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By Han Bin Jo

About me:

Hello!  I am 21 years old and I have been playing lol for 3 years.  I ended season 1 in gold. I finished season 2 in Diamond and finished Diamond 1 in season 3.  This season I am Diamond 1 99 Lp.  If you choose me as a coach, I can teach you how to improve as a player and achieve your goals in league.  My main role is mid, but I also have experience with all the other roles so do not hesitate to ask for coaching in those.  I have fairly open availability, so we can make a schedule that works for you.

Why choose me as a coach:

In the 3 years I have spent playing Lol, I have accumulated a vast amount of game knowledge as well as experience playing against LCS players.  In any game of Lol, there are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to gain an edge on the opponent, which most players do not see.  I will teach you how to recognize and take advantage of these opportunities.  When I explain concepts, I will make sure that you fully understand not only what to do, but also why that is the correct decision.

Things you will learn:

- Learn a dynamic approach to item building that lets you choose the correct build path in any situation

- Learn how to cs effectively and maximize your gold income

- Learn rune and mastery setups

- Learn how to harass your opponent in lane and make favorable trades

- Learn How to apply pressure during the laning phase

- Learn how to roam and when to roam.

- Learn how to position during team fights.

- Learn the basics of shot calling and how to get objectives

- I’ll also make sure to answer any questions you might have.