Twisted Fate Guide - Season 7

Free Twisted Fate Guide for Midlane - Season 7

Twisted Fate Guide - Season 7

Welcome to this short preseason/season 7 Twisted Fate guide for the midlane - Written by the Master Tier OCE booster Otamot (his Nickname on Sit back and let him take you on a journey to learn how to play Twisted Fate at a higher level. 

Otamot: Twisted Fate is my most played character for middle lane (I was inspired by Apdo Twisted Fate Playstyle) and I have been playing Twisted Fate in every different match-ups on high-elo ladder. As the pre-season recently started and Twisted Fate is still left untouched, I will quickly provide you with basic build paths, runes, mastery tree and match ups (mainly focus on Twisted Fate mid lane). This guide will help you navigate through the basics, as well as help you learn which match ups you should avoid as Twisted Fate and how to win your lane even against an unfavourable match up.

Twisted Fate or the Card Master is an all-rounder mid laner who excels at pushing, poking, catching out foes, providing crowd controls and utility for teammates, making cross-map plays, assassinating and disrupting enemies’ formation. His notable ability from League of Legends is Pick-a-Card which can be useful in different situations and it is insane once Twisted Fate reaches 40% cooldown reduction. However, Twisted Fate got a lot of weaknesses that can easily be punished by the enemies. His laning phase is very average and there are lots of bad matchups for Twisted Fate. He has a lack of mobility without movement speed runes and lack of self-peeling when his Pick-a-Card W is on cooldown. Twisted Fate is really easy to play since he has easy mechanics (besides learning how to instantly lock in a certain card from Pick-a-Card), but hard to master as he requires a lot of game knowledges such as map pressure and awareness, wave controls and match-up understandings. Twisted Fate is an incredibly potent champion in solo queue if being used by the right hands.



Twisted Fate runes:

Playing against an AP mid laner:

  • Marks: 9 magic penetration
  • Seal: 9 health scaling per level
  • Glyph: 9 flat magic resist or 9 scaling magic resist
  • Quint: 3 movement speed runes

See example:

Twisted Fate Guide Season 7 - runes



Playing against an AD mid laner:

  • Marks: 9 magic penetration
  • Seal: 9 health scaling per level or 9 armor runes ( This depends on your items build path: Health scaling runes is good if you intending to get armor item early; Armor runes
  • Glyph: 6 scaling cooldown reduction runes + 3 scaling magic resist runes or 9 flat ability power runes (Either is good, ability power runes are better if you’re an aggressive player, but scaling reduction runes is better for late game)
  • Quint: 3 movement speed runes

See example:

TF Guide Season 7 - Runes 2



Note: These rune pages are extremely important for Twisted Fate as they help compensate his weak laning phase in the early game and increase his survivability for the first few levels in order to scale better late game. The movement speed runes to make up for his low base movement speed to catch up and finish off enemies with his Gold Card from Pick-a-Card or increasing his kiting ability when trading or being chased.



Twisted Fate Masteries in Season 7:

Twisted Fate Guide Season 7 LoL - masteries


12/18/0 should always be used when playing Twisted Fate as this can buff his trading ability in laning phase and increase his burst damage later on with Thunderlords. For more in-depth details, I will go through the masteries comparison down below.



Fury vs Sorcery – Twisted Fate main source of damages is from his abilities so taking sorcery 2% increasing ability damage is the better option here. Fury attack speed is pretty useless on champion like Twisted Fate mid lane and besides the passive bonus on Stacked Decks E already offers you free attack speed.  

Fresh Blood vs Feast vs Expose Weakness – With the 6.22 patch new mastery Fresh Blood, this is the best option comparing to the other two masteries. 6 seconds is a very low cooldown and Twisted Fate is a champion can abuse this mastery since he relies on poking and trading by dishing out enhanced auto attacks ( W and E). Feast cooldown is also not a bad option for mid laners if you want a little bit of sustain and you are not an aggressive player yourself. Expose Weakness is the worst option out of these three since you will always be laning by yourself. The bonus damage will not help unless your jungler continuously ganks your lane 24/7 to make it worth.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent In my opinion, both options are pretty good depends on your playstyle as Twisted Fate. Naturally, I would take Natural Talent to buff my trading ability and show my lane dominance a little bit early game. In addition, the bonus AD and AP can scale pretty well late game for Twisted Fate. However, taking vampirism is pretty decent too since you are going to be auto attacks a lot as Twisted Fate and the additional spell vamp goes well with his Q Wild Card when you hit the entire minion wave.

Bounty Hunter vs Double-Edged Sword vs Battle Trance – Bounty Hunter bonus in pre-season has been increased up to 1.5% per stack for killing a unique champion (you will get 7.5% if you end up killing 5 enemy team members). This is the best choice for carries in patch 6.22 right now. Double Edged Sword is the second best option since this mastery can buff Twisted Fate early game trading against good matchups. In bad match-ups, this mastery can be a downside for Twisted Fate since taking 2.5% bonus damage in trading can zone you out from farming and slowly losing the lane presence which can turn into a losing map control overall in the game. It is advised that you need to be really careful when taking this mastery. Battle Trance is the worst option out of three options here. It requires you to do long trading for the bonus damage to kick in. Long trading on Twisted Fate is not certainly the best since he does not have lots of burst damage comparing to other champions such as Cassiopeia, Annie, etc.



Wanderer vs Savagery – Wanderer bonus movement speed out of combat 3% can be really effective at moving around the map and getting back to lane faster. It also increases roaming and chasing potential on Twisted Fate in order to snowball other lanes and take control of map pressure. Savagery is not a bad mastery either as it helps you last hitting better in lane. This is what you should use if you believe that your last hitting is not good or consistent enough to run Wanderer.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin – Runic Affinity is a pretty decent mastery to run on mid laners. An extra 15% time for your blue buff to last longer is really important. But, in solo queue, there are some situations your junglers might not give you buffs the entire game which can make running this mastery really useless. Secret Stash transforms your health potions into biscuits and allows potions and flasks to last 10% longer. This mastery is extremely good when you arere playing against bad matchups as Twisted Fate as this improves your sustainability and survivability throughout the laning phase. Assassin is also a really good choice here as well. 2% extra damage increase Twisted Fate damage really hard throughout the entire game. Apdo seems to have quite a success with this mastery so I tried it out myself and it is extremely strong if you know how to play aggressively as Twisted Fate

Merciless vs Meditation – Increasing 5% damage when enemy champion below 40% hp is an insane bonus for mid laners to finish off the low health enemy and secure lots of kills for the team. Merciless is a great mastery to take in my opinion. Meditation also not that bad either but it is pretty useless as you should never have trouble with your mana pool on Twisted Fate due to his Blue Card from W Pick-a-Card ability unless you endlessly spam your Q for no reason.

Greenfather’s Gift vs Bandit vs Dangerous Game – New Greenfather’s Gift gives you bonus 3% magic damage when walking through a bush is a nice bonus damage for harassing and ambushing enemies. However, during laning phase, this bonus is not going to help since you are not going to step into brushes so often as a mid laner. Bandit is a terrible mastery to take since you are going to last hit all the minions and the bonus +3 gold when hitting an enemy every 10 second is not worth it to take. Dangerous Game is pretty decent as it can help you getting away from a really closed fight and enhance your survivability in teamfights.

Precision vs Intelligence –  Extra magic penetration bonus is always decent since League Of Legends has lack of items that provides flat magic penetration and the additional lethality can scale with your auto attack as well. Taking precision is my recommendation when playing Twisted Fate as it buffs your combat stats. Intelligence is also a good mastery point. 45% cdr on a stun lock ability (Yellow Card), that shit is busted. However, I like to strengthen my combat ability more than providing utility as Twisted Fate and besides 5% extra cdr does not affect a lot to Twisted Fate.

Stormraider Surge vs Thunderlord’s Decree vs Windspeaker –  Thunderlord should always be used whenever you play Twisted Fate. This mastery keystone adding an additional burst to your combo. It also enhances your trading ability by proc’ing Thunderlord everytime you trade against your laner. Stormraider Surge is not useful on Twisted Fate. As mentioned above, Twisted Fate does not have a lot of burst damage early game, so it’s relatively impossible to activate this keystone effect until you get some items. Windspeaker is just a big no. Does TF have a shield or heal? Exactly, just never take this keystone unless you’re trolling your teammates or you want to lose.

TF Guide season 7 - cute picture of TF


Twisted Fate Guide - Item Builds:

  1. Always Start with Doran’s Ring + 1 health potion. Doran’s ring gives you bonus AP which helps you trading and health bonus which can also provide a good survivability through laning phase. In addition, the extra mana regen and Doran’s ring passive (get mana back for killing minions) can help you control your mana pool decently in the laning phase.
  2. First back: you will always want to back when you have at least more than 1,300 gold or so. There are different build paths that you should plan out at the start of the game:
  • Vsing AD champion mid lane: Seeker’s Armguard (do not fully upgrade it to Zhonya’s Hourglass because it provides no AP and little cost-effectiveness) or Rods of Ages components
  • Vsing AP champion mid lane: Get Abyssal (If the enemy jungler or top laner is also an AP champion). Otherwise, get Rod of Ages components and finish it.

Always remember to finish boots first as this helps you roam around and get back to lane faster. Boots that you should get are Ionian (For additional cooldown) or Swifties (Reduce slow effects and move faster) or Merc Treads (For tenacity against a heavy Crowd Control Team comp)

       1. Core Items

  • Lich Bane
  • Rabadon Deathcap
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass,
  • Void Staff

    2. Situational Items
  • Luden’s Echo: get this when you’re snowballing really hard as the additional movement speed makes you a bigger threat in the enemies’ eyes
  • Guardian’s Angel if you’re constantly being jumped by assassins or get bursted down. It also creates a window to make ballsy plays.
  • Banshee’s Veil is pretty decent too since it allows you to block one ability when you are running forward for an initiation with your Yellow Card
  • Nashor’s Tooth can be a fun item to buy on Twisted Fate as well.



Twisted Fate Matchups:

Easy Matchups:

Karthus: The forgotten mage of League of Legends. It is pretty rare to see this guy picked on the Summoner’s Rift. In case if you vsing him, you have to play a mini-game which you have to dodge all of his Q in the laning phase. It deals double damage if it hits only one target so make sure you stay near minions to reduce its damage if you struggling at dodging. Once you picking up boots and some movement speed items, you are going to be a big threat towards him as you can one shot him with your full combo since he’s going to be fairly squishy. Get Zhonya’s Hourglass to counter his insane ulti damage. Always look to roam as much as possible but make sure not to set yourself and your teammates up for his ultimate.


Twisted Fate Guide Season 7 - karthus match up



Lux: Similar to Karthus, just pay attention to her abilities and dodge them. Abuse her cooldown and try to trade with Yellow Card and Wild Card. She has no escape besides summoner spells, so it is fairly easy to set up a gank with your jungler. Zhonya’s Hourglass is good against her as it can neglect her burst from the ultimate when you got hit by a bind.


Ahri: Just like any skillshot champions, try your best to dodge her abilities and especially her charm. If you got hit once by the charm, it can mean the end of your lane. Punish her when she misses her charm. She has no ability to counter your W so it is easy to set up ganks on her with your jungler.


Ziggs: This guy got the same pushing power just like you. However, he lacks of mobility so once you’re on top of him he can’t get away fast enough. Dodge his Q as it does absurd amount of damage. Abuse his Q cooldown and his passive to dominate your laning phase. Movement speed items counter him really hard.

Twisted Fate Guide Season 7 - ziggs match up



Malzahar: His spellshield makes him extremely annoying to deal with. However, this lane is fairly easy since you outpush him and his minions. Try your best to break his shield with your Q before you try to trade with your W. Abuse his passive cooldown and harass him as hard as possible to dominate the laning phase. Running Exhaust against him is also recommended to avoid getting solo killed by him.


Azir: This character is in the same pit with Karthus. No one plays him anymore due to his nerfs. Now, he’s pretty weak early game and mid game. Pressuring him constantly throughout the entire laning phase. When you get lich bane, you should be able to one shot him. Try not to stand near his soldiers when trading.


Skill Matchups:

Xerath: He outranges you, outpokes and outpushes you early game. However, he struggles pretty hard at controlling his mana pool and has lacks of mobility. Let him push and make himself vulnerable to ganks. It is easy to shut him down early as he got no escapes from your gold card.


Aurelion Sol: This character early game pushing power is just too broken honestly. Just try your best and farm as there is nothing you can do when being constantly shoved to your tower. Wait for ganks and just last hit. You will eventually outscale him. Your Yellow Card deactivate his passive so try and punish him if he does not respect your damage.


Cassiopeia: She does an insane amount of damage early game with just her E. She can legit just spam E and zone you out from farming. Try to not 1 v 1 her. The key to win this lane is to poke and outshove her and look for ganks on other lanes. It is impossible for her to shove back towards your tower and follow your roams. You can kill her later on when you have enough items. Recommending Exhaust if you are always struggling in this lane.

Twisted Fate Guide Season 7 - skill match ups akali and cass


Akali: You beat her pre-6 but when she hits 6, be prepared because she will dumpster on you. Get some Magic Resist, shove and roam to force her to follow as she can’t take down towers fast enough. Use your ult when she’s invisible to counter her plans.


Diana: Akali’s “twin sister”. Pretty much using the same strategies mentioned above. A diana main is really scary so be prepared to flash her Q otherwise you will eat a load of burst.

Ekko: This guy will only jump on you when he sees your W on cooldown. Try to buy Magic Resist against him. He can only dodge your Gold Card once he is 6. So try to set up a gank with your jungler pre-6 so he can’t get away.


Katarina: New Katarina burst damage is really slowed and delayed. Try not to stand near her dagger as she will deal more damage towards you. She does not have damage reduction anymore on her E so making this lane extremely easy to bully. Do not feed her too much as she will destroy your entire team. Always pick Gold Card when she is going aggro on you.


Leblanc: With the new rework, her combo is slower now so you can react to it and back out when you see her passive on you goes purple. Punish her when she wastes her W and push out the waves. Do not try and 1v1 her until you get some items. You outscale her pretty hard due to your point-and-click stun card. In case if you’re losing lane, just buy some MR and try your best to farm.


Vel’koz: He outranges and outpushes you easily. He got lots of burst so try not to get hit by his E and Q otherwise you will be a good target for his ultimate.


Bad Matchups:

Fizz: Abuse him as much as you can early game while maintaining your last hitting. Don’t let your wave pushing towards him early game as this will give him free farm. With new fizz rework, you have to run exhaust against him. Zhonya’s hourglass counters his ultimate.


Zed: Get Exhaust and rush Zhonya’s to counter his ultimate. The key to win this lane is to avoid his Q and E. Harrass him constantly when he missed a Q or when his W is on cooldown. Always make sure you have a Gold Card when he’s jumping on you.


Yasuo: Get Exhaust and Seekers’ Armguard. He deals insane amount of damage early game. In my eyes, he is an OP champion. Try to avoid fighting him early game. Key to win against Yasuo is to abuse his windwall cooldown and never fight against him in a minion wave.


Veigar: Run Exhaust or Cleanse. You need to pay attention and dodge his stuns. Shove waves and gank other lanes. Late game you can one shot him depends on what he’s building. Zhonya’s is also a good item to counter his ultimate as well.


Ryze: The new Ryze is really broken. He pushes lane fast, gets a free shield and movement speed bonus. He is extremely good at setting up ganks. Best way to do is to wait for your jungler to come and help out this lane as he got no ability to dodge your Gold Card. Also DO NOT stand near low health minions as his E can bounce towards you.


Viktor: Outdamage and outpoke you. Once he gets his upgrade, he can constantly pressure the lane so you can’t port anywhere. Key to win is to survive and outshove him early game since Viktor got no pushing power early.


Syndra: Long range abilities, she has a slow and a stun which makes her really dangerous. Try to not stay still when laning against her. At level 6 be careful of her burst. She has no escape so ask for help from your jungler. Zhonya’s is a good item to counter her ultimate.

twisted fate guide s7 - syndra match up




This concludes my Twisted Fate mini-guide on - I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun playing Twisted Fate on the Summoner’s Rift in the mid lane.  Leave a comment for any questions, I would be happy to answer and help you out if needed!


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