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Welcome to LoLBoost's Top Tier List, where we'll be talking about the best 5 top laners to carry solo/dynamic queue with. This list will be updated for every single patch in every single season. In this Top Tier List there will be information regarding the champions picked and an explanation for why these top laners made the Tier List with a brief overview on what to do when playing them. 


About this Top Tier List


This TOP lane tier list is created by a Master player and is based on his experience, knowledge and skill as well as information collected from platinum+ games such as pick rates, ban rates, win rates and in depth analyzis of games from the following regions: EUW/NA/KR. - The tier list should work in all divisions, but is written specifically for people who want to carry without being team reliant and who are placed somewere between high gold to high diamond. 

The champions aren’t listed in any specific order, just the general top 5 that belongs on this top lane tier list for League of Legends. Every champion has a certain role which will be described in the brief information next to that champion.
Keep in mind, this list will tell you which champions are the best to carry with in each patch when you play alone or with a friend. It does not feature champions that are heavily team reliant, even if they are strong picks as this top lane tier list is not aimed for 5vs5, but rather for Solo/Duo queue players who want the best champion to carry with even when your team sucks.




Top Tier List for Patch 6.22 and 6.23

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 Toplaners: Poppy, Maokai, NautilusKennenJayce
Honorable MentionsPantheonRumble, Irelia


Top Tier List for Patch 6.21

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 ToplanersGangplankYasuoIrelia, Kennen, Jayce
Honorable MentionsPantheon, Rumble, Poppy



Top Tier List for Patch 6.19 and 6.20 (same champions as changes were minimal in 6.20)

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 ToplanersGangplank, Yasuo, Irelia, Jax, Sion.
Honorable MentionsKayle, Pantheon




Top Tier List for Patch 6.18

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 Toplaners: Gnar, GangplankYasuoIreliaJax.
Honorable Mentions: KaylePantheon





Top Tier List - Information on each champion mentioned in each list.



Siontoplane tier list - sion



- good laning phase;

- lots of CC ( knock-up / stun / slow );

- semi-global ultimate;

- mixed damage.



- skillshot-heavy ( Q/E/R );

- takes a lot of time to learn to maneuver the ultimate;

- relies on team to follow up with his CC. 

            Sion is a tank top laner, who excels at pushing the lane fast with his AoE abilities while also poking the enemy top laner down. He is insanely tanky without any items due to his shield, which has pretty nice base scalling and ratio. His good laning phase allows him to easily scale into mid-late game where he is a big, annoying meat-shield with lots of CC to scare the enemy team - this is why you can see him picked in the support role aswell, his base damage is pretty high, being in the top lane role compared to the support role allows you to become even tankier and withstand more damage. On top of that, right now the bot lane is usually composed of ranged, aggressive bully supports who give Sion a hard-time, so playing him in the top lane is safer and it will allow you to scale much easier into the phase of the game where you can charge an enemy opponent, then CC him for long enough for your team to follow up and kill him.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Grasp of the Undying ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints Attack Damage. Sunfire Cape – Mercury’s Treads – Spirit Visage – Iceborn Gauntlet – Zz’Rot Portal – Guardian Angel. ( his base damage is pretty high soo he is forgiving in the damage compartment if you build full tank items, Zz’Rot is usually picked up to allow you to pressure two lanes at once, for example push bot to a certain extent, put a Zz’Rot, then go to top lane and push it while the teams are trading in the mid lane for example. Sunfire is really nice and allows you to trade better while also pushing the wave insanely fast. )







Poppytop tier list - poppy



- good burst damage;

- anti-dash ability;

- great cc.

- insanely strong in the current meta.



- needs to fight near walls for maximum effectiveness;

- high learning curve.

            Poppy is a tanky yordle who focuses on locking down one or more targets while also being unstoppable and unkillable if played correctly. She is really hard to deal with as a squishy carry and on top of that she has an amazing ability in the current meta which stops dashes - a very valuable ability considering most popular meta champions right now have some sort of dash / jump / wannabe-flash.

            Generic build: 0/12/18 ( CoC ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist or scalling magic resist, 3x quints Attack Damage. Sunfire – Mercury’s Treads – Iceborn Gauntlet – Spirit Visage – Guardian Angel – Deadman’s Plate.







Maokaitop tier list - maokai



- good laning phase;

- high sustain;

- AoE damage reduction buff;

- can lock down targets for a large period of time;

- insanely strong in current tank meta.


- high mana costs;

- needs a good, coordinated team for maximum utilization of all this champion has to offer.

            Maokai is a tanky top laner, who excels at locking down a single target and bursting him down or just slowly tapping away at his health until the enemy is dead, depending on the buildpath chosen by the Maokai player. The amount of effective health which he can receive in a teamfight alone from his passive and from the CoC mastery can be estimated at being the double of the healthpool he has during mid and late game. He is insanely broken in lower elos where people don’t know of the item called “Executioner’s Calling” ( which applies grievous wounds when you do physical damage ). Pick him, go tanky and just sit on the enemy adc/mid lane all day or peel for your carries instead and enjoy that free elo.

            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( CoC ), 9x red magic penetration, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints Ability Power. Sunfire – Mercury Treads – Spirit Visage – Iceborn Gauntlet – Frozen Heart – Guardian Angel.







Nautilustop tier list - Nautilus



- 4 cc abilities ( passive + q/e/r );

- high base damage;

- easy to stick to enemy carries;

- insanely strong with current keystone mastery.



- high mana costs;

- requires competent damage dealers on the team to follow up on the large periods of CC to be effective.

            Nautilus is a tanky top laner who excels at spamming CC on the enemies, regardless of champion, multistacking his passive on every single champion from the enemy during teamfights, creating a zone where your carries feel safe and knowing the enemies are perma cc’ed and they have a meaty tank shield to protect them. He isn’t that difficult to play with, max E and just push the waves endlessly till you get bored, group, CC everyone you can and move onto next game. His skillcap is pretty low - it doesn’t take a genius to play this champion, so if you own him just use a generic mastery page, some generic runes and move onto the game, you’ll see yourself how easy it is to play with this meatshield and achieve free LP.

            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( CoC ), 9x red attack speed, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints Ability Power. Sunfire – Mercury Treads – Spirit Visage – Iceborn Gauntlet – Zz’Rot Portal – Guardian Angel.








Kennenbest top laners - kennen



- good laning phase;

- hard-CC: both passive and ultimate;

- has a movement-speed boost making him easy to engage/disengage with;

- insanely strong with the protobelt + zhonya build.



- needs a good team to be able to follow up his engages;

- lacks utility outside of ultimate.

            Kennen is a ranged carry who focuses on getting into the fight with his E and protobelt to unleash a deadly ultimate with lots of damage and CC onto the enemy. He can target carries, but it is best to get his ultimate off on the entire team (or as many as possible). Kennen can definitely win teamfights by himself if played properly. At the same time, even though he brings a lot of deadly power right now, he still needs a team to back him up during his engages. If you have a completely useless team it may be hard to pull off the correct combination of initiation and follow up, but Kenn will still be a decent pick when trying to carry scrubs. iHe is insanely good in this meta with protobelt so use him until one or the other gets nerfed.

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints Attack Damage. Protobelt – Sorcerer’s Shoes/Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Zhonya – Abyssal – Void Staff – Rabadon.









Jaycetop tier list - jayce



- good laning phase;

- both ranged and melee form ( 6 abilities );

- AoE movement speed buff;

- insanely strong with the Black Youmuu’s build.

- Good poke.



- no ultimate;

- current meta build doesn’t include tear ( mana problems );

- hard to comeback from if falls behind.


            Jayce is a carry who can be both melee and ranged. He excels at pushing waves into the enemy tower and annihilating the enemy top laners ( be it tank or squishy ) with the 6 abilities he has. Jayce is an amazing duelist due to the nature of his kit which allows him to deal with tanks pretty easily (mostly because of his skill that lets him do damage based on enemies max % hp ability, with some help from the fast combos he can pull off). At the same time, he is rather squishy (which can be fixed a bit with the item path you choose), which makes him vulnerable to ganks in the lane. This means you need to keep good vision around you to avoid getting ganked as falling behind on Jayce means you’re going to have a difficult time of coming back.

            If you are new to the top lane, I would suggest you do not pick him into a ranked without practicing a few normals first, but if you’re an experienced top laner you could jump right in and start playing him before people realize how overpowered his kit is with the current meta build.

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints Attack Damage. Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Black Cleaver – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards – Guardian Angel.












Gnar  top tier list - gnar



- strong laning phase;

- two forms ( ranged/melee );

- very mobile in ranged form;

- very tanky in melee form;

- frozen mallet user;

- rewarding when mastered.



- harder to master 100% than many other champions;

- needs good rage management to be useful.


            Gnar is a champion, who excels at farming up until his core items, then punishing his enemy top laner by keeping him permanently slowed while also withering his health down up to a point where Gnar can all-in or just force the enemy laner to back and take objectives, be it a tower, Herald, Drake or Baron. His early levels up until 4, where he gets all his abilities and a second rank in Q is rather mediocre, but from that point, he can do whatever he wants on lane by having more abilities than his opponent ( melee/range forme combined ). The main key for beginner Gnar players is to understand tha rage management, how to use it properly and how to be ready to transform in Mega-Gnar if a teamfight will occur soon. Most beginner Gnar players avoid managing their rage, go into a fight as Mini-Gnar, then transform when the fight is almost over and this reduces his effectives by a lot. So if you intend to play this annoying, yet strong champion, who is a nightmare to all top laners right now with small exceptions, then you need to watch some guides and play some normal games to understand how his rage bar works and what combos you can do with him. After that, you’re ready and set to go and stomp solo/dynamic que with.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue scalling mr, 3x quints AS. Frozen Mallet – Mercury’s Treads – Black Cleaver – Randuin’s Omen – Spirit Visage – Guadian Angel. ( Frozen mallet is core regardless of what you’re facing, it enhances Gnar’s abilities and makes him a very big pain while in ranged form, by allowing him to chase champions down effectively, while keeping them perma-slowed to allow his team to catch-up. Black Cleaver makes him even stronger, but if you’re facing a difficult match-up, you could go for a tankier item first, then Black Cleaver. )







Gangplanktop tier list for lol



- decent laning phase;

- scales amazingly well into mid-late game;

- easy to farm with and reach powerspikes due to barrels + Q + bandit mastery;

- has a crowd-control removal in his kit;

- global ultimate.



- no dash;

- relies on his team to follow up;

- no innate tankiness unlike other meta top laners.


            Gangplank is a farming, scaling pirate top laner who focuses on unleashing his mighty wrath on his enemies with barrels, be it minions or champions. He has a decent laning phase which allows him to farm with his parley and proc his Bandit mastery pretty often in most match-ups to ensure that he will reach his power spike fast. He can assist other lanes once he gets to level 6 with his ultimate + thunderlord proc for a lot of surprise damage on the enemies to turn the tides of a battle in another lane. You may be surprised how effective it can be, and it may be the difference between your ally doing or getting a kill. Gankplank gets better and better over the course of the game, each item increasing his damage by a substantial amount. At the same time, while doing a lot of damage, he is pretty squishy so you need to be careful with your positioning, even if you have a CC removal ability or you can get caught and if that happens you will most likely lose a teamfight by default.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue magic resist, 3x quints AD. Trinity Force – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Infinity Edge – Lord Dominik’s Regards – Maw of Malmortius. ( Trinity Force + CDR boots is core, rest is adaptable, but Youmuu’s gives really good combat stats and the extra movement speed active really helps up by running away from a bad situation and then possibly coming back to poke with barrels or you can use it offensively to chase someone. As for Infinity Edge, it just boosts your damage by quite a big margin, especially your crits, which makes it insanely valuable. Adapt to every game differently, but focus on getting Trinity as a core item. )







Yasuo top tier list league of legends



- strong waveclear;

- can completely negates projectiles with one ability;

- insanely strong with the current meta-tank build;

- strong duelist/split-pusher.



- high skillfloor;

- hard to play properly in a teamfight and using his windwall/dash efficiently;


            Yasuo the Unforgiven is a fighter who specializes on sticking close to targets and either doing a lot of damage in a small period of time with his crit build or just slowing them down and withering their health pool down slowly with the tank build. He is currently meta because he has a good laning match-up against one really famous meta top laner right now, Gnar. He can deny Gnar’s Q’s with his W’s ( Windwall ) which allows for some breathing room and outplay potential. At the same time, the free bonus armor penetration from the ultimate plays into Yasuo’s favor right now.

            Even though Yasuo didn’t receive any buffs/nerfs in the 6.19 patch he is still on the Top Lane Tier List and have been for quite a long time. The reason is that he is insanely overpowered - his laning phase consists of him being able to shove enemy laners into their tower or letting himself be pushed back while he farms safely under the tower. Yasuo has hybrid damage (physical and magic) while at the same time also having very cost-efficient build paths. This allows him to be diverse and makes him able to do a lot of damage with his base scalling, with the opportunity to improve it even more if you invest into offensive items.


            Generic build: 18/0/12 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red as, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Frozen Mallet – Mercury Threads – Phantom Dancer – Trinity Force – Randuin’s Omen – Maw of Malmortius. ( the Frozen Mallet rush allows Yasuo to stick onto targets efficiently and just wither their health pool down with Fervor of Battle, Phantom Dancer ensures he gets some crucial combat stats, while also making him tankier in some scenarios due to PD’s passive. After that, you’re free to build whatever you want, if you want more damage/crit, consider Infinity’s Edge, if you want more utility/movement speed – go for Trinity Force. As for defensive items, you have the standard options: deadman’s plate, randuin’s omen, spirit visage, banshee’s vail, maw and guardian angel. )







Irelia best top laners



- has decent CC in her kit;

- high kill potential with Sheen;

- passive tenacity + good sustain;

- can snowball pretty hard and solo carry the game;

- rewarding when mastered.



- relies on team to follow up for maximum effectiveness;

- hard to master;

- has no reliable waveclear when enemies are near, outside of R.


            Irelia is a top lane fighter, who excels at baiting her opponent by taking some unnecessary hits then turning the tides of battle with her stun and her damage from her kit, further enhanced by items like Sheen or Trinity Force. Her powerspikes begin from level 7 up to level 9 when she has 5 points in her W which allows her to do a lot of true damage and kill tanky opponents rather easily. Once she reaches level 9, the enemy will most likely avoid her for some time until she falls off or until a teamfight, where she might not be as useful early on without some tanky items. She snowballs insanely hard off kills, the sooner she reaches Trinity Force, the better for her and for her team, because the damage and utility it gives is just insane.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue scalling mr, 3x quints AS. Trinity Force – Mercury Treads – Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Deadman’s Plate – Spirit Visage – Guardian Angel. ( Trinity Force is your core item every single game, then you want tier 2 boots, preferably Mercury or Ninja tabi or even Swiftness, afterwards you want to build what your team needs, if they need you to carry alone, then you can go for a Ghostblade and do even more damage during your cooldowns, if they need you to be tankier, then you can just go for some armor or magic resist, you have a pretty nice item variety there, it’s all up to you to decide what you need more in a certain game. )






Jaxtop tier list - jax



- great duelist;

- amazing scalling into mid-late game;

- has crowd-control in his kit;

- low skillfloor.



- weak to crowd-control;

- hard to come back with if you fall behind;

- no reliable waveclear;

- harder to teamfight with than other champions


            Jax is a duelist top laner, who excels in small skirmishes or just straight up 1v1 fights. His kit is designed for him to dominate his lane and split push for the remainder of the game, while also appearing in teamfights when needed with teleport and ensuring that his carries are peeled well enough to win the fight, or by providing a good frontline for his team with his ultimate. He is fun to play and does really well against other meta champions such as Yasuo or Irelia for example. When they become less popular he will most likely fall out of flavor, but right he can be picked against these match-ups and dominate them pretty easily if played properly.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red hybrid penetration or attack damage, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue scalling mr, 3x quints AS. Trinity Force – Mercury’s Treads – Hextech Gunblade – Randuin’s Omen – Spirit Visage – Guardian Angel. ( Trinity Force + tier 2 boots will be your go-to core build, afterwards you can invest in what you need depending on game, if game is going well, consider getting a Gunblade since it allows you to catch-up people offguard easily with a massive amount of damage + it allows you to kite away aswell, it works like a double-edged sword, all you have to do is understand how you need to use it depending on situation. As for defensive items, you can get Randuin’s Omen/Deadman’s Plate for armor early on or even a Frozen Heart, as for magic resist consider Spirit Visage/Banshee’s Veil or Maw of Malmortius, you want to make sure to pick up Guardian Angel whenever you have enough resistances, to ensure that you can come back to life and outplay your enemies with a stun or just run away if you do a mistake. )












Honorable mentions

1) Pantheon – don’t go too crazy after reading the name. With all these scalling champions, who is better at stoping them in a uncoordinated game other than Pantheon? He can easily stomp his lane opponents and force/attract a lot of jungle pressure which will make life easier for your teammates and on top of that he can easily 1v2 early on against champions who need some items before they are atleast somewhat useful. On top of all the things mentioned, you can bring Ignite to any match-up and use your ultimate as a “pseudo-teleport” when you are split-pushing. His winrate on every region demonstrates that in a game where everyone wants to scale, he can be a good cure for that.

2) Kayle – she does extremely well against all the melee-champion infested top lane picks. She can punish them pretty easily and her powerspikes are very strong aswell compared to other champions, the problem is that if she falls behind a bit due to being overzealous and not warding properly, she will have a very difficult time to come back from. She is riskier to pick than the champions mentioned, but if you know how to manage waves, how to ward properly and when to trade, she can be a good champion to counter the meta with.

3) Poppy – a good tank capable of carrying games. She is currently not a champion who can easily carry the team by herself, at least not at the same level as the ones mentioned in the top tier list, which is why she is located here in the honorable mention section. If you are playing duo queue with someone you can pick her up for some neat tankiness and damage, but she ain’t worthy to be picked by you if you’re playing alone at this time, as the champions mentioned in the current list is better. At this moment Poppy needs a duo or trio queue to be at her max potential, as without coordination she isn’t that useful.

4) Rumble – a good solid pick, has seen a lot of play during Worlds. The issue with Rumble is that you kind of need a good team to follow up on your Equalizer engages. He isn't the easiest champion to play and requires some practice to utilitze his maximum potential. I wouldn’t recommend him to new top laners, but if you main top you can pick up this champion for some free wins as long as you know how to manage the resource bar.

5. Irelia – good solid champion to always carry top lane with, sadly with the tank buffs in 6.22 she is becoming a little bit more difficult to play with and  she struggles to snowball the lane. If you’re a good Irelia player, you can still pick her, but if you’re a newbie to toplane, stick to tanks instead for some free LP.


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