Varus Guide - Season 7

Season 7 Varus Guide for League of Legends

Welcome to this mini-guide for Varus ADC in Season 7 - written by the OCE booster Otamot (Nickname on  In this Varus guide, we will provide build paths, masteries, runes and go through the most important match-ups in the bottom lane.

Recently I have been playing a lot of games on Varus in high-elo and I can guarantee you this: a good Varus can carry a lot of games despite having bad teammates. Varus is a hyper- AD-carry who excels at poking, pushing, dealing mixed damage, providing crowd control, initiating and peeling. Varus has been left untouched for a very long time while other AD carries are getting either nerfed or buffed.

Varus' Q or Piercing Arrow does an insane amount of damage and scales very well into late game (with up to 160% of his attack damage). His W, Blighted Quiver, is a great tool to deal with tanks since it does maximum hp of the target as magic damage. His E, Hail of Arrows, is an area-of-damage ability that slows and reduces healing effects. This is an amazing ability to deal with characters who got lots of sustain in lane like Soraka, Sona, Nami. In addition, you can also use the E circle as a peeling tool for yourself. Varus’s ultimate got buffed as it nows applies your W stacks towards the target that got snared. A fantastic skill to initate and zone a teamfight or catch out an enemy or peel yourself against those pesky assassins. With such a crazy damage and amazing tools, Varus has some drawbacks as a character. He is an immobile and squishy ADC so positioning is very important. He got long cooldown on his ability early game so trading as Varus needs to be careful as players can abuse this. Varus got a high skill-ceiling due to all his kits are skillshots. Mastering Varus can be extremely rewarding in solo queue ladder. This guide will mainly focus on Lethality or Armor Pen build for Varus.



Varus Runes

  • Marks: 9 flat lethality or armor penetration runes
  • Seal: 9 flat armor runes
  • Glyph: 6 cooldown reduction scaling at level 18 runes + 3 magic resist per level or 9 flat magic resist runes ( This depends whether you vsing a heavy AP bot lane or not)
  • Quint: 3 flat attack damage runes

See example:

Varus Runes Season 7


The reason why I am running no attack speed runes is due to Varus armor penetration build does not rely on auto attacking. Besides, Varus gets attack speed bonus when last hitting from his passive. Always try to get the passive running when you want to start a fight to stack W faster. It is the only steroid for Varus besides his abilities. Lethality is really important as it enhances the damages from your abilities to the late game.



Varus Masteries season 7


Varus Masteries season 7



18/12/0 is the default mastery for AD carry in Season 7 unless you are playing Corki. Deathfire Touch is a great keystone for poking and bursting down people. It also got a great scaling towards late game. For more in-depth details, masteries comparison will be written below.


Fury vs Sorcery – Fury attack speed is very decent on Varus since it helps him last hitting and stacking his W passive faster. But in this Varus build, Sorcery 2% bonus damage from abilities is more important because you will rely on your abilities to do most of the damage throughout the game.

Fresh Blood vs Feast vs Expose Weakness – Fresh blood is flat out the best mastery on AD carry or marksman at the moment. Bot lane you will always making short trades or pokes constantly. Additional attack damage on your auto for every 6 seconds is an amazing bonus. Feast is still the same in this patch. Super long cooldown but only provides you a little bit of sustain in laning phase. Expose weakness not going to be helpful unless you are laning with an AP support like Zyra or Brand that can dish out a lot of damages. Otherwise, never take this unless you trust your support to deal damage.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent – Vampirism provides you sustain bonus to get out of laning phase against a hard matchups with lots of pokes like Caitlyn, Zyra, and Brand.  Natural Talent provides extra AD and AP that can scale towards all of your abilities. Enhancing your early game power and scaling well towards the late game. This is the mastery you should take if you are an aggressive player.

Bounty Hunter vs Double-Edged Sword vs Battle Trance – Bounty hunter is just generally a good mastery for squishy AD carry in this patch.1.5% bonus damage if you kill a unique champion within the game, up to 7.5% bonus damage. Double-Edged Sword is a risky mastery to take since you are immobile and squishy. Taking extra 2.5% extra damage will just make the day even worse. Battle Trance can synergize pretty well with Deathfire Touch keystone as the damage over time will transfer into a 5% bonus damage overall. In my opinion, Bounty Hunter is recommended as it works best for all situations.

Battering Blows vs Piercing Thoughts – Battering Blows provides an overall 7% armor penetration. A perfect bonus for every AD carry champions since there are not many items give armor penetration bonus. Piercing Thoughts is just a no-go here. 7% magic penetration only works on your W and your ultimate but they do very minimal amount of damage. Always take Battering Blows.

Warlord Bloodlust vs Fervor of Battle vs Deathfire Touch – Warlord Bloodlust is a decent mastery to run on Varus if you find yourself struggling at winning laning phase. The amount of sustain this keystone providing is absurd. You can get your health back extremely fast. Fervor of Battle is not a very good option to run since you do not have a good attack speed steroid besides your passive. In addition, this build does not require you to auto attack a lot. Deathfire Touch is the best option as it gives bonus magic damage whenever you landing a spell on an enemy. It scales extremely well for champion that has a long poke and a strong burst like Varus



Wanderer vs Savagery Wanderer delivers a bonus 3% movement speed out of combat which can help getting back into lane after backing or faster positioning in teamfight. Savagery gives you extra damage to farm and last hit in order to proc your passive bonus attack speed. Overall, Savagery is a better mastery as it also scales with your lifesteal and helps you pushing a little bit faster.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin – Runic affinity should never be run as an AD carry as it does not benefit towards you until later into the game when you are able to pick up buffs. Secret Stash is a must in this patch at the moment as it provides extra sustain from health pots. This allows you to survive laning phase in every situations. Assassin extra 2% bonus damage when not around teammates is not very effective. As an AD carry, you should always stick with a teammate to avoid pesky assassins and bruisers unless you think you can win 1 v 1 against them.

Merciless vs Meditation – Increasing 5% damage when enemy below 40% is a great bonus damage for AD carry to finish off low health character or minion. Recommending to take Merciless most of the time when you are playing AD carry. Meditation is a good option too. Since playing Varus Armor penetration build is going to leave you out of mana in some situation, taking this mastery can compensate that issue.

Greenfather’s Gift vs Bandit vs Dangerous Game - New Greenfather’s Gift gives you bonus 3% magic damage to a character current health when you are going through bushes. This bonus is ok in my opinion. Bandit should never be taken as you will be last hitting as an AD carry. Dangerous Game is amazing to survive teamfights or get out of really close fight with slither of HP.


Varus Guide Season 7




Varus Item Build: Lethality

  1. Always start with a Doran’s blade + 1 health potion. This gives you sustain and trading power and bonus HP during the laning phase.
  2. Always make sure you have at least more than 1k gold on the first back. Get tears of goddess and cull if you can afford, otherwise just get a long sword.
  3. Core items build: Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Duskblade of Drakkthar, Manamune, Lord Dominik’s Regards, Cooldown reduction boots. Last item is situational.


Situational items:

  • Mercurial Scimitar against team with extremely heavy crowd control, and you will always get chain crowd control’d
  • Guardian’s Angel gives you an extra life if you are constantly being focused by the enemy team
  • Edge of Night is basically banshee’s veil but provides extra damage and lethality
  • Trinity Force gives you 20% cooldown reduction, sheen can scales with manamune and bonus attack speed can go well with your W passive
  • Black Cleaver if you need more armor penetration and cooldown reduction. This is the item to pick up




Varus Matchups

Easy Matchups:

Twitch: He is immobile AD carry which means he is basically food to you. It is all up to you to hit your Q and abuse his weak early game. Do not stand in his W as it allows him to stack his passive faster. Late game do not split away from your team and you should be good to go. He is the same with Kog’maw. Only 1 Q can push him away from the teamfight. Abuse his weak mid game and early game so he cannot scale towards late game. Your ultimate is a great tool to catch this rat out of his position.

Kog’ Maw: This champion is beyond nerfed by Riot Games. He used to be a late game god but now he is just garbage. Very easy to deal with him as long as you can land the arrows, he is basically out of teamfight. Late game one arrow means more than half of his HP unless he can life steal them back up. He got no mobility and an easy target for your ultimate to catch out. Never get too close to him and get autoattacked to death late game. Keep a distance for your Q and you will always win

Varus guide for season 7 in lol



Jinx: She is a hyper-carry late game but her early game and mid game is not that great. You can use this to your advantage. She got lack of mobility so it is very hard for her to dodge your abilities. Just like Twitch and Kog Maw, try not to auto attack trading with her unless she is lower health than you. Always keep a distance and do not get caught by her W and her E. Use your ultimate to shut her down in teamfight or zone her out

Ashe: She is immobile as hell. In addition, the recent nerfs really hit her hard. Her early game and mid game is really weak. You got a longer range than her both auto attacks and abilities. Try to stand behind minions to not get hit by her W. Be extremely careful when she hits level 6 as her ultimate can be great tool to set up ganks and it is even dangerous when you have no flash. Otherwise, try to scale and land Q in teamfight on her to push her out.



Skill Matchups:

Sivir: A good sivir will always try to force fight early game. She got ability to block your Q and get back her mana. Her damage early game is very decent. She can out push you early game and forcing you to farm near the turret. Avoid getting hit by her Q early game as it does devastating damage. Do not all in against her if you miss your Q. Always trade by looking at your cooldown. Late game she can speed up her whole team and run you over so position yourself carefully and use your ultimate to avoid the enemy rushing you down. You out scale her at mid game so try and group up and siege towers against Sivir.

Caitlyn: Poking Queen of bot lane in League of Legends. Same with Sivir, she got an insane poke early game and can out push you easily. Try to farm without getting poked too hard. Buy some potions to sustain out of laning phase. Her mid game is not as good as you so try and survive early game. Try your best not to get hit by her abilities especially her trap as it deals insane amount of damage if you misstep. She got no mobility besides her E so bait it out and use your ultimate. It will result you a kill almost all the time.


Varus guide league of legends season 7


Draven: He got a little bit of mobility from his W and a crowd control from his E. Avoid fighting all in against Draven without your abilities. You can never win against him unless he is not catching his axes. His scaling is not good mid to late game comparing to you. In case of you are out of position yourself, use your ultimate as a tool to zone him out or catch him out of fight. Your sieging power is stronger than his as your Q got a great range to harass. Most Draven will take Warlord’s Bloodlust and your E is a good kit to counter this keystone.

Corki: He is not that strong early game anymore. However, his mid and late game got the same scaling to you. He got great range poke from his ultimate and its damage is insane. He deals hybrid damage so itemization can be difficult against him. Abuse his weak early game in order to shut him down later on. Be careful of his package, he will use this most of the time to catch you out so stay back if you do not have your flash off cooldown. Otherwise you will be sad the entire game.

Miss Fortune: She got movement speed from her W passive which can easily be removed by damaging her. The key to win this lane is to use your E first to remove her passive and use Q later as it guarantees a high chance to hit your Q. She is very immobile without her W so use your ultimate to catch her out. Do not stand behind low health minions as it sets up a good Q for her to chunk you down. Never stand inside her ultimate, it deals pretty 100 percent of your health bar. Same with her E. it slows by a lot so be careful as she can use this to set up ganks.

Tristana: She is different from everyone else above. She can punish you really hard if your abilities are on cooldown. For example, if you miss your Q, most of the time Tristana will always try to W on top of you and all in. Never trade against her when her E is on top of your head. Her scaling is amazing late game but her mid game is garbage. All in her whenever she wastes her E as it is her main source of damage. Her W got a mini cast time so you can still land ultimate and Q easily on her.

Kalista: She used to be the biggest counter to Varus because she can dash around and dodge his abilities. Riot nerfed her too much so she will not be viable for a very long time. Do not trade too long with her as her E can stack infinitely and deal devastating amount of damage. Abuse her weak early game and her weak pushing power. You should always siege whenever you can as she cannot do anything. Avoid her ultimate when you are alone.

Vayne: Same with Kalista, she got a small cooldown on her Q Tumble. This allows her to dodge your Q easily with a low mana cost. She got a weak early game and mid game. Key to win this lane is never allow her to proc her third W on top of you as it deals true damage. Never stand near wall because she can condemn and 100 to 0 you most of the time. Later to the game, never try and 1 v1 her unless you are far ahead of her and you believe you can win.

Varus vs Vayne


Jhin: You outrange this guy easily with your abilities. However, due to your lack of mobility, dodging his W and ultimate can be a very hard task. Never trade against him when he got his 4th bullet spinning. He got no mobility so just keep trying and poke him with your Q and catch him with your ultimate. It will always result a kill if you can hit your ultimate. He out scales you hard late game so try make the most out of mid game.


Hard Matchups:

Lucian: He got a lot of mobility in his kit. His E and his W make him extremely hard to get hit by your Q. He does a lot of damage early game so try and not fight him until you have some items. Always try to sidestep his Q so you do not get poked out. Keep your ultimate until he uses his E. You scale better than him mid game and late game. Key to win lane is to know your cooldown, never waste your abilities as it opens a window for him to all in on you.

Ezreal: Same with Lucian, he got mobility to dodge your abilities and punish you for missing them. He can poke and farm safely from a long distance. He got a good steroid on the attack speed bonus. Try to stay behind minions and punish him when his E or his Q are on cooldown. Be careful of his ultimate as he can snipe you cross-map. Late game he scales better than you as he can gap close towards you and destroy you in a matter of 5 seconds.

Varus VS Ezreal


This concludes my Varus mini-guide on, I hope you guys enjoy it and dominate the Summoner’s Rift with Varus Armor Penetration build in the bot lane. Feel free to request me for your boost if you are on the OCE servers and want an ADC main. My booster and coaching name is otamot. 

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