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really good coach :D he will tell u what u need to no about the champ

By Enerjiiz Enerjiiz

 Quick profile:
  • Age: 18
  • Languages: English, Spanish.
  • Main server: Euw.
  • Roles: Mid, Jungle, Ad carry, Support.
  • Availability: Almost every afternoon.

Ranked profile

  • Season 1: Bronze
  • Season 2: Gold
  • Season 3: Diamond I

What you will be getting from my lessons:

  • Learn how to build the right items for any situation.
  • Learn how to cs properly in any situation. (A test will be given for each lesson)
  • Learn how to communicate properly with your team.
  • Learn how to pressure your lane.
  • Learn how to properly split push.
  • Learn how to positioning properly in any situation.

Why choose me instead of other more experienced boosters:

I started to play League of Legends at the end of season I, but then only could reach bronze, and over the time, I have been improving my skill and suit to every situation, thats the reason for why I think im more qualified than most of coachers because I can adapt my coaching to your level.