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Awesome coach, going into all details. Great knowlegde of the game and in 3 years of playing league of legends he's the best player i have ever seen. I will take for SURE more hours with him. Thank you

By julien laplante

Hello everybody! 

My name is Andrew and I have been playing League of Legends (NA) since the end of season 1. In the beginning, I was getting used to the game and didn't really understand the full concept of the game. Pretty much, I played League of Legends for fun. During Season 2, I only played a couple of ranked games and managed to land myself in Silver. However, during Season 3, I really wanted to get into ranked. This was when I wanted to really get well on a role and I decided to take the role of a support! Now, a 3 time ex-Challenger support, I can provide you with what I have learned in over the years~!

I have particpated in the Challenger Series for a bit and been in a somewhat professional team for a little while. 

My overall objective of coaching is to teach you guys the fundementals you need to get BETTER at this game. This game is not all about winning. Winning is nice and all, but knowing the basics and mastering them is the true way of getting better as a player. Since I'm a support player, I have a VAST AMOUNT OF knowledge of the game and know what to do in almost any situation given. I can say this with confidence that having knowledge of the game is more important than mechancis ( I would say 65 % game knowledge, 35% mechanics ).

I offer a very friendly and overall statisfying experience that will get you the edge on your enemies in the game. You can set up your own schedule and I will give you all the knowledge and basics you need to STOMP the competition and get better as a player. 

You can ask me anything from how to lane to what to do in ______ situation. 

I'm available mid afternoon to night on most week days and for weekends, PM me your schedule ^_^

I want to make you ENJOY the game as you are learning. I will try my DAMN hardest to make that happen :)