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Nice, coaching and help me a lot and Nick is so pretty

By Jonathan Yuan

Very friendly and made sure I always understood what he was teaching!

By Skythe Krios

Best Coaching ever!! Very Friendly!! Recommend!!

By Kyu Sung Cho

I'm Nicolas a Master Player in NA that is fairly active. I play multiple roles at a high level and can understand general concepts for each role as well as specializing in jungle, top lane, mid lane, and support.

My Objective

My goal as a coach is to make sure that you are able to become the best possible player you can be and this means teaching you how league is supposed to be played in theory and how to actually go out onto the rift. 

Most players come here because they have hit a rough patch, but it does not mean they do not already know how to play the game. We will work primarily on eliminating factors in your gameplay that cause you to lose as well as expanding upon your overall game knowledge so that you can recognize these mistakes before they even happen. 

Note: Remember that 90% of games are won by proper decision making as opposed to having insane mechanics. 

Lesson Structure

The lesson plan WILL CHANGE FROM PERSON TO PERSON as we continue to learn more about each other. First we will have a meeting in which we determine and set your goals, the role in which you hope to get better at, and gauge your skill level to find out where you are at. 

We will then tackle the problems you face in carrying a game and we will learn how to tackle the theory behind your mistakes and find out why you struggle to win games. 
You will see immediate improvement after our lessons. 

----- If we have 1 or 2 hours together -----

In which we DUO QUE and I give you real-time solutions to real-time problems. If we have had a replay session, this duo que game will be used as a means to apply the concept or theory that we have just went over in the replay. Of course, this will not be the most effective way of coaching without a replay session because I will also have to focus on playing my role, but it will help you see the speed at which you need to recognize how to play certain situations and the application of a certain theory we may have gone over before the game.

Of you playing, and analyze what mistakes you make as well as how you can prevent them in the future. I try my best to teach you game knowledge and theory so that you will not rely on just having fast reaction times, but rather know when to expect something so you can brace yourself for a certain situation. These replays will help you see when and where you can punish your enemy and in what matter you can punish them as well as give me a proper gauge of your skill level.

In the middle or top lane so that you can learn nice tips and tricks as to how to effectively win 1v1's as well as how to snowball your advantage the correct way. Being able to know how to play a match up correctly can be the boost you need to carry games and make your friends amazed!

-Minion Wave Manipulation
-Advanced Champion Mechanics
-Abusing and Denying Vision
-Split Pushing
-Build Path Versatility
-How to Deal with Dragon
-Last Hitting
-Basic Champion Mechanics
-Explanation of Laning Mechanics
-Understanding Minion Waves

An example of some stats- http://gyazo.com/b7e21780c6604f63f3ad677f33e414ac