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Good coach, knows a lot about the game. Sometimes speaks fast but overall very good English.

By Raymond Tague

Amazing. Was able to review, explain, and break down key points of mistakes made then proceed to explain what could have been done better. Very thorough nd makes sue to finish explanation even if hour may have gone over. Would and will hire again.

By jose rodriguez

very good

By julio blandino

he has an amazing understanding of the game, doesnt beat around the bush at all he tells you what you need to improve on and what mistakes youve made and does it in a way thats nice but also harsh, exactly what you expect from a good coach

By oshay johnson

Great coach and fast but good english. Gave great game play tips, went to depths on my replay. Thanks and would probably hire him again to follow up the progress.

By Lloyd Tjelle

Friendly, maybe talks a little too fast at times, definately see what i was doing wrong when he told me, and i can use the tips he gave me.

By Alexander Lemke

GimpO was a great coach, really understands the game and how to help you understand your how to break your flaws. Nice guy and gave me a great written description as well which i will study for sure :)

By chris nyemchek

Heyo, GimpO here! I am a high elo top/jungle/mid player who has been playing since Season 2 and climbed the ladder up to Challenger by Season 4. My coaching lessons are GUARANTEED to improve your play by a noticeable ammount. My schedule is flexible and my knowledge in my roles is unmatched by many. I will be able to teach you the secrets to climbing the ladder, escaping the elos that seem unescapable, and carrying your team no matter how bad they play.

Are you ready to gain elo? All you have to do is let me teach you!

About me:

Age: 25
Languages: English, Russian
Main Server: EUW
Roles: Top, Jungle

Ranked Stats:

Season 1: N/A
Season 2: Gold
Season 3: Diamond 1 (Started work on lolboost, smthing like 100 accounts done in S3 :) )
Season 4: Challenger (400 accounts boosted during the seazon)
Season 5: Challenger (500 accounts boosted during the seazon)
Season 4: Master ~ inactive (boosting only)






So  basically boosting/coaching right now is my main job (and last 1.5 years) :) so im rly qualified to help you with it

Key Aspects of my Coaching


  • Optimization of Runes/Masteries/Builds
  • In game evaluation and on the spot tips.
  • Critical examination of mechanics and solutions to trouble areas.
  • Post game review and replay analysis.
  • Everything you need to know about SoloQ!
  • Exercises! The 'how' behind becoming a better gamer.
    ~ I also provide follow up Q&A! I understand that coaching sessions are short and its easy to forget questions you might've had stored up. Don't worry, I'll provide a post lesson ask me anything service. =)

The lesson will be jam packed with only the best constructive criticism and scrutiny that will improve your game.


For Toplane Sessions

The Next few sessions would include toplane counterpicks, specific counter runepages, freezing, wave control, dragon control, pushing, build orders and your role in a team fight.

After all of these have been covered I will spectate at least 2 games of you playing Solo Q/Normal and point out any outstanding problems or misplays that you are having and resolve them.

Top Lane

Jarvan IV | Fiora | Khazix  | Malphite | Jax | Nasus l Mundo l Shen l Nautilus l Irelia l Allmost all other possible top laners


VI l Master Yi l Scarner l Evelyn l Jarvan IV l Xin l Zac l Heka



Fizz l Kassadin l Annie l Lux