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Definitely out did my expectations, asked specifically for rumble tips and I feel much more competent as rumble. Definitely would recommend, will use for coaching again!

By Michael Bishop

Quick Profile:

  • Age: 19
  • Languages: English, Japanese
  • Main Server: NA
  • Roles: Top and Mid (very knowledgeable in every role but top and mid is by far my best)
  • Availability: Mostly any time of the day
  • One of the top rumble players in NA



Ranked Profile:

  • Season 1: Didn’t play
  • Season 2: Started playing but was still a beginner at the game
  • Season 3: Did a lot of research and invested a lot of time and hit Diamond 1.
  • Season 4: Got into Masters tier
  • Season 5: Hit Challenger On Multiple Accounts


What You Will Be Getting From My Lessons:

  • Learning how to optimize your runes and masteries
  • Learning how to build and when to stray into non-standard builds
  • Learning how to “sense” ganks that may be coming
  • How to play your champion in teamfights
  • A review of a recorded game or a game that I spectate and a full analysis on things you can improve on

Top Lane:


  • Lane Control
  • Different strategies for gaining an experience advantage right at the start
  • How to minimize your deaths to ganks
  • Breezing through different meta champion matchups, how to counter them, and how to play when countered by them

Game Knowledge:

                I can help improve your in-game knowledge at a rapid rate, for example many of my prior clients were unaware that a tower’s damage to a champion increases with every hit, and that baron gives global exp. As tiny or large the information, I can help bridge the divide in terms of knowledge you currently have versus where LCS players currently stand.


Things We Can Do:

  • Analyze game recordings to find the mistakes you are making and learn to prevent them from happening again.
  • Go into a custom game to learn matchups
  • Discuss the optimization of runes and masteries
  • Play a normal game together for live feedback on gameplay
  • Q and A session on anything related to the game

Concluding Remarks:

  • In the end, how the coaching lesson goes is up to you. My goal is to help you reach your full potential as a better player, and to do that if you have certain ideas or concepts that you want me to iron out, I would be more than willing to oblige.
  • Whether you will best learn by duoing, me analyzing replays, or even laning 1v1, I will turn to you for the final call on what we should do next in our lesson plan.