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Really awesome theory coaching, I realise now after a few game that I actually improved, better ganking and always secured dragon/buffs/baron. Helped me to get a better win rate, currently silver and it worked well! :) This is the guy you want to be your coach! :)

By Markus Leding

he is very intelligent and smart.. thanks snow

By ozzie m

very friendly , would buy anytime again ^^

By Ales Klahsen

Friendly and reassuring. Helped alot with knowledge. Looking forward to more lessons.

By Jimmy Matney

Amazing coaching lesson, Snow is full of knowledge and really coaches at the challenger level. I myself am i high plat player who was very surprised at the vast amount of knowledge i was missing. Thanks for the best coaching lesson i have ever had.

By Toby Maldonado

the best

By H N

Want to improve at league? Pick this coach!! 10/10 would learn again

By Raymond Tague

Wish he gave me some tips on how to kill golem :(.

By Oliver Bebb

AMAZING Coach, I will definitely be getting more coaching!! Taught me so much!! VERY highly recommended!! Thank you!!

By Chris Howarth

The best coach I could possibly ask for. Very understanding, and knowledgeable of the game. Was able to pin point all my areas that needed help and help me reach a very high elo.

By Anthony Snyder

no voice in skype is big downer :/

By Alex Tremblo

Great guy great coach learned a lot

By Addison Ankrum

Snow was good, answered any questions I had. Took awhile for the lesson to start, but once it did was good Duo Q session and I learnt how to help snowball and rotate around the map and apply pressure from Support.

By Callum Newman

Great coach. 10/10 would learn from again.

By Taylor West

Snow was a great coach I felt like I learned things that I never knew about league. I would recommend him to anyone. Who knows I might ask for another lesson sometime lol

By Ken Lujan

I learned so much as a adc role in theory n the general mechanics. what i hae learned i see i can improve my game style even tho i dont main adc <3. this should be your coach highly reccommend

By nowob yaqub

Very great game knowledge and experience. Also very friendly, highly recommended by my side :).

By Daniel Simonsen

Really helpful and was really understanding

By Darin Reis

Very cool friendly guy would recommend him. Ive learned alot!

By timon kulemann

Suggested :)

By Hady Ashraf

Never thought about the psychological aspects of video games but this helped me understand things on a fundamental and basic level which lays the framework for me to continue improving on my own down the line. I'm glad i decided to pay the $45.

By Jack Haigh

really good coach

By Tanakorn Loychrun

had a blast time with alex. great coach, awesome experience and teaching skills, would allways recommend a lesson with alex :)

By Philipp Ohlrogge

Very good coaching. went through all of the basic jungle structure and figuered out some of the main mistakes of my play. Very helpfull and friendly!

By Phillip Otten

Definitely worth the price. Teach me a lot about the game knowledge. Best coach I had met so far.

By Oswald Ting

Thanks again Ryo. Awesome coach.

By Anthony Mattei

Choose him as Coach you dont regret it! Best Coach!

By Tobias Neubauer

Very helpful information. Defiantly recommend to anyone. 10/10

By Fortious King

great guy, helped me "think on my own" to get me out of my autopilot mode, surely the best coach on this website.

By Ahmed Fawzy

Excellent coach, he really has improved my style of play and I'm making fantastic progress with his help. Thanks Snow!

By Anthony Mattei

Friendly Coach; very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Makes best use of the time given. Definitely will buy more coaching time.

By Rick Vorasane

Very friendly coach. He helped me a lot and has an excellent game knowledge.

By Pete Doherty

Really friendly, easy to understand, and definitely has an awesome understanding of the game - Enjoyed learning from him, got a lot of study to do! Thanks Snow~ Will definitely be buying more lessons with you, really soon.

By Asher McMahon

Very good Coach. Great game Knowledge. All questions could be answered. Very friendly!

By Lucas Scheunemann

Great Coaching Lesson ^^ He played with me and analised my mistakes. I will defenetly buy another lesson as soon as i adaptet to his advice! 10/10 would do again, if your looking for a coach THIS is the best adress!!

By Dweezil Wittler

He was incredibly good at everything, and explained everything very good. His amounts of knowledge are indescribable.

By Anders Kruger

Snow analyzed a game for me and i was honestly impressed by the way he looks at the game and sees things i would have never noticed by myself. I now have a different view of the early game in general, also what happens out of my lane.

By yanick schär

Was a very nice person and teacher will answer anything any question recommended

By jorge ferreira

he was really nice to me, taught me what i needed to know exactly. overall he is the best i know so far :)

By Tarek Hanano

awesome coach would buy from again!

By kamil colatosti

Really helpfull coach, if u want to improve - ure on the right page!

By Danil Belousov

Really nice we went over basics in the hour we had and i actually won 15 ranked games in a row after!

By alexander hutchison

Great service

By john sciarrone

Excellent advice, and was able to advise me on things that I did not even realize I was doing wrong.

By Barton Zhu

Great guy ^_^ I'd pay for his coaching again!

By Derik Michaud

+++ All fine

By Tom Free

Amazing coach, got me motivated to improve and achieve better and aim for the best.I really recommend him for anyone, who has any problems. he will tell you how to solve it and improve as a player.

By Bader Al-muhanna

I wanted to find out the basics in gaining elo and thats what i got. Any questions i had he answered and found out everything i wanted. If you want to know the basics of gaining elo then i highly recomend this coach

By craig carney

Definately the best coach I could ever possible imagine. So nice and friendly, had a really great time with him! He explained in detail what I did wrong, and what I need to improve at. Also taught me a nice little trick! :D Tyvm Snow!

By Patrick Heiber

Great coach very knowledgeable about the game, i looked forward to every session and i look forward to lessons in the future.

By Quintin Mallac

Snow's game knowledge is impeccable and the way he conveys this is to first take the lead (at least in a DuoQ, don't have other experiences) and as the game progresses reduces his leadership and lets the trainee (without him really noticing) do more, think more. Thinking... That's what Snow pushes a lot. Yes you feel lost in those games where you are challenged like that, you mess up a lot of times but isn't this what it is all about? We first need to think about stuff before it becomes second nature. He's a great guy to talk to/with and he will tell you that you messed up, which of course is his job, but he won't do it in an offending manner and always follows up with the reasoning. It is one thing to know that you messed up, but quite another to know why. I've had experiences with LS for coaching and while I still think that LS has super deep knowledge he focusses too much on every detail. Snow not so. He analyses at what level the person is and tailors his points to exactly that. Altogether it was an immaculate experience and I'm honestly sad that I can't play more with him, but as great an experience as it was, I'm pretty sure something clicked again to advance my play. If you want coaching, Snow is the guy you want!!!

By Alex Endris

Very knowledgeable, understands concepts and is able to show you what to improve on! He is a very outstanding teacher that takes time explaining bad and good things about what you did and what to improve on! Will come back and will recommend!

By Alex Tropynine

Great coach and very understanding when it comes to questions. Answers everything from the desired aspect and a really determined teacher. Will be buying more lessons when needed, until then, thank you Snow :)

By Alex Masaltsev

great teacher (:

By andrew corona

this guy is funny and very informative definitely reccomend

By Jonathan Berthault

Good and helpful tips :3.

By Oliver Bebb

Fab coach told me everything I needed to know about support and how I can get the right mind set and think about what I am doing rather then going all robot like and messing up, Learned best ward spots etc... couldn't have anyone better!

By Michael Thompson

Nice coach! learned me a lot and didt mind sticking longer then his 1 Hour due to a stretching game!

By Jeffry Lathouwers

Snow is a really good coach, 1 hour of coaching really helps me out. I got many important points from him. Try that and you won't regret!

By Vincent Yong

It was okay

By Sören Nagel

Snow is truly a fountain of knowledge. He really explained everything very coherently and concisely and illustrated these concepts with examples. I wanted to learn more about the AD carry role and I learnt new concepts including true kiting/stutter stepping which was illustrated also with a youtube video. Also how you can manage yourself independently as an ADC without getting frustrated about your team acting as a 'meatshield'. So that was really inspiring! Not only that but we also discussed mechanics an ADC should exercise including managing your CS and trading and what to do if your support isn't quite working out. I am going to apply everything I've learnt in this session in practice and look forward to more future sessions. ^^

By Katy Mac

Amazing teacher, helped me with alot of things, i'm looking forward to more lessons! TY

By Cass Adeline

Mr Snow the man! Thank you so much for the tips you have provided, it will definitely help me bump up my game and get to the tier I want to be. Once again awesome work keep it up.

By Christian Almariego

I learn alot not only about the game, but how to play correctly!

By Mario Peach

Excellent coach, patient and thorough coach. Went through my gameplay and picked out the negatives and told me how to improve and gave me tips on how to get better.

By Callum Newman

the next game I played after his coaching was a 13-3-9 jinx game soloque. really changed how I see the game and taught me alottttt I did not know. ps, this dude is probably the best coach u can find online.

By H N

Snow Gave me lots of insight of my play style and knowledge to help carry myself in future ranked games. Looking forward to buying more coaching lessons in the future.

By Kenneth Horsch

He was quick, easy to understand, made it interactive with questions, didn't waste time and very informative. Totally worth paying for this.

By H N

really good coach really inspiring

By Tanakorn Loychrun

Very helpful, gave me alot of things to improve on from just one game. Well worth the money spent!

By Patrick Adam

danke war super bis zum nächsten mal

By Tanju Öztürk

A really good coach! Would highly recommend to anyboy looking to advance your soloQ/ overall knowledge!

By Benjamin Pedersen

Really great guy. Focuses on game fundamentals which are really shadowed at times. Improves map awareness. Definitely gonna get more.

By Wesley Yiu

Absolutely would recommend to anyone wanting to learn league, in a heartbeat. Despite being on the other side of the planet, he helped me learn my lane with lots of tips and showing me what I did wrong in the game I was playing. He's really friendly and is incredibly helpful. 10/10 would ask to be coached by again.

By Ben Splitt


By Tanju Öztürk

i reccoment it to everyone

By ioannis Flourentzou

helpful and friendly man

By fars alkitbe

Evaluates gameplay extraordinarily well! Cant get enough ;)

By Wesley Yiu

Did amazing job on explaining on what I was doing wrong. Will come back for more lessons later.

By Thomas Sar

Very helpful information and friendly.Really good coach.Will be buying more lessons when needed. thx Snow :)

By Fernando Müller

very good coach

By Michael Smith Jr

Helped me a lot one of the Best coaches out there, must have.

By Thai Nguyen


By H N

Helped in multiple aspects of the game, including scenerios, and dynamics of the role. impressed with the amount of knowledge Snow has, Highly recommend to anyone that needs help on any level of the game ^_^

By Kaleb Boudreaux

Nice and polite. Always ready for a lesson. Shame about the penta :(.

By Oliver Bebb

This is my first season playing league and I main jungle. I was placed in Bronze 3 and stalled at Silver 5. With the help of Coach Snow I was not only able to reach my end of the season goal Gold, but was able to go to Platinum with only 2 hours of coaching! I still haven't perfected all of the teaching points we went over. As I continue to follow his advice I think that Diamond is in reach for me. I highly recommend this coach if you are serious about improving and eventually climbing.

By Maurus Hope

very helpfull, everytime again :)

By phillip Scheffler

has to be 5 stars for all, easy to communicate with, is happy to help whenever needed and is overall just a nice person!

By alec chapman

amazing good advice and tips and just freaking amazing wauw

By Dean de boer

great help learn t so much just threw the information he gave me alone with out even entering a game too see my style or game play.

By kelvin gombert

High exp! Nice guy. Very nice lesson.

By Alexander Zimmermann

Gutes Theorie Training mithilfe von Videomaterial konnte jede frage beantworten "5 sterne"!

By Miles Lünsmann

Great coaching.

By Ashlee Anne

awesome :)

By mehmet ali alp

Extremely good coach, that will help you climb soloq. He has great game knowledge on just about about every aspect on the game. He give me a different perspective of how to look at the game and how to approach different situations on the game. He cares about his students, checking your runes and masteries through the lesson. He answers your questions with detail and using his experience of the game. Thanks again. From Julien

By Julien Kozlakivsky

Very great coach, I thought I know so much about the game already, untill he told me so much different things i never knew. Great coach, if you want to improve he will be help you a lot, and he is very friendly. Will buy another.

By Zi Liu

Great coach, great knowledge, very friendly and he knows how to improve your gaming !

By Edgar Alvarez

great job

By li yulin

Took a long time to start, but overall great Coach, really makes you think for yourself and understand how to play. I think 3-5 hours would be needed to really become a good all around player.

By James Bruce

What i expected after reading all the great comments

By Martin Røvang

Great Coach! Really showed a different perspective of the game! Definately worth the $45.

By Hudson Molthan

Got great coaching on several different roles, Snow is awesome, thank you so much man!

By Anthony Mattei

fantastic coach, very informative i would definitely recommend to a friend.

By Alexandra Russell

Excellent jungle coaching, I really learned a lot. Thanks so much man!

By Anthony Mattei

really good coach and great tips

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

10/10 would gank again.

By Hound Ingham

Nice Coach. Smart, Overall Knowledge, Everytime again

By Danny Bautz

bes :D

By H N

Shows a very in dept understanding of the game and any situations. Was also very good at pointing out my mistakes and came out with solutions to every singe one of them. Also introduced me to a brand new perspective/understanding of the game.

By Fang Qi Wang

great coach

By Cass Adeline

Excellent coach, I'm already getting much better at ADC. He always spends the time to go over things in detail and doesn't rush anything. Thank you so much Snow!

By Anthony Mattei

had to get another coaching order. amazing coaching. Literally better than all my mates now in league xD. Buy a session if you wanna show off skills!

By H N

best coach very recommend to all :D

By Isabella Jones


Snow - Professional Gaming


                   » Current Rank: Challenger
                   » Thousand+  hours coaching experience
                   » Coaching for 2 years, worldwide!
                   »  Age: 22
                   »  Challenger Team  +  Played in several professional/semi professional teams
                   »  Availability: Almost always (my timezone is Gmt+1)
                   »  Server: Euw/Eune/Tr/Na  but coaching on all servers.
                   »  From: Germany

                    » Writing lots of guides (You can find them here:
                    » I do have a properly set up coaching schedule.
                  So in case you order coaching you can register yourself at a day & time of your choice
                   (prevents long waiting times)

Some Media

League of Legends Coaching

(That picture shows how I started in season 4)


                             Coaching in League of Legends


I started coaching over 2 years ago and did thousands of lessons ever since.
I am certainly one of the best & most experienced Coach you can find.
If you want to improve as individual player or as a team, I will put all my efforts into your aims.
I am always looking forward to new students, lets rock the League :)

1. Snow:
My Name is Snow ^_^, and I am playing League since the beginning. I started playing ranked's at Season 1 and climbed the Ladder very fast. (Platinum in Season 1). I am used to play with professionals together in Soloque since the beginning of LoL.
I played every role during those 3 years of soloque and tried to master everthing as good as I can!
My strongest roles are Jungle, Adc, Mid and Support.
My experience on those roles are very widespread as well, since I played a lot competitive with many serious & professional teams
(Training every day for atleast 5 hours and Tournaments, such as Go4lol).

                   Some demonstration:

                   » Top & Jungle: &
                   » Adc & Support: &
                   » Jungle & Support:
                   » Midlane: Going to upload soon.

2. My role as a coach:
I will do my best to make you a better & smarter player! :)
If you already have a concept and know your failures, then I will help you to improve the way you want.
If you are not sure how you can improve, but you want to finaly get out of your division, then I am going to make a coaching concept.
We would simply talk about you as a player and your aims to figure out which training is the best for you, because I am able to make a professional out of you. I want you to think 3-4 steps ahead to read the mind of your enemies and put the game in your hands.


  • General LoL options (Many ppl are playing with wrong options and did not enable tools which are often needed to win.)
  • Mastery pages, Runes, Skill order
  • Synergy at the Teampicks
  • How to play your role & situational behaviour during lane phase (reactions, trading, positioning)
  • How to improve as individual player & in soloque (or in your team, if you have one)
  • Shotcalling
  • Positioning (which is one of the most important points.
    I noticed that most player lose their teamfights and their games because of bad positioning)
  • Basically all the Stuff you are worried about / you have questions about.

After we did the theory we will get the practice going. :)
You can either decide what you want or you can ask me about my opinion, what I think is best for you & how you can improve your play.

          Practice can be things like:

  • playing together (mb as Support/Adc)
  • playing against (practise the laning phase)
  • spectating your ranked games and discus them/ analyze your mistakes,
    make you understand what you did and what you should have done.

          You always have the final decision though:

  • If you are bored by theory we can just go for practise/duoque.
  • If you prefer to learn as much as you can: I can accompany you over several hours, until you achieve your dreams.
  • If you dont want to buy many hours: Lets do the best out of the time we have or rush everything to give you as much as wen can for your improvement

    Attention: if you playing on NA or OCE and you want to go for DUOQUE, then you may need to wait some days until we can start. It depends on how fast I get provided with an NA/OCE account.