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Chill guy, good coach. Good game knowledge and explains things well. Def recommend.

By Connor MacFadyen

Very nice guy! would recommend to anyone

By Richard Hodsmyth

Very knowledgeable about champions and their full potential when through certain situations and played a few games to give demonstrations, great coach!

By Jordan Oliver

Friendly Coach (。・`ω´・) Gave me a lot of tips about the laning and group fight. Will come back and buy more lessons (ง •̀_•́)ง

By Sylvia Zhao

Very helpful!

By Frank Yan

Hey! Hows it going, I’m Kazusa and I'm a challenger player . As a player that has been at the bottom, I know the feeling of wanting to get better at the game. Instead of just having a ranking for others to see, I wanted to improve and deepen my understanding of the game. Through many hardships I have finally come to a good spot. So now I want to help the other people that have the same passion as me improve their play and understanding of the game.

A little bit of a background: I started playing league of legends near the end of season 1 and dropped it for a while since I lost interest. I picked up the game again in early season 2 and started playing ranked around the middle of the season. After my placement games I only hit 1k elo (Which was not even bronze back then). After that I started playing more seriously and hit 2.1k elo which was high platinum. When season 3 rolled around I hit diamond 1 and peaked at 55 points before the season ended. And finally this season, I hit challenger!. I've been through all the parts of the ladder and fully understand what it takes to be improve at every step of the ladder. It took me a long time to reach this point because I could not identify my mistakes immediately. I do not want you to make the same mistake I did and I will do everything in my power to help YOU achieve the rank that YOU DESERVE.

Through my lesson I will teach you the basics of either mid lane,top lane or marksman(ad carry) I’ll cover areas that include trading with the enemy champion, correct places to ward for ganks, knowing when to roam, laning matchups and much more! I will also go over what runes and masteries will be the most optimal for you depending on your playstyle and champion. Also, I will teach you how to see some signs of a jungler ganking you and about how some matchups should be played depending on who the enemy jungler is. 

Lessons will begin with us discussing about which areas in the game you feel weak and want to improve on. After the discussion you will have the following options:

1)Play against me in a 1v1 if you are trying to learn a solo lane.
During the 1v1 I will decide when to end the match when I feel that the lane is done for and I have enough material to analyze. I will then analyze the replay in a way that shows what mistakes were made by you and how you can avoid making these mistakes again.

2)Have me spectate one of your games.
After I finish watching your game I will be able to provide you with feedback. This will allow me to give you suggestions as to how certain things can be done better or more efficiently. I will also be able to point out what mistakes were made during the game and teach you how to avoid them.

3)Playing together if you wish to learn ad carry or support.
By laning together with you as either ad carry or support, I'm able to clearly see what mistakes are being made during the game and I can give you advice as to how to not repeat those mistakes throughout the game.

If you find things like these boring we can work something out about how you want the flow of the lesson to go together. This is ONLY for YOUR enjoyment and YOUR improvement.