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Best Coach NA :D

By sebastian cascante calvo

Hard to teach about rammus much because he isn't too in depth, but he made the best of it, except some of the few awkward silences when trying to think of more rammus tips :) but overall a very good coach for a good price. Very friendly. Would reccomend

By Brian Schaefer

Hello, I am currently a high level D1 (Former Challenger) jungle main on the NA servers. I have placed top 100 on NA soloq ladders in season 2 and season 3. I prefer playing out of meta since I believe it’s the best way of gaining ELO in soloq. I am highly regarded as one of the best niche junglers in high elo and I carry my own style. I have played for former amateur teams in NA and I have very good game logic and shotcalling. If you wish to gain top level knowledge from a top level player then I will do my best to help you play better than ever.

Personal Info: I am a 20 year old college student, with a lot of league experience. I am very down to earth and will do my best to give you Challenger advice. I too at one point was silver and found the ways of victory and became a Challenger Soloq player. Don't be scared to ask questions and I'll always be willing to go a bit over an hour if you have any questions. I am not an asshole.

Coaching Info: I well need you to record one of your games prior to the coaching sesssion. This can be a simple barronreplay file, or an actual video that you can send me (doesn't matter). I will go over how you're playing and give you tips as to what you may be doing wrong and how you can improve on those mistakes. Later I can show you one of my games and explain what I'm doing in certain situations and why you should use my strategies. All questions will be answered.I am also open to coaching your ranked 5's team or ranked 3's team and tell you where you guys are going wrong. I have been Challenger in both of them for over 2 years aswell. My coaching reaches many different game types, queues, lanes, positions. I am very versatile


Further qualifications: I have coached many of my friends and 50% of them have became better and achieved diamond. I have coached on this site before and have a perfect 5/5 rating and everyone said I was nice and informational. I have been on former challenger teams, have hit top 100 ladder every season since season 1, and have thousands of hours of gameplay experience. 

If you want to be coached by the best, I am definitely your guy.Cheers!