LoL Preseason

Preseason changes - Learn what Riot has in store for season 7

Preseason - League of Legends


This article will be solely focused on the upcoming pre-season changes and Season 7 in League of Legends. Due to Riot's past we urge you to treat all the promised changes lightly and not get too hyped up - Remember Riot is known for backpedaling and going back on their promises (for example in season 6 we were promised both solo queue and dynamic queue, but only a month into the season Riot said solo queue was on indefinite hold).  Without further ado, let’s dive into the changes and discuss them all point by point.


The preseason changes discussed are as follows:
1. Ranked Queue Changes
2. The differnet Queue types
3. New Replay system
4. New practice mode
5. The new League of Legends client and how to opt in.
6. Preseason assassin changes
7. Preseason item changes and additions
8. Stealth mechanics update
9. The new jungle additions and changes
10. Our take on the preseason changes.


Ranked Queue Changes

In 2016 Riot took away Solo/Duo Queue in favor of “Dynamic Queue”, which resulted in the loss of many loyal players who felt betrayed and either quit or stoped playing ranked games. For season 7 they have decided to return Solo Queue with some adjustments. This means all you insanely-competitive players can once again battle on the ladder in a solo/duo environment without coming up against a 5 man stack and with no risk of having a team of 4 on your team who flames you all game for no reason other than the fact that you are not in their premade. It is worth noting that  Challenger tier will be solo queue only - no duo allowed.

Dynamic Queue is going to be transformed into something called “Flex queue”, which will allow up to 5 players to play in a premade. Ranked fives will be merged into this, resulting in the hope that ranked 5's will so be available 24/7 for anyone who wants to practice in a team environment.

You may wonder why Riot decided to make this change - The backslash from the removal of pure Solo/Duo queue had a huge negative impact on a lot of players, not to mention the communication from Riot was lackluster: At first they told us solo/duo would be brought back a few weeks after season 6 started, then they told us it was delayed and would be brought back later in the season, and then finally they admitted it was not coming back and was on hold indefinitely. They basically straight up lied about this change, which pissed off the majority of their player base. Riot probably thought they could improve Dynamic Queue to the point where everyone was satisfied, which would remove the need for solo/duo and suit Riot perfectly. The main reason why some people are worried about having two queues is because it could seriously impact the queue wait times (especially at the top of the ladder where you have to wait quite a long time to get into a match). Over the past few months there have been a series of changes which improved the Dynamic Queue wait times for the higher tiers, and now Riot is ready to sustain two types of queues at once it seems.


The Different Queues - Solo/Duo and Flex. preseason lol

- The first queue type is called Solo Queue, but is often referred to as solo/duo, as you can play either by yourself or with one friend. This queue type is more rewarding to people who want to solo carry games and improve their mechanical skills. This is the best queue if you want to improve as an individual player since there are no partial or full teams in this queue that come prepared with coordinated strategies and who can ruin the experience for someone playing alone.

- The second queue type is the queue we are currently using - Dynamic which will be renamed to Flex Queue. Flex is more focused on macro-play, cohesive team comps and late game communication strategies. This queue type is best suited for those who either has a full or partial team that needs practice, or for those who wish to play in a more team reliant environment. It will be great fun for everyone who likes the more "team minded play style" and for those likes to play ranked with more than two friends. This queue can often teach you about strategy and team cordination, but can be very frustrating to play in for a solo player who's true aim is to increase his own personal skill level. 



LoL Preseason Replays System

With the launch of the new client update, Riot is finally delivering on a promise from many, many moons ago - the replay system. The launch version of replays comes with all the tools you've come to expect out of the existing Spectate Mode — with some additions being added. You can for example download replays from your match history or end-of-game screen, then use the built-in recording tool to save your highlights as video files that can be shared anywhere. Just looking for a pentakill? The Annotated Timeline will help you find all kills, dragons, barons, towers, and inhibitors, so it's easier to find your favorite moments. This is similar to - which is actually a really good program for sharing highlighted moments from your games. The only downside is that the replays are patch specific - meaning you can only download games from the current patch. If there is a new patch coming you need to download the replays you want from the existing patch before the update has been added to the client, or the games will be lost.


 How does replays work?

  1. Download your replay from the End of Game Screen or Match History.
  2. Watch any replays from the current patch using the new Replay Mode - includes all the functionality and fun from Spectator Mode.
  3. Find the best parts of your game and memorable events using the new Annotated Timeline - this marks major events like kills, takedowns of towers and inhibitors, and dragon/baron kills.
  4. Capture video clips of your in-game moments (“Highlights”) using built-in recording functionality.
  5. These Highlights will be stored on your hard drive (C:\MyDocuments\LeagueofLegends\Highlights) as a .webm video file. These files can be viewed by opening them in any browser that supports HTML5, and shared to social media alongside your cat gifs.

The new replay mode will enable you to easily capture, save and share your favourite plays whenever and with whoever you want. Keep in mind this is just Riot's first attempt at a replay mode and they will keep working on changes and improvements in the coming months. Check in again at a later date for more details and updates.

lol preseason - replay timeline




Season 7 presents: Practice Tool (Sandbox mode) 

The long-awaited practice tool to help you test anything you want in a custom game is finally going to be released. Do you need to practice the flash grab hook with Blitz?Or maybe you want to improve the long distance-wall flashes? No problem! Go into practive mode, set cooldowns on insta refresh and practice the same techniques over and over again. Practice Mode brings out insane possibilities for practice and will most definitely be used by our professional coaches when attempting to teach customers hard techniques. No more waiting for gold to try new item builds, no more waiting for cooldowns or waiting for a new game to load if you want to try a new jungle route in different ways. Practice mode is here to stay and a much wanted addition to the game for those wanting to push the limits of the game and their own abilities.

It’s simple as it sounds, you go into a custom game and do whatever you want without having to wait in between cooldowns or having to farm all day to test out certain build-paths. This feature was available to other games for a long time and Riot has now stepped up and create their own version for League of Legends - finally!

Current known features:

  • Infinite Gold
  • Reset your Cooldowns
  • Lock your level
  • Freeze minion spawns
  • Restart game without loading again

More features will definitely be added in time. Right now practice mode s still in the process of being polished for optimal usage. Feedback by the community will most likely help shape practice mode until everyone (or almost everyone) is satisfied.


LoL Preseason with a brand new Client

league of legends preseason - new client


Another long awaited promise fulfilled. The current client kept getting updated, but despite numerous visual and functionality updates it still felt very clunky. Riot's solution is finally one we at can get behind: A brand, spanking new client! The open beta of the new client is coming this preseason and will include:

- Pleasant UI;

- Drag/drop rune pages to reorder them;

- See in-game ability scalling information;

- Changing in-game settings without actually having to load up a game.

During pre-season there Riot has announced there will be a pop up where you can choose to opt in to try the beta version of the new client. Once the open beta ends, everyone will be automatically upgraded to the new legacy client. 



Preseason in LoL - Assassins update

Preseason in League of Legends always brings about big changes to the game - this is the time Riot experiments with modifications they have wanted to input for a while, and where they use community and beta feedback to "improve" the game. Sadly, often the moderations bring more hate than love from the players, but ultimately changes are needed to keep the game fun. We can only hope Riot will start listening more closely to their players and bring back some of the old fun times to the game (old Kassadin, anyone?). Below you can see some of the changes to the Assassins that will be implemented during preseason.

1. Talon - Talon got a new passive: His abilities wound champions and epic monsters for a short duration, stacking up to three times. When he basic attacks a fully stacked person he will deal a lot of physical damage over time as a bleed effect.
His Q has also been modified to incorporate his old Q AND old E in the same spell. This was done in order for a new E to be added to Talons kit. His new E allows him to wallhop. It will definitely be interesting to see how this rework turns out for him, as being able to wallhop is a new mechanic in League of Legends and could prove to become a big nuisance for future designs.

lol preseason talon

2. Rengar – His ferocity is being taken down to 4 and bonetooth necklace is going to be updated to grant permanent AD for every unique champion takedown. Q will be AoE and empowered deals more damage. W heals Rengar for a portionof damage he’s taken in the last few moments, empowered W removes all CC and makes him immune for a short duration to them. R makes his next attack a guaranteed crit. This is a very interesting rework and may cause him to be viable in the top lane once again with a tanky build. One of the biggest changes to Rengar is the Thrill of the Hunt which stealths him for a long period of time. gives him more movement speed and lets him see the nearest enemy champion to him from far away, even if your team has no vision of the enemy in question. Rengar can then leap to the revealed enemy and gains a guaranteed crit.

3. LeBlanc – LeBlanc's passive now applies her old Q, meaning all of her abilities applies Sigil of Malice, which can be detonated by her other abilities for boosted damage. Her new Q fires an orb which can trigger her passive, in which case the orb shatters and applies to nearest targets with Sigil aswell. New R that spawns a clone to either become invisible and create a illusion to deal a stronger version of her basic abilities or to spawn a clone which walks to the nearest champion to do a non-damaging version of LeBlanc’s most recently used ability, very clunky design, but prevents the old W + Q + R for deletions of random carries. Not sure if we can get behind this change - assassins are supposed to assassinate - super damage champion with low healthbare. 

4. Katarina – Her Q was updated (old Q + old W incorporated into new Q spell). Kat's new Q deals damage to her target and two nearby enemies. After the daggers will drop to the ground and do AoE damage if she picks them up. Her new W throws a dagger in the air, gains her a bit of movement speed and after a brief moment she can pick it up to do the AoE damage again. E is updated to allow Kata to jump to daggers, if she targets one the E cooldown is reduced.

5. Other assassins – there will updates to Fizz, Ekko, Shaco, Zed, Akali and Kha’Zix, but these are not as big as the updates we have gone over. Riot wants these champions to be healthier to the game and will incorporate some better mechanics into their kits for more play-making capabilities.



LoL preseason Itemization updates

Flat armor penetration is changed to Lethality - a scalling armor penetration stat. The indended goal is to make the stat less snowbally. Lethality will scale according to the opponent’s level instead.

a) Serrated Dirk – changed to give lethality and out of combat movement speed.

b) New item – Poacher’s Dirk – gives AD, converts into Serrated Dirk after “poaching” enough large monsters in the enemy jungle.

c) New item - Edge of Night – AD/lethality/out of combat MS/ magic resist, can be channeled to gain a spell shield.

d) Duskblade – lethality, gain true sight when spoted by an enemy ward, after being unseen, the next basic attack deals true damage.

e) Youmuu’s – AD, lethality, out of combat MS, active grants movement speed only.

f) Maw of Malmortius – doesn’t grant lethality, builds out of the Hammer, not Dirk anymore.




Stealth mechanics - Another preseason change in LoL

Stealth will be separated into Camouflage and Invisbility.

Camouflage equals strategic stealth (Evelynn had this mechanic which now will extend to Rengar & Twitch).
Invisibility equals tactical stealth. It doesn’t last long enough for its users to move from one lane to another compared to (like camoflage does). Champs like Wukong and LeBlanc posses this mechanic.

Vision wards are going to be updated to “Control Wards” – they still grant vision, but also provide vision denial - they reveal and disable nearby enemy wards and traps, but no longer reveal invisible champions!


“Living Jungle” – the newly added plants

Riot is looking to revitalize the jungle and decided to add some sort of RNG plants to go along with it. There is no telling how this will work out in competitive play, but let's hope it doesn't add too much RNG to the game. There are 3 types of plants:

1) Blast Cone – knocks away nearby units when destroyed. Use it to jump to next jungle camp or to escape an enemy over the wall.

2) Scryer’s Bloom – when destroyed, releases pollen across the map away from the attacker, revealing units on the way. Can be used to scout for enemies.

3) Honeyfruit – when destroyed, spills healing fruit on the ground. Eat the fruit to keep your health and mana topped off as you roam the jungle.

            On top of these changes, some camps are undergoing adjustments. Blue and Red buffs are now solo-camps, raptors are increased from 4 to 6. Gromp now enrages at the start of the encounter while Krugs split into smaller Krugs as you kill them.

jungle preseason lol


Personal thoughts on the League of Legends Preseason Update

Now that we’re over all the details released by Riot, LoLBoost would like to express their opinion regarding the subject.

Ranked queue adjustments - Riot is definitely going in the right direction by listening to players, but they shouldn’t have done what they did last season - telling players solo queue would come back and then postponing and postponing it until finally admitting it is not coming back. It was very disappointing and dissapointed a large number of players, not to mention all the feelings of betrayel going around. This dissapointment was actually predicted by LoLBoost in an earlier post in January 2016, and Riot proved us right when we would have preferred to be proven wrong. Thankfully, Riot has finally decided to listen to their playerbase and we are all excited for the new Solo Queue!

Regarding Replays and Sandbox mode – these are long awaited promises aswell. If we are not mistaken it was actually promised in the Alpha mode of League of Legends (I’ve seen a screenshoot of the League of Legends release where Riot made a lot of promises, and this was in the very beginning), but after 7-8 years we’ve finally received the promised updates! Replays and Sandbox mode are crucial tools to help players improve their mechanics and macro play

The legacy client – current client is pretty clunky, and although many updates have improved certain aspects of it, players have seen the need for a replacement for many years. The new client allows for much more room to customize in the lobby without having to go into an actual game, and of course it is the reason for why replays and sandbox is being implemented.

The assassin rework - Overall it is pretty nice.  I expect Riot to maintain the bar they’ve set and deliver good reworks to old champions in the next few patches, especially the first patch for season 7. The stealth mechanic update and control ward looks really nice aswell. Hopefully it will create more viable champion picks and set Riot on the road to recovery, because let's face it, certain champions used to be much, MUCH more fun to play than they are right now, and the "viable picks" have decreased drastically. Riot needs to bring back certain aspects from the old seasons, particularly the more "OP" playstyle where assassins did ridicolous damage and was amazingly fun to play.

New items - These are really nice and useful - Duskblade seems a bit overpowered, but we’ll see how that turns out. As for the new “Armor pen scalling with opponents level” it feels like it’s a pretty huge nerf and Armor Pen items won’t be desirable at all in the early stages of the game like they currently are, but it depends on how well they will scale. 

Jungle Update - Moving away the two small creeps from buffs will help out a lot of junglers who lack AoE, which may bring back the single damage jungle rapists who have fallen behind in the current meta. The new plants additions, however, are pretty strange. While they seem like they could be fun - and a change will keep the game from being stale - they appear to be rather random. No one expected them to appear like that, just out of nowhere, and the biggest drawback is that you need to autoattack to activate it, which will give ranged champions the advantages over melee ones. Theoretically you could pick a ranged champion and then unleash chaos on the enemy jungler if he’s melee and then escape easily with the aid of the plants. It will certainly open up some unexpected and, dare we say, fun changes to the meta.


That is all for the preseason updates for now, keep following us for more news and upcoming changes. Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you wish to see a specific article or guide in the future.


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