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 Brief Overview:
  • Age: 18
  • Languages: English
  • Main server: OCE
  • Roles: Mid, Top, Adc, Support and Jungle
  • Rank: Diamond 1

My name is Joni and I have been playing League of Legends since the end of season 1. At the start of season 2, my elo was very low (around 700-800 elo). Through years of experiential learning, I have been able to reach high diamond. 

My goal as a coach is to identify and make sure you know what your weakpoints are and give you tips in order to overcome these weakpoints. This includes going analysing gameplay indepth and also giving pointers on what high elo players would do in different situations.However, if you want to concentrate on a particular point, we can also work on that.

This means you won't have to go through hours of gameplay in order to acquire game knowledge like I had to. I strive to consistently improve your gameplay after coaching by keeping up to date with you and also answering any questions that you have.

During coaching lessons I will teach you:

  • Runes and Masteries
  • Different matchups
  • How to play the laning phase
  • How to ward efficiently
  • Decision making
  • What items to buy in different situations
  • Mindset/Attitude during the game

If you want to overcome your weaknesses and be able to outplay your current elo, I will be able to help you do just that.