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We first talked about what runes and masteries, best champions for soloq etc... We landed on Viktor. We practised some 1v1 then jumped into a game. I finished the game with 13 kda!. He is very friendly and really know the ins and outs of mid lane. He will learn you where to ward, when to roam, position, trading etc... I am super happy with him! And going for more lessons.

By Banzi banz

If i would need to find a word to describe my experience with this coach it would be ' perfect'. 5/5 Stars. He's super friendly the whole session,, he reminds you often what you are doing wrong, but equal to that, he also reminds you of what you're doing good, which is an awesome feeling. No need to say he knows a lot about this game, he's a genius! I felt like i improved even during the lessons, that's how good he is. I can just recommend this Coach to everyone who wants to improve in League of Legends.!

By Moritz Kiesewetter

Dr Boom is still the best coach. I can highly recommend to custom game with him. We did some custom games where he explains and shows what you have to do in order to dominate lane. We also did replay analysis and played a game to put all the information into practice. This is also important so that you can get a good idea of what to do after you fuck up the opponent laner. Go for it!

By Banzi banz

Overall very solid coach. Learned alot from him, very friendly, and just a blast to play with. If you ever need coaching this is definitely the person to get it from. Great rate too :D

By Kevin Lindsay

Money well spent! Made me think league is fun again. That's all i can say about it :)

By Anders Modin

Very friendly and easy to understand what he is trying to explain. (Y)

By Kurouri bouter

Great Coach, very friendly and not afraid to point out wrongdoings. would recommend

By Rocky Shi

Awesome coach, highlighted what I was doing right and wrong and then took me steps to correct myself to be more efficient while in lane. Great coach and super friendly! Would recommend him to anyone who needs a coach that actually takes his time to teach you how to be a better player

By Justin Lourenco

Very Friendly and exactly knows what he's doing i would recommend him




Hello :3 . Everyone knows this game is about skill and the power of outplay towards the game but what if you play it wrong? Even #1 in NA or KR inspires himself from the other pros before jumping into a game with a champion that is not in his role or that he didn't pick up to his maximum level. Most of the champions are played wrong! I am here to help you understand everything , from the basics like building the right items in the right setup and not the other way around to completely undertand specific matchups and high end mechanics.

I didn't want to this at first but seems like i have to be all cocky about the rank I was . I've been in top 10 players eune and euw in season 3 and got a peak of around 1080 points Challenger season 4. I've been playing only carry champions and if this is what you're looking for then I am your guy!

How will this work?

Usually i'd like to see you play on your champion that you are willing to learn or at least that position. That could be by spectating , watching a replay with you or directly jumping into the ladder by duoqing at your level ( my favorite ) . Right after that I will give possitive or negative ( mostly ) feedback on your gameplay and work out with you to improve the essential things that you lack or just strenghten the ones you already have but can still be improved . From there on we can talk about specific matchups , when to roam and how to do it right , when to assist your team and when to be selfish and force your team to victory and even some advanced mechanics like canceling channels or managing cooldowns for the very best.

How should i expect to improve on a specific role?

AD carry and Support : 

I will suggest jumping into the ladder by duo'ing and in all this time i will provide tips on what to do , imformation on item build and comment on your gamestyle as we play . When to stay and farm or when to roam by being the support or with the support , when to push and atract attention and when to fear ganks . Lane managent is essential in the botlane and this will change your view on the game as a support or adc.

Midlane :

Here is pretty simple . I will explain where your champion works and how , his strenghts and weaknesses and watch you play by either spectating you or being the support in that game ( duoq ) . After a fully commented game i will point out what you need to do in order to win your lane and never fall behind . Things like warding spots and wave managent will be just the basics of it. The power of outplay is in your hands while playing in the midlane and will make sure you know how and when to kill your opponent and get the advantage and even more how to hold it and eventually snowballing from midlane. I will also explain how the roaming works , how and when to be done and also how to build a cs advantage over your opponent by doing the jungle with perfect timing.


  • What if I dont completely understand ?

My job is to make you understand . So if I somehow fail to make you understand what i had to teach you in the bought time I will do my best to answer all your questions and make you understand perfectly the gameplay i had to teach even if it takes double the time you ordered.

  • Why don't you coach the Toplane or the Jungle?

I could and if you request that from me I will do it . I just consider my jungle not to be on the same level as the others ( just slighly lower ) and I also consider toplane to have very little impact on the game with the meta champions.

  • What servers do you prefer?

For the best coaching experience i prefer the EU servers because of the low ping but i can still coach on NA with close to 0 issues.

  • Can we keep in contact after?

Absolutely . I will answer your questions and we can talk about your games after that . Also remind you of the build paths and skill order as well as masteries . If a new patch comes feel free to ask me questions and I will gladly share my opinion at first and then recommend you the best for your level. Also after each hour of coachin you might get a mini guide to remind you of the item build , pros and cons , and just relevant aspects of that specific champion.

Protip : Order now from me. I guarantee satisfaction 8/8 times