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I recommend him Helped me a lot!

By Hayoung Jung

Really great coach, and matched my personality well with critical analysis style

By scott hammerton

Absolutely great, exceeded my expectations, helped me a lot in understanding the jungle routes better and proper timing. Would definitely buy more lessons ^^

By John Bailey

Helped me get back into the game and I went from silver 3 to plat 3 in 6 days with 22 wins in a row, using the knowledge I learned in our sessions (legit).

By Jack Haigh

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable coach! Very satisfied with the coaching, learnt many things and how even the small things matter in LoL! Def recommend to any others looking for coaching!

By Jonathan Lee

I felt like we actually wanted to teach me with all his knowledge, He wasnt counting down times, I have to say an hour for me was not enough. Mount money I paid was worth.

By Sam Yoon

Very friendly, explained everything I needed to know in-depth. If you are thinking about coaching, this is who you are looking for.

By Brad Koro

VonCe really helped my laning phase. I am a mid plat player and I can already win trades against diamond players. If you are looking for a good coach, look no further. He is also answering questions on skype after the session. As I am writing this I am already buying more hours from him.

By Banzi banz

hees a lad :P

By Callum Calder

Very informative. Explained my possible issues and what I can do to fix them. Good champion pool advice. Would recommend =)


Vince was a great coach. He has a in-depth knowledge of the game and has a lot of knowledge in which he has shared. I will definitely get another class.

By Anthony Gray

Was my first ever coaching lesson and I feel like I learnt a lot in such a short time ;D I would definitely recommend Vince, he's super friendly and has great coaching skills. He goes over everything and explains every aspect in a way that's easy to understand. Vince is just a 10/10 top bloke :')

By Renee Taylor

Excellent Coach :D He will give you all the advice you need on champions and the decision making/ what you should have done in a particular situation and all. Super Friendly and easy to talk to (: Highly Recommended, Definitely will use his service again (:

By Marvin Cool

Just a little bit about me

Hey my name is VonCe, a Diamond 1 KR and OCE mid laner. I've played on countless amateur teams in the OCE scene and I hope to grow as a player even more. With a year of experience in solo and team coaching, I am confident in my ability to change you into a better player.

I've been playing this game for almost three years now and have personally proven that all you need to become a top quality player is a little push, even from the bottom. I started out as your general silver player and then rapidly climbed the ranks to high Diamond in NA before the transfer and I can help you do just the same.

What can I teach you and what you can expect

I am a leading OCE coach in the support, mid and top lane roles, but it doesnt stop there!

  1. The very first thing I do for most clients, is to play a one on one. This allows me to give you some feedback on my opinion on your pros and cons and things we can improve on.
  2. We talk - to break down your mentality of the game, your current elo, champion pool, mechanics (more on this) and discuss what getting BETTER at the game really means.
  3. Suggestions and corrections on Masteries, Runes and Item build orders. (In terms of overall effectiveness and "in-game" gold efficiency)
  4. Champion match-ups, counters and advice for each scenario.
  5. Situation skills, Item choices and Summoner spells - also specific combos and skill orders for a range of situations.
  6. In-Depth explaination of positioning during a team fight.
  7. Help you grow you general knowledge of the game; Power spikes, ability and summoner cooldowns, respawn times and lots more.
  8. Detailed Solo Q tactics and attitudes towards teammates.

Of course feel free to ask all of your questions and I will answer them as best as I can.

The big question that we hear everywhere these days is MECHANICS - that is a sensitive topic that I cannot direcly help you improve on but it will definately improve as a consequence of increased ingame knowledge and play time as I run them through with you.

To all potential clients/students: Please attach your League account to (or any other replay service that allows me to access them) so we'll have something to work with during our session.