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Helped me a lot with positing and understanding what to do and what i did wrong and how to improve, Was funny and nice and i was very happy :)

By Connor Prasad

Hello, My name is David.  I have been playing league since last year and in that time I have played a lot of League of Legends. I got to Diamond in early season 4 and have stayed there ever since.  I gained skill through time played. My goal is to try and prevent other people from having to go through the same thing, to teach them the mindset and mechanics I used to improve my own gameplay and grow as a player. The 4 champions featured in my profile are not the only champions I feel comfortable teaching, I have had experience on every champion in League to date and will continue to practice a variety of Jungle and top as to impart my knowledge to my students. 


1. One Hour of Coaching: A lesson can consist of any of the below activities or any other ideas the student has.

2. Lane Matchups: Will play any lane matchup in top or mid to try and deal with champion specific problems or general lane related issues. The matchups consist of 2 1v1s in custom games. The first will be the student playing the champion and the second I will play the champion to highlight the difference in playstyle/mechanics. 

3. Normal Games: Will duo queue in a normal game for a more unified critique of gameplay. 

4. Replay Analysis: Will review any replays or vods and will create a detailed review of gameplay. The replay must be sent at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the lesson.