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Overall he is a good coach, I did learned a lot he was able to point out my flaws right away, I taught me how to fix those. I definitely recommend dan and I will get more lessons from him in the future.

By pedro ramirez

great coach, really friendly, I learned some more about he lacks in my playstyle ! Would go for more any time again ! :D

By Yannick Vater

Great guy and good experience, went from BR to Gold

By Edward Merrick

They haven't so much star for describe this coach. More than a coach its a friend and i hope meat him a day i'm going to make so much coaching sessions with him ! <3 Thank you brother !

By Chamois Alexandre

Hello,my name is Daniel,I am 20 years old and I am currently living in Bucharest,Romania,I have been coaching teams for 3 years,my biggest achievement being with heavy botlane (cabochard was in it,such an honour) which almost got to the EU Challenger Series. I have been playing this game since early season1 and I have been through all the Elo marks you can possibly imagine,Season2 I stood at about 300 elo(which is about bronze9) Season 3 I stood at around D1 euw and S4-5-6 I achieved challenger. I am completely aware of how hard it is to get up there and I know exactly what it takes to get there,The coaching lessons you get from me will be adjusted just for you and every single lesson will be unique,aiming to give you what YOU need in order to get higher. The ideal amount for one lesson would be 2 hours however anything can be adjusted.You will Receive feedback within the 30 minutes of coaching and I will be able to tell you exactly how and where to work in order to climb higher and become a better player.Ideally :

From one hour of coaching we will play one game and I will spectate one game ,along with indepth analysis of what is going on

From two hours of coaching we will start doing indepth practice and mechanic improvement methods known only by the best players will be applied

From three hours on we get to decide together on what works best and it will be as volatile and as efficient as you want it to be

Everything you need answered will be answered on every single role,I am perfectly capable to coach you on any role/most champions desired in order for you to improve as much as you want to.Most people I coach jump an entire league in around a week,depending on how much they play. No time Will be wasted.

For team 5v5s I will provide most indepth meta discussions along with team 5v5 strategies,we will be focusing mainly on teamgame rather than focusing on everyone''s individual game,as in team 5v5s those aspects are much more important,many teams get what they want from me and nobody left unsatisfied so far. You have to aknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done in team 5v5s,if you want to reach a high goal.There are very important aspects to be learned which take time. 

That being said,we hope you enjoy working with us and we are glad to have you as a customer,I will do my upmost to make sure you leave satisfied.Thank you for purchasing from us!:)