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I have been playing alot of duo que with this gentleman, and i desided to let him try to coach me in shaco, since im getting really facinated watching him play shaco and other champs etc.. he speaks well english, writes well english and IS A GOOD LEARNER! Thanks for the help! :D

By morten jz

One of the best coaches I've ever had. Already learned a lot from our first 2 hrs. I started to see improvement in my gameplay, so he's 100% recommend if you wanna dominate the jungle.

By nana gio

He was a really nice coach who explained to me how to make good decisions in the jungle and what to prioritize. Overall a great teacher who taught me some really helpful jungle tactics. For EUW a really great jungle-coach!

By Jesper Trampenau

Very smart and intelligent guy :) Explains things very directly and it is very understandable :p Best coach out there .p I recommend him ;)

By Filip Grundtvig

Pretty Nice coach he is cool and teached me a lot of thinks he is good at playing and teached jarvan and rammus he is good :)

By mehmet ali alp

Friendly, experienced and understandable.

By Racing Lycan

Very informative and high skilled coach, thanks for everything, every information is helpful :)

By Tomáš Minařík

He is very good and his language is fine he askes if there is questions and his friendly anyways he is perfect =)

By bader kalai

Learned a lot about early game itemizing and . helped me with some questions i had about mid and top lane as well! Very good!

By reggie cristobal

god is a god, no other comments

By Yizhang Hu

was a nice guy talks you though everything you ask for would promote him to others looking into geting some coaching

By pj cartledge

very helpful and his analysis is just great

By Yizhang Hu

It was very helpful and a fun experience. He gave me alot of useful tips and showed me the champions I tried to get better at, looking forward for further lessons!

By Ekin Erdem

Very good coach learned a lot about decision making and overrall committing to a certain game-plan to winning the game

By austin stotelmyre

Amazing coach. Thoughtful and very knowledgeable. Taught me so much during the lesson and was very Nice to me on any questions I had and I learned so much I will use.

By Philip Conde

very help full friendly and really learn the champion i wanted to learn and i got to no nice tricks about that champion , really good coach

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

Helped a lot with the time we had.

By Daniel McConnaha

Great coach, fun to work with. Is able to help you learn before, after and during matches very effectively.

By Sam Gordon

This guy is an absolute genius! So many relevant and usefull information just in 2 hours time.I would like to thank him for help provided.If you're looking for a coaching about jungling ,I definetelly reccomend this man ! :)

By Alex Novytskyy

Hello, i am trancenergy - Season 7 Jungle / Top Main.

My Lol Achievements:

Season 1 - 1700 Elo (Gold)

Season 2 - 2300 Elo (Diamond) (EUWEST)

Season 3 - Diamond 1 80 LP (EUWEST)

Season 4 - Challenger (EUWEST)

Season 5 - Master (EUWEST)

Season 6 - Master (EUWEST)

- played in a semi-pro team Absolute Legends (Season 4 Challenger in team ranked)

- experience of jungling and winning against current and past LCS junglers (Diamondprox, Impaler, Cyanide etc)

- official wins against Challenger series teams

- boosted over 1000 accounts over 3 years up to Master Tier since Season 4 (so i have a huge experience of playing in absolutely every League/Division in LoL; Bronze or Master - i can tell u the best ways of climbing in any ELO; the most optimal champions/roles for each League and common mistakes players of each tier make that hold them back from rising up in rating)

- actively playing League at the highest level for over 6 years now


Why buy coaching with me?

I am able to offer you my vast game experience and knowledge in a format you will understand. As a coach i always make sure the student understands what i am trying to explain to him and we will be persisent until he does. And when that happends the results such as a skill increase and division progress will happen unevitably ;)

How are we gonna start?

After a quick interview of your game experiece, assessment of your skill level, what goals you would like to achive as a Lol player and just what u would like to learn/master we will create an individual coaching programm for you.

Servers and Roles

I am able to coach any role up to Diamond tier since being a Challenger player requires me to have knowledge of every role to a certain extent. At highest level of play (High Diamond - Master) i will be able to help Junglers and Toplaners since that is my main positions and i know and practice them the most.

I can also coach on any server and have accounts on EUW, EUNE, RUS, NA.



The Theory im offering:

 Basic Lol Knowledge:

- We will go over the Lol setting you are using to make sure u aren't missing anything that is crucial in a League player's arsenal or will just make your life easier ;)

- Runes/Masteries - i will go over your Runes and Masteries and will tell you what i personally feel works best and i can also give you examples of what other top players are using.

- Communicating and interacting with your team (common personalities of players and how to interact with them without setting them or urself on tilt ;)

- useful LoL websites and Riot-approved software (statistics, replays , pro builds, etc ... - quick ways of getting up-to-date info u need and become and better player)

- Last hitting

- Basic decision making


The Lanes

Jungle (Challenger Level)

I will explain to you everything you will ever need to know about jungling:

- routes

- meta junglers

- diffrent playstyles of jungling and the champs for each style

- optimal clearing

- builds

- warding

- ganking

- decision making

- timing

- creating a game plan in champ select

- psychology of junglers and laners.

From Basic Jungling routes for Beginner junglers to Challenger level abuse of player's psychology, studying their habits in-game and abusing them in current and future games.


Support (Up to High Diamond Level)

Warding, meta picks and counterpicks, timing, map control, playmaking, item builds, coordination with your ad, roaming, etc.

Top (Up to High Diamond Level)

Wave control, counterpicks, different styles of toplane (early gamer vs late gamer), how to use teleport effectively, how to come back into game in case of loss or being camped, decision making - when to roam or stay, when to stop the lane phase, etc.


Specific Champion Coaching:

Elise (Challenger Level) - being my favourite champion i can safely say i know absolutely everything about her. I have won jungle with her against players like Diamondprox (on Lee Sin) and Cyanide.

Shaco (Challenger Level) - i am one of the few Shaco mainers who made it to Challenger by actually playing him. I can offer you a lot of stuff u will most likely never learn by yourself about this complex champion. All that knowledge was gathered thru years of playing from personal experience and watching other top Shaco players and offered to you thru coaching or via my guide.

Pantheon (Challenger Level) - learn how to win games with pantheon : how to perform his combos , his general playstyle and most importantly how to efficiently use his ultimate.

Lee Sin (High Diamond Level) - everything u need to know about Lee - from combos, Insecs, invades, ganks, ward jumps, builds and playstyles.

Fiddlesticks Support/Jungle (High Diamond Level)

Jarvan IV (High Diamond Level)

Morgana (High Diamond Level)

Renekton (High Diamond Level)

Tryndamere (High Diamond Level)

Kayle (High Diamond Level)

Nocturne (High Diamond Level)

Amumu (High Diamond Level)

Alistar (High Diamond Level)

and many other junglers.



The Practice

The practical part of our coaching can go in the following formats chosen either by you or by me in the way i feel suits our needs best:

- Duoq with ingame coaching

- Watching me play via skype screen or via spectate with ingame comments and explanations

- Watching you play via skype screen, spectate or stream with my ingame comments and explanations

- 1v1 on any lane with assesment of your weaknesses, mistakes and what you need to work on

- Analysis of your replays

- Analysis of my replays