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Was extremely helpful, gave me a write up of the game I sent in and answered question I had even afterwards. Awesome coach!

By Brandon Tran

Quick profile:

Age: 25

Sex: Female


Availability: 3 days a week

Servers:  I have several EUW accounts but can coach on any server. 




I've been playing since season 1 and LoL was my first MOBA. When I first started playing I was terrible and didnt understand why people got upset when I died, after all I just had to wait a few seconds and then spawn again, why was that so bad? I slowly improved and in season 4 I reached master tier. I know how to climb and spent the better part of a year boosting unranked accounts to platinum or diamond within a few days for LoLBoost to sell. I can help you become a better player, a better person (because I am so amazing myself) and I can teach you most things you need to climb. 


2) So how does it actually work?

Every coaching lessin will be different, as what we do depends on the client. Some people learn faster by watching, others by doing while a few learns more and faster by listening and reading. I will find out how you like to learn and take advantage of your skills when I teach you. 

A coaching lesson almost always consists of these things:

  • A quick talk about what you want to achieve, what skill level you are at and what you need the most help with.
  • Going through runes and masteries for the champions/roles you want to improve in.
  • Going through itemization for different sitations.

Depending on how you like to learn, it can consist of the following things:

  • DuoQ games in perspective roles where I instruct you during our game.
  • Me spectating your game and instructing you - note this is best done if you can set up a live stream so I can help you through a game in real time without delay. 
  • You sending me a recorded gameplay. I will go over it and take some notes and either send you a detailed analysis or go through the whole recording with you while we talk on skype/teamspeak. 
  • You spectating me through some sort of live spectating mode, like a stream, while I instruct you in real time and help you understand why certain decisions are better in certain situations.
  • Discussion - Here you can ask me any and all questions. I will explain what you do well, what you do poorly and what you need to focus on to easiest climb the ladder. Here I will also try to teach you as many tips and tricks as possible, as much as time allows. 

I can also customize our time together based on what you want. If you want to learn in a way that is not listed above, no problem. Just let me know. 


3) What I can promise you?

I can promise a (mostly) fun time and that I will do my very best to help you in a way that will make it easier for you to both climb and raise your rank, and that will make you be able to function better in a team and win more games. 


4) How many hours should I buy to improve?

That depends ENTIRELY on you, how fast you learn and how our synergy is. I would recommend starting with 2-3 hours and go from there. If after 1 hour you end up hating me, no hard feelings. You can move your remainding hours to someone else.