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It's hard for me to 5 star anything but the fact that he was able to give me tips to immediately improve my favorite champ and also give me game knowledge to extend my learning curve is worthy of the 5 stars.

By Brian T.

Really knows his stuff! Did 5 hours of coaching and learnt so much new and important information about a champion that i have been exclusively playing for the past 2 years. Went over a lot of split second decision making tactics that really boosted my overall game play. As Bronzodia watched my games it was non-stop instant feedback on what im doing and what i should be looking for in games. Then going back and watching some highlights of the game, he went through multiple scenarios of what could of happened if i did X, Y, or Z. Did multiple exercises in custom games to get a feel of new mechanics and flash plays. I honestly felt that i got more than my moneys worth. 10/10 would buy coaching again. So much to work on!

By Ryan Rolph

Very friendly and helpful coach.. Focused on identifying what I needed to improve on to win my lane. Helped me optimize my build and understand how to stack stuns for more powerful ganks.

By Rob D

About Me:
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Current Rank: Diamond 1
Expertise: Marksman and Support 
Ideal Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Beginners are also welcome!)
Server Availability: North America


I started playing League of Legends in October of 2011, and when I hit 30 I immediately dived into ranked. But it was not what I expected... I was thrown from my ship into the dangerous low elo oceans. Carrying nothing but my swords, I swam for days through the icy sea of Bronze and Silver. Every day I struggled not to drown in those stormy waters, and every night I fought sea monsters who wished to drown and eat me for sport. The sea had eaten my friends and companions, leaving me alone in the waters. When I washed up onto the shores of Diamond, nothing was left of my former self

Even after achieving a Diamond 1 ranking, I still couldn't find any mentors for my journey. The community has dramatically grown in size since then, but many players are still left to fumble in the dark when it comes to learning the game, regardless of their skill level. This is not what I want for you. Experienced or not, my goal is to light the way for your improvement. 

The majority of my experience is in the Bottom Lane, and that is what our lessons will focus on. If you main the other roles, we can talk extensively about what your bot lane needs during laning phase and what to expect from them over the remainder of game. I have thousands of games on both Marksman and Support, across the spectrum from aggressive lane domination to managing the needs of a late game hypercarry. The content of an individual lesson will depend on what kind of game you want to play and which champions you main, so we'll work together beforehand to discuss subject matter. 

Coaching is available in the standard formats such as Duo queue games, and 1v1 duels, but I strongly prefer Spectating your matches, and in depth Replay Analysis. I'm flexible when it comes to structure, so we can suit your needs.

Regardless of the way we structure our sessions, the elements of gameplay we will observe include mechanics, game knowledge, decision making, and teamplay

Examination of your technical ability to play the game. We'll identify areas where you can immediately improve your performance. This can be as simple as changing a keybinding, or a more complicated problem like active teamfight micromanagement. 
Game Knowledge:
Appraisal of your knowledgebase and understanding of the game. We'll talk about your Runes and Masteries in depth, as well as Champion choices. Having a firm understanding of the current patch is critical, so we'll cover the relevant Patch Notes in detail. 
Decision Making:
Consideration of your in game choices and situational awareness. Item builds and build orders, Rotations, and Objective pressure all fall into this category. We'll also focus on strategic use of Summoner Spells and, of course, when and how to use Wards!
Observation of your involvement with your team and ability to work cooperatively. In either Solo/Duo queue or Ranked Team situations, we'll cover how to work with others and the importance of doing so. This is especially important when focusing on bottom lane synergy. 

I believe that learning anything is a constant trial, and it's especially true with League of Legends. More content is released on nearly a weekly basis, and Riot changes the existing rules and adds new ones frequently. Therefore I want you to keep an open mind and a watchful eye when it comes to learning. I want you to be open to constructive criticism of your errors as well as positive reinforcement when you succeed.

Apply what I teach you, and you will learn to dominate your lanes and to press advantages. If you prefer lane bully, hypercarry, tank-initiator, or team utility mage (to name a few), you'll be ready to lane your champs against the best. No matter your role in the bot lane, we will cover how you can improve your game and how to get your play to the high level you deserve. 


I look forward to working with you!
Sincerely, Bronzo