay. We have often sold League of Legends coaching to clients in bronze and silver who, after 10 or so lessons, manage to go all the way to platinum and even diamond by themselves. It is surely a great accomplishment. Most players are very obsessed with their LoL elo, not just gaining it and reaching a new ranking, but also on improving their own skills. This can be done by both getting your account an elo boost, so you will play with players of a higher skill than you and learn from them, and also from getting LoL coaching or reading guides.

Great player, good communication and coaches while you play! A+

Remy de Vries

June 02 2014

Very pleased. Thank you, Jonathan

Jonathan Lin

February 12 2014

really awsome he know how too play and carry game and help other lane if i get more duo game if request this man

Maxime Roussel

February 12 2014

Great boost with great speed. One of the best boosts ever.

Justin Hong

February 11 2014

Absolutely excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, informative. Overall an excellent service, thank you!!!

David Dracoules

February 10 2014

Bimby is the man...He's skipped divisions both time he's boosted for me...and I wont lie hes been well worth the money...If people read this stuff make sure you tip him to show your love

Patrick Moss

February 10 2014

Rice has done it again and made my week. He was very kind, listened to my messages and responded with a complete professional attitude 10/10 service

Joshua Beaumont

February 10 2014

Unbelievable booster. He won everygame besides one. I have no words for how amazing he is.

Blake Spratt

February 09 2014

Guy was perfect, this was my 2nd time using this site and i will be back now for a 3rd 4th and 5th

Adam Dohrman

February 09 2014

Exemplary service as always. Much satisfied.

Dan P

February 08 2014

All i can say is FCKN AWESOME ! My booster was really good he lost only 2 or 3 games he carried my acoount from plat 3 to diamond in 3 days and only played 6-8 hours per day ! Cool service Best Boosters ! and really FAST ! Gj guys and Thank you .

Murat Öbekli

February 07 2014

They did my order asap , everything were fast and trusted!I love these guys!

Stine Larson

December 31 2013

Most reliable boosting page on the internet!


December 30 2013 is the greatest, did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 5 - Gold 3

Craig Gallimore

December 29 2013

My Coach taught me how to become a great player, I have raised myself 4 diviisions so far :)


December 27 2013

I got boosted by these great guys


December 26 2013

Duo queue games were fun and fast, we won every game and also had fun playing.


December 26 2013

I wasn't very good at this game, trying to play with friends, but lolboost helped me become a better player.


December 26 2013

Boosting and coaching were most useful for me, I spectated my booster and now I'm diamond 2!


December 31 2012