Elise Guide Season 6

Short Elise guide for Season 6

In this short mini-guide written by Challenger Jungler and Coach, you will learn how to jungle with the spider menace, Elise. You will learn basic build path, runes, mastery tree and match ups.

Elise is a very strong jungler. She can carry games easily but shes different to other junglers - by different I refer to her different ganks styles (such as landing cocoon), when to engage, when is a good time to gank and when to counter gank, as well as ganking paths. Elise, being such a high damage jungler is really good at counter ganking and with her high clear speed she's also good at counter jungling. As Elise you want to track the enemy jungler and try to counter the lane he is ganking. If done correctly, you will alwasy get a kill or two when counter ganking.


Elise Runes

-3 AP Quints (AP to clear for your abilities)

-9 Attack Speed Reds. (AS is always good on ap junglers that require auto-attacking. Some people use magic pen for reds, but it is not worth it, especially not in higher elo. You get a faster jungle clear speed early game with AS and that means you can snowball harder.)

-9 Scaling health yellows (Just to be a bit tankier since you don't get very many tank items. If you are up against a heavy AD team, you should choose flat armor yellows instead.)

-6 CDR Blues and 3 AP blues (CDR is good both for clearing and for ganking)


Elise Masteries

There are 2 mastery paths that I like to take.

12/18/0 with Thunderlords


12/0/18 with Strength of the ages.

If you want early damage and try to snowball the game early and be full damage Elise you should go thunderlords. If you want to be more ulility based and go for being more tanky late game then go SOA. You can snowball the game with both and it won't make a big of a difference on Elise's damage but I like thunderlords for the extra burst sometimes. If you don't feel confident with Elise then I recommend SOA.


elise guide season 6



Elise Build Path

I start with Talisman and refillable pot on both sides of the jungle.

Then you go Red Smite (blue is also fine) depends on what you feel comfortable with and you go Runic echoes.

After Runic you finish your boots to magic penetration (against heavy CC teams you CAN go mercs instead). Going CDR boots is also viable when you're falling behind. When you want to be a Stun bot for your team and you want to play a more utility based Elise then CDR boots are better. After boots you go into Protobelt, then after protobelt you go into Rylais or you could also go into abyssal depending on their team composition (abyssal if their team has a lot of AP damage or their AP is fed).

After Rylais you go Void Staff

After Void it's your choice. You can go GA (Guardian Angel) or you can choose to get more AP or Tankier. I personally prefer to get tankier and get a deadmans or probably a Spirit Visage depending on what you need. Randuins is 


Elise Favorable Match Ups

These are normally the matchups against tanks that won't easily 1v1 you.


Rek'Sai - Rek'sai is an easy match up for Elise, as for when she's burrowed she will not see your cocoon coming and will make it harder for her to dodge. You should never lose a 1v1 to Rek'Sai early game (before she gets titanic), after her titanic it is possible that you can lose the 1v1 but the odds are still in your favor, and for counter ganking you should always win the 2v2 if your laner is full HP when rek'sai does gank.


Zac - Easy matchup for Elise, he will never out damage you and you have many ways to dodge his E, You can dodge it by just cancelling it with cocoon (if in range of it) or you can just Rappel the E. After you sucessfully dodge his E you can fight him as his E is most of his damage. Also Elise is good with dealing with his passive blobs. However, after Zac has farmed 2 items + fully built his jungle item you should not fight him - you can't wint a 1vs1 at this point, unless you are fed or Zac is far behind.


Gragas - Normal matchup for Elise, has high damage and gets very tanky. You kind of have to have an estimate of the damage you are going to do before fighting him. Do not ever start in spider form to fight Gragas as he haves a lot of AOE abilities and if he kills your spiderlings he will win the fight. Try to make him use his E first wether its at you or to run from you and then you can fight him.


Kha'Zix - It's in your favor in every way, as soon as you see him jump to you, you can land your cocoon and your spell combo in human form then when you turn into spider form he will not get isolate damage on you making it almost impossible for him to out-damage you (unless hes extremely fed). You want to make sure to land your spell combo in human form as fast as possible so he won't get the isolate damage.


Elise Unfavorable Match Ups

Unfavorable match ups for Elise are usually junglers who can put out more damage than you and have a bigger chance of 1v1ing you.

Graves - Hard match up for every jungler honestly. Graves is just such a high damage jungler and is so unpredictable on the damage he's going to do to you. If you land a cocoon and dodge his Q you should be able to fight him. Counter ganks on Graves are hard, you have to nuke either Graves or the laner in order to win. If the 2v2 or 3v3 gets stalled out you may lose because Graves will end up out damaging you.


Lee Sin -  As Elise Lee sin is a tricky matchup because of how slippery he is it may be difficult to land cocoon on him. It wouldn't be a smart idea to fight him if he lands a Q on you (depending on how fed he is) he may win the 1v1. If you both have 1 Item (by 1 item I mean like completed jungle item) the odds of you winning are around 20% if you both land all your abilities on eachother. he will always just do more damage. (by the time it takes you both to get 1 item he will most likely be 6 already) If hes not 6 and you both have a jungle item or if he hasn't completed his jungle item you are most likely to win the 1v1.

Nidalee - It's a hard matchup because you can get kited around easily by a Nidalee considering all her mobility. I would say this is more like a skill matchup. If you do not land your cocoon and you're not slightly ahead you have to dodge the spear in order to 1v1 Nidalee. If she gets a big lead on you she will most likely track you down and kill you in your jungle or try to counter gank you.



This is it for my Elise mini guide! Be sure to check out my other Nidalee Guide in LoLBoost, which you can find by looking at the right under of this article under: From Same Author. You can also check out my coaching profile if you need help in the jungle, my name on this site is Prowl. Thank you all!

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