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He gave me a lot of infuclence over all a very great coach

By Kevin Li

Well was probably the best coach out of all of the, good price and was considerate of my time. Taught me how to be a better league player, just in general! He made slide shows, and they helped a lot.

By David Lawrence

Such an amazing coaching session. Taught me alot of things I should have known, and even some stuff I would have never figured out! Immediately after, played support and got my adc bloated by feeding her, and then played as Jayce (our focus) and went 13-3-18. Cannot say enough about how much this coaching helps!

By Bailey Jenkins

Hi!  I'm a Diamond level Coach as well as a Color shoutcaster for DWAI Gaming, LoLTourneys.com, and the High School eSports League!  I excel at being able to teach the concepts, knowledge, and mentality for what it takes to getting you ahead in lane for the Top, Mid, and Bottom lanes; as well as teaching what is necessary to give YOU, the player, the skills to be able to make critical decisions. As well as giving you the tools that will be able to help you analyze the game at a higher level.  Basically, I'll be teaching you the thought process needed that will get you ahead in any lane you play.  I also can teach specific champions as well ranging from: Wukong, Jayce, Varus, Nautilus, Thresh, Janna, Leona, Singed, Draven, Ashe, Soraka, Renekton, and many more.

I fully believe in the principle of: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  And I will DEFINITELY teach you how to fish, :D.

I've taught before coming to this site and most of my students have gone on to higher divisions just due to teaching them how to lane, farm, as well as 1 v 1'ing to improve mechanics.  I mostly focus on teaching you what is necessary to win your lane as well as what to do when you're against a counter pick. I also teach from the other perspective, a.k.a what to do if you're losing your lane as well, :D. After that, I will probably head into the next stage of the game after mechanics and laning, which will probably be Team Fighting, unless there is something a bit more specific you'd like to learn. I also teach the game outside of the game, such as: Runes, Masteries, Champion Knowledge of Counterpicks, as well as a proper mindset.  I definitely want to be able to teach you the skills to be able to analyze and learn even on your off time outside of lessons. It's all about knowledge, and the more you have of it, the more successful you'll be.  I've also made the climb from Silver 3 to Diamond 5 as well, :D.

Despite only being able to put 4 champions, I excel at a large number of them, and can teach them to you with a great understanding.  I also specialize in teaching skills that will help in all roles as well as game sense, things you can't really acquire from just specific lanes, :D.  So definitely don't be afraid to get into contact with me via the site, :).