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was really good and taught me many things about the champ i play and how to play them

By Edward Saldana

i have had a lot of coaches but hes the best one yet

By evan ohara

Hello i am a Challenger s4/s5 jungle main peaking at 700+ lp, i specialize in early aggression champs (lee sin, nidalee, reksai etc). 

About me

Age- 19

Languages- English

Can coach all servers

Experience- a few hundred hours previous coaching experience, 


Season 3 Unranked to Plat 1

Season 4 Plat 1 to Challenger

Season 5 Challenger/Master

As you can see i made some pretty big climbs in a fairly short amount of time, I look forward to showing you how i did that! My background actually has no experience playing any moba games, I like to think my advanced play comes from years of playing chess and poker. If you can outthink the opponent you've already got him beat.

Personal Achievements

-Top 10 Challenger soloq NA season 4

-Some time on a few unsuccessful challenger teams (idk if its an achievement or not :p)

-3 years league experience

-Rank 1 on LAN server season 4



How the coaching process will work

This process can work one of many ways

-Can discuss the basics wether it be runes/matchups/builds/summoner spells and i will give a detailed explanation in the best way i can.

-1vs1 custom games, I personally think this is one of the best ways to improve your skill level, not only will i be there to tell you what you can improve on you can also see what a higher rated player is doing with a detailed explanation of why.

-I can do live commentary of one of my past games or i can live stream for you if you want to see what i do up close and personal.

-I can watch your game live via streaming or can watch one of your past games and give you tips on what you can do better/differently.