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very helpful !

By Joel Cedeno

He is a friendly person who taught me how to fix my mindset. We went into a ranked game where he told me my mistakes which I will now carry on and learn from.

By Omar Ali

Again another great lesson with nemus :D. Climbing with 8 winstreak

By Julien Kozlakivsky

This guy is legit. He has a superb knowledge of the game. He is very motivational and great and will tell you where you are weak and how to improve. Highly recommend, you will not regret.

By D C

Very Very good coach. I have bought several hours with him and have learned a LOT. Very friendly aswell and went 1 hour above the hour cap, i recommend! Taught me a lot as a jungler main. Things like jungle routes, getting in-depth with how the opponent jungler thinks and how to counter-play the opponent just by out-thinking your opponents, helped me alot in decision making!!! Buy this coach!!

By austin stotelmyre

Very helpfull at pin pointing areas needing improvements. Friendly and very knowledgeable about the game. Great coach, recommended !

By Michel Ange

Great coach, showed me a lot of mistakes. Would surely recommend.

By qdfqf qdsfqsf

Perfect!!! Learned a lot of things that i didn't know it existed! I 100% recommend this guy, he teaches loads and have so much advice to give :)!

By Davonte Young

he was good he went over some important factors of the game and i won my game and we talked about things to make me better so thanks man!

By Frank Rivera

Wonderful coach, breaks down all mistakes into step by step directions on how to fix those mistakes. I will be recommending him to my friends and also will be getting more coaching myself.

By james barbosa

Absolute top bloke, helped me out with my zed skills will definitely be coming back for more training!

By jaryd nunis

Super Helpful and Friendly, Very good at giving you the confidence you need to really see where you're lacking and how to improve.

By Travis Hoose

really nice guy! Very fun to be in game with and helped me a lot with figuring out how to control the lane. Thanks again!

By Zachary Bass

first time I took coaching lessons and I really liked it. really recommend this guy, he takes time to explain everything well. great guy :D

By Dikke Crit

Great advice, pick him!

By wesam bokanan

In his lecture, he is logical and innovative. In addition, he is certainly reliable for any questions and concerns you might have.

By Jason Kar

Excellent coaching, very firendly! Will totally recomend him =) Thanks!

By Martin Chavez

Really Friendly and understandable coach, really good at pointing out your strenght and weakness. Over all a really nice coach :)

By Lauritz Hoffmann

im very happy once again! will definitely be using Nemus again. best coach I have ever had.

By anthony allen

Nemus was a really kind and considerate coach. Nemus is determined to develop your in game knowledge, from early game to late game and constantly gives you tips and tricks which will immensely help your game. I highly approve of him and thanks again Nemus for helping me rank up in solo q :D

By Julien Kozlakivsky

Very friendly guy, explains whatever questions you have very thoroughly. Fun coach, would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a coach!

By Anthony McCoy

cool tips probably will beg my cousin for a new one ;)

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

Extremely informative. Saw improvement from the first game. Definitely knows what hes doing

By Eric Thoi

very good coach recommend!!

By austin stotelmyre

Very Friendly and helpful explained what my weaknesses were defiantly going to go practice :D

By connor lowther-smith

he was a really good coach, im still new to league but i learned alot within the hour, showed me some items to buy and different routes to take for items and how to approach situations. defiantly recommend him if your trying to learn zed

By aaron spillar


By Enzo Gan

I was nervous when I first approached him because I have never used this sort of service before. He was friendly, and tailored the lesson to my exact needs. I cant recommend him highly enough!

By anthony allen

friendly coach which explained everything what u did wrong and how u can do it better very good coach :)

By Samuel Delacrausaz

great job!

By Drake Harris

Was a pretty cool guy. Helped me with alotta stuff as far as the little things go but i am plat so i knew alotta the big things he was telling me, but very game knowledgeable and really nice. Would recommend for first time coaching buyers!

By Dylan Bradley

Very good coach, He was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. I had some coaching from other people before and yet he still managed to teach me new ways to see the game and new possibilities.

By Darryen Richardson

he have much knowlegde and told me so much.. now i must play his lessons very good coach

By Rene Haslauer

Best coach ever ! :D

By Chamois Alexandre

Another great coaching sesh :D

By Connor Doy

Really nice coach, from any range of experience, knows a lot about the game and the champions. He will point out the positives and negatives and find ways to improve your game. 10/10 would recommend and definitely ordering more hours again :)

By James Bosnakis

worth the money

By terrence reicharles

GG ty

By Jason Lapointe

Lovely calm attitude, I can really see why Nemus is one of the higher elo players on the server. Great top-down approach to the lesson with extremely useful feedback. Will use again 10/10.

By Joshua North

Great coaching helped me out a lot in the jungle. Really good at communication and getting hours in for coaching. Probably gonna be purchasing more in the future.

By daniel poirier

i never got a coaching lesson???

By Michael Doulman

Great guy, great tips. Very helpful with my jungle game and hope to get coached again.

By daniel poirier

great, helped me alot. he found my weaknesses and we worked on them. He doesnt skip one little thing and makes sure we understand all!! i will take more coaching from him for sure!

By julien laplante

I was wishing to get specific advice catered to me but I got general advice that wasn't that helpful. Overall though, good coach, but not what I was looking for.

By Ali Taqi

coaching with a voice so sexy I think I need to check my ears for STIs

By anthony allen

great guy, knows his shit

By Justin Chow

this guy helped me a lot, gave me loots of pointer on how i should improve my gameplay ^^ thanks

By kevin Brynjulfsen

Very kind guy, learned plenty of new things to improve my gameplay :)

By burak inan


By nana gio

You were very helpful, and I learned a lot from the mistake's I was making. Thank you for your time!

By Darrell Jones

This Guy is perfecyt! I REALLY recommend hes nice and understads that every1 isnt pro at start... and tells what to change or improve to get beter! loved his lessons..! thnx again =)

By Heikki Niemi

Great coach!! He has helped me get a lot better in jungle. Definitely would recommend to others if they want to improve any of their roles.

By Marco Navarro

amazing coach, worth the time we put in. highly recommend.

By nowob yaqub

great coaching learned so much on adc and jungler ill take more coaching soon thanks man :)

By jerome proulx

Really good experience, enjoyed the lesson and will definitely use the service with Nemus again! Thanks again

By Ri Si

Good coach ! Lot of focus on the mind set. Pointed out the stuff that i was doing wrong and how to improve it.

By Oliver Kraus

Extremely in dept with what he was explaining to me. He broke everything down to help me understand mistakes I made and good plays that I made. Excellent coach, pick this guy!

By Brandon Tran

Very good and friendly coach. He is open to try several methods to find the best coaching technique for you. Also he seems to enjoy coaching wich is a big plus.

By Bendik Valberg

speechless learned more than i ever did my life

By Ahmed AlQamzi

Amazing coach and probably one of the nicest guy ever haha

By Paul Stache

The coach of my life its a pro <3 I'm going to buy an other order for try to play adc i think thx you so much !

By Chamois Alexandre

another great 2 hours, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game!

By anthony allen

really good teacher! really friendly! :)

By Nic Nibl

best coach ever!

By faisal Saffarini

awesome coaching, very detailed analysis of my mistakes and taught me what I need to do to improve and become a better player.

By Toby Maldonado

Really enjoyed the class and told me many thing i did not no about zed really good coach would recomend to any one

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

Knowledgeable, helpful, and considerate. Interesting accent too hahah! (In a good way)

By Dolan Kruz


By Ahmad Basit

again, satisfied with the information he gives :)

By mo aldhaheri

Thanks for all the assistance I'll work hard on all my mistakes ^-^

By Raul Passos

Was very helpful setting up multi rune pages and masteries for different champions. Helped with various matchups and where i was making mistakes in game. Great coach and very friendly, with very good game knowledge.

By allen breeding

great coach!!

By Enzo Tan

been very friendly, very informative, I would recommend him :).

By khalid altunaiji

Best Coaching Ever!

By yan pun

such a nice guy, and had such extensive knowledge of the game and champion. might actually pay for another lesson rn. thanks man!

By Kyle Ramirez

Really knows his stuff. Good coach

By Marco Navarro

First time coaching experience went really well helped me refresh my knowledge on mechanics I was falling off on.

By Dakota Hammill

pointed things clearly to me what i did wrong and right. always justifys things that is good or bad.

By markus kilpinen

Very informative and well explained. Can't wait to try out the new stuff he taught me

By as dsa

Very Helpful, Learnt a lot and definitely will book more coaching

By Connor Doy

really great!!!!!!

By Michael Zhao

Gave me a lot of insight into runes and masteries

By Dan Santalla

Helped me with a lot of my flaws (Such as mini-map awareness and csing, what to do next etc) Recommend !

By Deron Rowlands

Great coach helped a lot in the jungle. Recommend a lot.

By Marco Navarro

Very nice and informative coach. He is very nice guy and will always and never show a rage towards mistakes but kindly shows you how to fix them. Totally worth the coaching. Would coach with him again :D!

By Kyle Simkin

Was very nice, told me the things that I did wrong and helped me improve them.

By Joey Doss

Really good coach, helped me analyse my mistakes and practice some champion tips while giving me feedbacko n my plays.

By Seb bm

Friendly dude, lots of advice! And willing to give you all the insight u need to improve!

By Bru Alex

He's such a great coach! Taught me the mid lane on a whole new level and i can even apply what i learned to other lanes! He told me what i can do to continue improving by myself as well. Nemus you better remember me, the Zed you coached that outplayed you in the 1v1 <3

By Danny Srour

very helpful and friendly guy :)

By mo aldhaheri

Cool coach. I learned a few new things from him. He helped me address my concerns regarding my laning phase and a few meta strategies.

By Tide Oo

Helped me alot:) Really made me to self-reflect upon my mistakes. Great guy. Defiantly recommened

By William Chung

Awesome coach, very genuine and helpful!

By James Hadchiti

Great at explaining the Things Down to the last detail and Again really friendly (Y)

By Lauritz Hoffmann

hes a good zed teacher and i learned a lot about zed and i recommend buying coaching from him.

By elijah mervenne

He taught me a lot,really great coach!

By Cristal Snow




Update: For people who wanna get coached by me, please have this options opened so your coaching can get full expirience, be able to stream your games with obs or xsplit, I personally think OBS will be better program, because sometimes xsplit get's a bit buggy, and streaming should be on hitbox, since there is almost no delay there, or we can play through skype, ''sharing screen option'' same as streaming on site, only this way it's a bit different and it 90% chances requires a client to go from full screen game mode, to borderless or windowed, in worse case scenario, if you can't have this options opened, then will just have to spectate through the game with a 3 min delay, but we will always manage something.



In my future students and current ones I'm adding something I call ''Healthy Crtisicism'' , in our coaching sessino I will be more indirect and criticize then I usually do, that way I will pin point the mistakes better so the client can know what he did wrong, generally I'm a nice person so it will be hard for me to do this, but I will give my best, science have proven that criticize-ing people will make them do better stuff, It's on internet so it must be true :)

My Profile:

  • Age: 19
  • Roles: Adc,Mid,Jungle,Sup,Top
  • Availability: Everyday, all day
  • When did you start playing: Season 1
  • From: Serbia
  • Language: Serbian, English
  • Servers I can coach on: Euw, Eune, TR, RU, NA ( basically on all servers, as long as I dont have 400+ ping )


Some Stuff:

(My most played champions in season 4)

(Challenger Season 3-4)


Some background:

Hello there, my name is Nemanja or you can call me Nemus :). I've been playing this game for nearly 4 years, and through time I have learnt nearly everything there is to know about this game. I have been in a couple of high elo ranked teams, and I have reached the top 100 Challenger players on my server. I finished season one with over 900 points and 1200 in season 2. I finished season 3 in platinum 1, and am currently in Challenger 600lp in our current season. I've won couple of Go4lol Balkan tournaments, and even won 2nd place on League Of Legends - Serbia tournament which was the most competitive national tournament in my country and recently won Ingato Euro Championship as the best team in Europe. My strongest roles are Marskman, Support, Midlane, Jungle and Top lane.

What will you get from my coaching:

If you choose me as your coach I will pass onto you as much knowledge as possible, not only through theory lessons but practical game analysis as well.  I will ensure that you finish my lessons with a deep understanding of your desired champions, lanes and their respective mechanics. I will give you tips and advice on how to quickly improve your game and give you all the tools you need to start carrying every game that you encounter a bad team in.

Here are some of the features of my coaching:
-I will show you how to trade damage with your opponents, which is vital for every lane in the game.

-I will teach you how to counter other people champions and how to still dominate lane even when they counter you.

-I will teach you the strengths and weaknesses of champions and how to win trades even in difficult situations, such as 1v2, 1v3 or even 1v4.

-I will teach you the true mindset when it comes to playing the games, you won’t ever get mad again - remember you lose some you win some!

-I will teach you how to properly position yourself in team fights doesn't matter what role you still have to position yourself properly. It doesn’t matter how fed the enemy is, with challenger level positioning any teamfight can be won.

Please bear in mind that every session is customised to your individual desires. The above are just a small taste of what I offer.

How we can practise:

I will do anything I can to help you succeed, meaning I can duo with you, I can play against you in a custom match to find your areas that need improving, I can even analyse your games by rewatching them and explaining to you what you could have improved in each situation. Now please bear in mind that the way we practice depends on how much time we have available, but rest assured I will always use the most effective method of learning for you.