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I will make a video for a replay that you send to me from or I need the replay at least 2 hours in advance to make the video. I will watch the replay, respond to it as I watch, and record it. I will then upload that to youtube and be available throughout the lesson for questions. You can ask questions as the come to you. These lessons can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (or a bit over) depending on the length of the game.




 1 on 1 time with me. I will watch the replay once before I record the video and take notes. Since I have watched the replay once before I'll be able to make a more informed analysis. These lessons are typically a bit faster with more information in them. If you want a lesson but saving some time and being as efficient as possible




I highly recommend this for any aspiring team or casual teams. In one lesson I can teach important concepts like lane swaps or team warding for examples. This lesson is by far the most flexible. We can do a replay analysis for all of the lanes, talk through concepts, work on P/B phase, or whatever you request. These lessons have a soft two hour time limit so we can go over by a few minutes but the goal is to stay in that time frame.