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Champion Guide

Scairtin #4 VoD review with commentary, playing Lucian bottom lane!

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A VoD of a game where I used the powerspike Lucian has and snowballed the game out of control in our favor.

Champion Guide

Scairtin #3 VoD review with commentary, playing Vayne bottom lane!

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A review of a game where enemy had baron & 5 drakes at one point, yet we managed to overcome the deficit!

Champion Guide

Twisted Fate vs Zed VOD

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This full length VOD with commentary shows how I carry as TF against a lane counter: Zed

Champion Guide

Scairtin #2 VoD review with commentary, playing Azir mid lane!

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This is a VOD of me playing Azir and explaining my decision making, item build and more!

Champion Guide

Scairtin #1 VoD review with commentary, playing Ashe bottom lane!

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A vod of me doing my best to win the game while explaining some item choices, movements or ... find out in the video ;)!


Commentated Sejuani Game - Patch 5.10 Current (Length: 57.42)

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High-Elo Sejuani game played and commentated by a Challenger jungle. Goes over my runes, masteries, thoughts going into the game, and playstyle during the game and shows you the strategies and decisions required to turn a game that you've fallen behind into a win, carrying your teammates!


Commentated Nunu Game - Patch 5.10 Current (Length: 42:43

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Nunu jungle game commentated by a Challenger Jungler. Explains the strategies and decisions that go into solo carrying a game and getting the most out of Nunu.


Commentated Fiddlesticks Game - 5.10 Current (Length: 48:53)

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Masters/Challenger Elo game played by Fiddles main with over 2.5k on him. Goes over my runes, masteries, thoughts going into the game, and playstyle during the game and shows you the strategies and decisions required to gain an advantage, maintain that advantage, and grab a victory from a game that seems lost at champ select.


How to Become a Better Player

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Top 10 Tips on how to become a better League of Legends player


How to Win/Play as Zed

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Commentating on every thing that is happening during the game, explaining multiple stuff about Zed including his ulti nerf in the newest 5.9 patch


Analysis of Jungle Amumu Match around Silver V MMR

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Challenger analyzing a client's Jungle Amumu replay around Silver V MMR pointing out common mistakes and how to improve upon them and carry games.

Champion Guide

Sejuani Video Guide + Commentated Gameplay

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Detailed guide by a challenger jungle main to help you master one of the strongest junglers in the game! Includes a fully commentated game to give you a sense of how to play her better.


How To Win Your Games

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25 minutes of full explanation on how to win your games, how to make advantages like a Challenger player and more


How To Manipulate Minion Waves

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10 minute video, Manipulating minion waves the proper way and making advantages from that like a Challenger player


Kiting like a Professional

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Learn WHY and HOW to kite like a professional! Improve your mechanics and stomp your enemies. Detailed information about kiting, mechanics, options, key commands/bindings and dozens of detailed examples.

What is so good about VODS?

Vods give you a unique learning possibility. Many people learn by watching rather than reading, and by watching vods you will be able to see all principles and theories in action. Instead of reading about what you should do, you will be able to see exactly what is needed. Our Vods show you everything you need to know, and you will either get a voice over from a professional coach explaining everything, or text bubbles popping up detailing each move and action. 


LoL Boost - Vods

This picture illustrates one way of learning. By watching lol boost teaching vods, you will be able to more easily understand what is required from you, and how to apply what you have learned in the game itself. 


Very efficient and helpful. Will request again!

Johnny Taehc

Great experience! Gold 1 - Diamond V in only 4 days. Support helped get a booster who played my champions and Xpendable was great, a quick and efficient booster!

Adam Roberts

Highly informative and was able to teach me a ton. Would recommend to anyone looking for a well rounded coaching experience.

Shaun bigdickjohnson

This is my first season playing league and I main jungle. I was placed in Bronze 3 and stalled at Silver 5. With the help of Coach Snow I was not only able to reach my end of the season goal Gold, but was able to go to Platinum with only 2 hours of coaching! I still haven't perfected all of the teaching points we went over. As I continue to follow his advice I think that Diamond is in reach for me. I highly recommend this coach if you are serious about improving and eventually climbing.

Maurus Hope

Helped in multiple aspects of the game, including scenerios, and dynamics of the role. impressed with the amount of knowledge Snow has, Highly recommend to anyone that needs help on any level of the game ^_^

Kaleb Boudreaux

Amazing coaching lesson, Snow is full of knowledge and really coaches at the challenger level. I myself am i high plat player who was very surprised at the vast amount of knowledge i was missing. Thanks for the best coaching lesson i have ever had.

Toby Maldonado

Dr Boom is still the best coach. I can highly recommend to custom game with him. We did some custom games where he explains and shows what you have to do in order to dominate lane. We also did replay analysis and played a game to put all the information into practice. This is also important so that you can get a good idea of what to do after you fuck up the opponent laner. Go for it!

Banzi banz

Shows a very in dept understanding of the game and any situations. Was also very good at pointing out my mistakes and came out with solutions to every singe one of them. Also introduced me to a brand new perspective/understanding of the game.

Fang Qi Wang

Very friendly and personable booster! We got to chat in skype and he offered me some help to make up for the boosting taking an extra day. Stand up guy and really skilled booster! Won every game.

Andrew Protsman

Really Friendly and Knows what he is doing. Definitely recommend having this guy as your booster!

Ritz Maripally

Great boosting! Overall speed and results were amazing!

Jason Keung

personal fav

Brandon Tran

Thanks for the tips/insight!!

Kenneth Horsch

Very cool friendly guy would recommend him. Ive learned alot!

timon kulemann

speechless learned more than i ever did my life

Ahmed AlQamzi

speechless learned more than i ever did my life

Ahmed AlQamzi

Lovely calm attitude, I can really see why Nemus is one of the higher elo players on the server. Great top-down approach to the lesson with extremely useful feedback. Will use again 10/10.

Joshua North

Absolutely amazing, I think I-I... Love him :o. He was really friendly and has really given me great tips on how to improve and help my ADC. 10/10 will definitely order him again.

Stephen Norman

GimpO was a great coach, really understands the game and how to help you understand your how to break your flaws. Nice guy and gave me a great written description as well which i will study for sure :)

chris nyemchek

Very good coach, He was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. I had some coaching from other people before and yet he still managed to teach me new ways to see the game and new possibilities.

Darryen Richardson

Great guide! Gives good advice on laning phase, mechanics, and counter picks

Tre D

Best Coaching ever!! Very Friendly!! Recommend!!

Kyu Sung Cho

Was my first ever coaching lesson and I feel like I learnt a lot in such a short time ;D I would definitely recommend Vince, he's super friendly and has great coaching skills. He goes over everything and explains every aspect in a way that's easy to understand. Vince is just a 10/10 top bloke :')

Renee Taylor

Talented player, very insightful. Identified my key problems in a respectful manner and helped me challenge my thought process.

Jake Jones

Great player, good communication and coaches while you play! A+

Remy de Vries

Very pleased. Thank you, Jonathan

Jonathan Lin

really awsome he know how too play and carry game and help other lane if i get more duo game if request this man

Maxime Roussel

Great boost with great speed. One of the best boosts ever.

Justin Hong

Absolutely excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, informative. Overall an excellent service, thank you!!!

David Dracoules

Bimby is the man...He's skipped divisions both time he's boosted for me...and I wont lie hes been well worth the money...If people read this stuff make sure you tip him to show your love

Patrick Moss

Rice has done it again and made my week. He was very kind, listened to my messages and responded with a complete professional attitude 10/10 service

Joshua Beaumont

Unbelievable booster. He won everygame besides one. I have no words for how amazing he is.

Blake Spratt

Guy was perfect, this was my 2nd time using this site and i will be back now for a 3rd 4th and 5th

Adam Dohrman

Exemplary service as always. Much satisfied.

Dan P

All i can say is FCKN AWESOME ! My booster was really good he lost only 2 or 3 games he carried my acoount from plat 3 to diamond in 3 days and only played 6-8 hours per day ! Cool service Best Boosters ! and really FAST ! Gj guys and Thank you .

Murat Öbekli

They did my order asap , everything were fast and trusted!I love these guys!

Stine Larson

Most reliable boosting page on the internet!

Marko is the greatest, did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 5 - Gold 3

Craig Gallimore

My Coach taught me how to become a great player, I have raised myself 4 diviisions so far :)


I got boosted by these great guys


Duo queue games were fun and fast, we won every game and also had fun playing.


I wasn't very good at this game, trying to play with friends, but lolboost helped me become a better player.


Boosting and coaching were most useful for me, I spectated my booster and now I'm diamond 2!