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ADC Tier List - Updated for every patch, every season.

Welcome to the ADC tier list, where we'll be talking about the top 5 ADCs to carry solo/dynamic que with. In this ADC tier list there will be information and an explanation for why these ADC's are getting picked and a brief overview on what to do with them. 


About this tier list: This ADC tier list is created by a Master player and is based on his experience, knowledge and skill as well as information collected from platinum+ games such as pick rates, ban rates, win rates and in depth analyzis of games from the following regions: EUW/NA/KR. - The tier list should work in all divisions, but is written specifically for people who want to carry without being team reliant and who are placed somewere between high gold to high diamond. 
The champions aren’t listed in any specific order, just the general top 5 that belongs on this ADC tier list for League of Legends. Every champion has a certain role which will be described in the brief information next to that champion.
Keep in mind, this list will tell you which champions are the best to carry with in each patch when you play alone or with a friend. It does not feature champions that are heavily team reliant, even if they are strong picks as this ADC tier list is not aimed for 5vs5, but rather for Solo/Duo queue players who want the best champion to carry with even when your team does poorly.



ADC Tier List for Patch 6.22 and 6.23

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Top 5 ADC's: VayneTwitch, JhinCaitlyn, Ezreal.
Honorable Mentions: Lucian, Sivir.



ADC Tier List for Patch 6.21

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 ADC'sJinxTwitchLucian, CaitlynMiss Fortune.
Honorable MentionsJhinEzreal.



ADC Tier List for Patch 6.19 and 6.20

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 ADC's: Jinx, Twitch, Lucian, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune.
Honorable Mentions: Jhin, Ezreal.



ADC Tier List for Patch 6.18

Top 5 ADC'sJinxTwitchLucianKog'MawMiss Fortune.
Honorable MentionsJhinEzreal.


ADC Tier List for Patch 6.17

Top 5 ADC's: Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw, Lucian, Ashe, Jinx
Honorable Mentions: Jhin, Twitch


ADC Tier List for Patch 6.16
Top 5 ADC's: Jhin, Ashe, Lucian, Sivir, Ezreal





Mid Tier List - Information on each champion mentioned in each list.



Jinxadc tier list: jinx


- good laning phase;

- global ult;

- scales really well with current meta builds;

- rewarding when mastered.



- no mobility spells;

- requires good micro for correct Q usage;

- needs a good team to enable her during teamfights.


            Jinx is a autoattack based ADC, who excels in teamfights, where she can score kills/assists, get a massive bonus movement speed and unleash havoc on the enemy team with the new core build, which allows her to do massive AoE damage as before. She is having big pick/winrates this patch due to the fact that people found out that she does really well against other meta ADCs like Ashe or Kog’maw. During laning phase, she can turn around ganks if played properly with her support to score early kills, get a possible blue/red buff and snowball from there, she is really good at snowballing and sieging towers.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Infinity Edge – Berkerker’s Greaves – Runnan’s Hurricane – Phantom Dancer – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( the first 3 items are what makes her a beast right now, the AoE rockets do a lot of damage and allows her to destroy stacked up teams pretty easily if left unattended for a small period of time. As for Phantom Dancer, it enhances her movement speed, makes her a bit harder to kill for assasins diving her and gives her some extra crit/AS, which synergizes really well with the first two items: Infinity Edge and Runnan’s Hurricane. If you don’t feel like you need to go for the extra crit/AS, just go for a straight up BT or Last Whisper, depending on what you need )







Vayne adc tier list - vayne



- undetectable stealth ( R + Q combo );

- high mobility;

- hyper-carry;

- shreds tanks;

- has cc in her kit.


- weak laning phase;

- big skillfloor and even bigger skillcap;

- no waveclear.

            Vayne is a hyper-carry ADC focused on shredding tanks and three-shooting squishies with her current buildpath which allows her to have a lot of Attack Damage. She used to be rather weak due to the amount of Ghostblade users in the bot lane, allowing them reach a powerspike before Vayne did and punish her even harder than they used to before the rework of Ghostblade. Right now she is in a pretty good spot with people actually needing time to reach powerspikes, Vayne can slowly and steadily farm up and be a pretty vital key component of a teams victory. During the midgame she can reposition during teamfights and avoid targeted-CC with her Ult + Tumble, making her extremely annoying and oppressive to deal with if you lack cc or assassin who can kill Vayne before she has time to react. Patch 6.22 and 6.23 was extremely kind of Vayne - not just because of the stealth rework but because of the nerfs/changes to items that was used by her counters - and now belongs at the top of this ADC Tier List. 

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Statik Shiv – Greaves – Infinity Edge – Phantom Dancer – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( Some people like to rush straight IE, if you do, make sure to complete t2 boots for the bonus movement speed & attack speed before you finish IE. ) 








Caitlynadc tier list league of legends - caitlyn



- great laning phase;

- high range;

- scales really well;

- very rewarding when you have good micro skills


- low range “dash”;

- hard to use traps efficiently;

- clunky build path ( bf > zeal > pickaxe/ruunan ).

            Caitlyn is an autoattack based ADC, who excels at sieging and keeping her enemies in check with traps. She has an amazing laning phase and as long as you keep utilizing your max range to the fullest, place traps efficiently to interrupt ganks and have good vision if you’re pushing, you will almost always win your lane. In the current meta with the current supports, Caitlyn excels really well at fitting into different team comps. She is one of the best ADCs right now to carry solo/dynamic que with. If you play with a support duo, try to put him onto something like Zyra/Karma/Janna for maximum efficiency - these supports can make her laning phase even smoother and give her time to buy the 2 powerspike items ( Infinity/Ruunan ) she needs to rush. She has a bad time until she completes both these items, because they take longer to build than other ADC's items, so some other ADCs may already have an insane item (ex. Ezreal Sheen+Muramana, Lucian – Youmuu’s + Cleaver or a part of it ) before Cait has completed her 2 core items. Try your best to rush your build and keep ahead by using her max range spam to do damage to the enemy while standing far back yourself and avoiding their spam.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. BF sword – Zeal/AS Boots – Pickaxe/complete Ruunan – Infinity Edge – Rapid Fire Cannon – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( The 2 AS items are mandatory, RFC is really nice for the even bigger range, but Phantom dancer is also a viable option. As for the starting build path, the ideal back includes buying BF, if you can’t, try to get a Pickaxe, if you can’t get that, then focus on slowly buying components ( daggers of speed ) for Runnan, then buy the AD items one you have gold. After the 3 items –   boots / Runnan/Infinity, you can go for the second AS item RFC/PD for even a bigger threat. If you have some problems with survivability, you can go straight up for a Bloodthirster or a Hexdrinker.










Twitchleague of legends adc tier list: twitch



- decent laning phase;

- has a stealth ability, which allows him to be versatile when roaming or when team fighting;

- high AoE damage with two items;

- mid-late game monster.



- no dash;

- hard to master;

- very squishy.

            Twitch is a versatile ADC who can sneak up behind the backline and unleash a big ultimate to clean up fights in a few seconds. He recently became more popular across all regions, with the solo/dynamic queue choosing less tanky champions with more damage, Twitch is a perfect pick. This is mostly because his biggest weakness are tanks who block his ability to AoE the entire team down from a safe range, by bodyblocking the autos and ensuring Twitch is CCed during the ultimate. During laning phase, Twitch can snowball if played around properly with an aggressive support with ignite, his early damage is not to be neglected, but for maximum effectiveness you need to time your E ( Contaminate ) usage properly to refresh the stacked-up passive poison damage and ensuring it will tick for a few extra seconds. Being able to master the stealth mechanic, refreshing poison during laning phase and properly positioning in teamfights to hit as many targets as possible will make you a great Twitch player. Another big factor in making Twitch popular again is the Ghostblade, a very broken item which gives life to a lot of champions which otherwise wouldn’t be played, by allowing them to reach an earlier power spike and be much more useful earlier on.

            Even though a recent patch saw Twitch's Q attack speed go down, it doesn’t affect his overall mid to late game power. The change may make him a bit weaker until he buys some attack speed, but he is still a very strong ADC and belongs on the top adc tier list for patch 6.20. Patch 6.22 with the stealth reworks and item changes did not affect Twitch's ability to wreck the enemy team, but it did make him have to change his item build away from ghostblade.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Infinity Edge – Greaves – Ruunan’s Hurricane – Phantom Dancer – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( IE & Ruunan’s are core items, you should have them every game, their individual power is pretty high, when combined on certain champions, they become utterly broken, it will also allow you to hit people easier with your R, even if they’re not in a line, which will enable you to reach more of Twitch's potential and won’t require you to be in a perfect position every single teamfight for maximum damage. )







Asheadc tier list: ashe



- great waveclear;

- passive allows you easily to chase down people;

- long range;

- can initiate from a long range.



- no escape;

- her Q needs to be stacked up before being used;

- low damage with her kit;

- low movement speed;

- needs a good team to get maximum potential.


            Ashe is heavily dependant on team’s composition. She has a few weakness and a few strengths aswell like any other champion. Her greatest strength is the ability to initiate with her ultimate, ganks/picks-offs/using it to slow people down to disengage, it has a lot of purposes and can be adapted easily.  In lane, she has range advantage over a lot of ADCs and can poke safely with her W + autos for untradable damage. During the empowered Q she becomes a literal machine-gun and it’s better to avoid it if you’re playing against her. Her early game is surprisingly good, unless you do a few mistakes early on and allow your enemies to snowball. She is a very good ADC to start playing the role and give you a good learning experience of proper positioning.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Warlord’s Bloodlust ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Infinity Edge/Essence Reaver – Boots of attack speed – Ruunan’s Hurricane – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( items are interchangeable as long as you get IE/ER + Ruunan’s for maximum damage )






Lucianadc tier list: lucian



- jack of all trades;

- high mobility;

- high damage;

- low cost-high efficiency build;

- scales great throughout the entire game;

- can carry games alone.



- master of none ( jack of all trades );

- low range;

- squishy.


            My favorite ADC. He is the jack of all trades in laning phase, mid game and late game, has decent poke, great assassination potential with youmuu’s + BC, great escapability and more. His build comes with a cost that he might get outscalled by traditional-oriented into one direction ADCs ( for example initiation – Ashe, poking/sieging from a safe range – Cait/Jhin, forcing teamfights – Sivir ), but that doesn’t mean that Lucian can’t outperform them. His powerspike comes pretty early, level 2, first item components ( Serated Dirk, Ghostblade, Black Cleaver ) and more. He is always becoming stronger and stronger as the game goes, he has no down phases where is a bad adc. My favorite way of playing Lucian is to snowball the lane if played with a proper support, rush the Dirk then keep punishing enemies every time they try to go for a cs ( especially cannon minions ), then force a early drake or get the tower and keep punishing them, get deep wards and try to flank them.


            Lucian’s kit and abilities make him a perfect champion to rise up the ranks in solo/duo que, but there’s one thing you need to keep in mind, not to get overzealous and make aggressive plays which result in your death and the enemy team picking up objectives for free. He has amazing lane presence thanks to his passive and a solid mid-game thanks to his range and CC. He excels when he forces opponents to play his game. Incredible damage with his passive and semi-reliable crits gives him similar DPS to other ADC's even without AS. However, he's one of the most immobile champions in the game and has no way to protect himself outside of well laid traps. A champion that can be picked up and played by most players, with a skill ceiling so high it's hard to see


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Essence Reaver – Swiftness – Rapid Fire Cannon – Infinity Edge – Lord Dominik’s Regards – Bloodthirster ( all items except the first 3 can be replaced with others, just adapt to your current game and buy whatever you need )






Kog’maw adc tier list: kog'maw



- scales really well of each attack speed item;

- shreds tanky champions insanely fast;

- easy learning curve;

- great tower defender.



- very squishy;

- weak laning phase

- needs to get a few items to unlock potential;

- no crowd control;

- no dash.


            Kog’maw is a ranged AD type champion with mixed damage, who excels at  shreding tanks or just dominating the entire enemy team if left untouched for a few seconds during his W activation. His other abilities outside of W don’t do really much, you have a small slow zone which should allow you to kite/chase people easier, a small skillshot which reduces some resistances and an ult to snipe people down who dash/flash to safety, the most important part is the W. This makes him ideal in a meta where people like to play tanky champions like Gnar/Gragas/Braum/Trundle and others. His laning phase is pretty weak, but it can be fixed by pairing him up with a support like Braum or Thresh who can protect you really well and make sure you get out of laning phase with enough experience and gold to buy your core items. Even if you fall behind on laning phase, worry not, if your team manages to hold them off for some time with good waveclear from mid/top, while you farm towards your items, you can come back pretty quickly with a good teamfight.


             Patch 6.19 saw something historical; it’s the first time in history that Riot completely reverted the rework of a champion (Ryze is an exception, he didn’t get reverted, but reworked again and again… ). They reverted the functionality of Kog's W so his laning phase became stronger, but at the same time they made sure to keep his W mana cost to make him more aware of the usage of his mana. In mid-late game he won’t be able to spam his other abilities ( especially his R ), instead he will need to conserve his mana to be able to use his W skill to its most devestating effect. 


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Wit’s End – Berserker’s Greaves – Runnan’s Hurricane – Blade of the Ruined King – Mercurial Scimitar – Phantom Dancer ( the core is Wit’s End, AS boots and Runnan’s – these items will allow you to do a lot of magic damage to both squishies and tanks, while the next item – Botrk will enhance your physical damage, the last 2 items can be swaped to anything else you see fit )






Miss Fortuneadc tier list: miss fortune



- high AoE damaged from a safe range;

- strong laning phase;

- rewarding to play when mastered;

- scales well into mid/late game.



- no dash;

- squishy and easy to kill;

- immobile during ultimate;


            Miss Fortune is a caster based ADC, who excels at poking people from a safe range with her Q, slow them down with E and chase them down with her passive/W or just finish them down with her ultimate. She is seeing a lot of play, because she is doing really well against other meta ADCs, her build being extremely efficient and punishing for the enemy team. She scales really well and her strong laning phase allows her to possibly snowball the game from the start.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battl), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Berserker’s Greaves – Duskblade of Draktharr – Black Cleaver – Bloodthirster – Lord Dominik’s Regards. ( Ghostblade & Duskblade are the core items, rest can be changed, the armor penetration from these 2 items allows her to do a lot of damage in a short time frame. )







Jhinleague of legends adc tier list: jhin



- strong lane presence;

- game changing ultimate;

- incredible scalling;

- broken kit overall;

- fun to play.


- no mobility spells;

- weak skirmisher;

- high skill floor;

- hard to be used properly, needs a good team around him.

            Generally speaking, Jhin is an unique type of caster ADC who excels at hitting his opponents from afar, getting picks with his ultimate and doing incredible amounts of damage with his weapon. All this comes at a price, he is immobile and can be easily dealt with by a good frontline ( Gnar/Maokai ex. ), soo you need to have a good team to protect him in order to unleash his power.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Deathfire’s Torch ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AD. Ghostblade – Boots of Swiftness – Duskblade – Maw – Infinity Edge – Bloodthirster. ( the more armor pen items, the better )






Sivir adc tier list: sivir




- great waveclear;

- amazing defensive ability;

- strong laner;

- easy learning curve;

- game changing ultimate, can be used to engage or disengage;

- great tower defender.



- very squishy;

- short ranged;

- needs to get a few items to unlock potential;

- no crowd control;

- no dash.

            Sivir belongs near the top of our ADC tier list. She is a ranged AD type champion, who excels in farming. Clearing minion wave after wave with ease, making her one of the best pushers in the game. Her abilities allows her to not only deal tons of damage to groups of enemies but also to shield herself from fatal harm. This makes her ideal to bait certain enemy abilities to either prevent them from engaging OR fleeing. The latter will even be enhanced by her Ultimate, where all allied targets that reach within range will gain a massive movement speed boost until the duration ends. During laning phase, you can poke easily with your Q and push easily with your W. All you have to be careful is of not wasting too much mana on hitting nothing with your abilities and try to save E for the last half of second before an ability hits you, that way you can get mana with it and block something instead of just popping it and waiting for enemies to throw stuff at you. This ability to block important stuff separates a good Sivir from a great one, being able to micro block important spell while orbwalking and paying attention to your team, the enemy team and all other elements of a teamfight is what makes you a good asset to your team.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle/Warlord’s Bloodlust), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Essence Reaver – Berserker’s Greaves – Phantom Dancer/Statik/RFC – Bloodthirster / Infinity Edge – Last Whisper. ( all items are interchangeable, but the first two ones need to be ER + attack speed item, then you can adapt your build to whatever you need, crit, lifesteal, armor pen and more )







Ezrealadc tier list: ezreal



- most versatile marksman;

- a lot of ways to build him according to the game;

- easy to reposition with;

- very fun to play;

- rewarding to play;

- insanely strong mid game.



- all his abilities are skillshot based;

- very squishy;

- high skill floor & skillcap;

- pretty hard to master;

- hard to catch-up if having issues on lane.

            Ezreal is a full caster based ADC, who relies on his kit made of only skillshots and autos in between to maximize his damage. He excels at mid game where his power level is the strongest under equal conditions with the other ADCs. His E is an amazing tool to escape or chase someone, since it doesn’t only teleport you, it also launches a missile doing some significant damage early on . He is very versatile with his buildpath, because he has a lot of useful items to build, the most predominant and common one being the Blue Build, which he is mostly known for, but with recent Trinity Force’s small rework from Zeal to Stinger, that item became even better on Ezreal. During laning phase, you can easily poke out enemies who aren’t careful with your Qs for untradable damage, because the range on it is pretty significant, also you can easily escape engage supports like Thresh/Ali/Bard with your E or turn it around by dodging their CC ability and just going in and punishing them. He is very versatile with the playstyle and it’s only up to you to use it in the way you like to play your attack damage carries.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle / Warlord’s Bloodlust ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS or AD. Manamurne – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Iceborn Gauntlet – Blade of the Ruined King – Mortal Reminder – Bloodthirster. ( the first 4 items are the core of any blue ezreal build, the last 2 are just complementary since most of them will have a lot of armor and BoTRK might not be enough, while Bloodthirster gives you some extra lifesteal and a pretty neat shield to save you from assasins, by allowing you to have moe effective health for their initial burst ). Ezreal is a strong contender and have been on and off most ADC tier lists since he first was released. 










Honorable mentions

1) Jhin – the nerfs made him a little weaker in laning phase, which allows some ADCs who struggled really hard before, when laning against him, to shine right now. On top of that, people figured out that Jinx/Kog’maw/Miss Fortune can put up a good fight for Jhin and stand their ground throughout the all stages of the game, be it early, mid or late game.


2) Twitch – he is a pocket pick, which is mostly used by experienced, veteran players, but works out just fine for everyone during this patch. He had a rought time dealing with Jhin, but with Jhin nerfed he is going to appear more often. His strength comes from getting the Youmuu’s + Hurricane and destroying stacked up teams during teamfights for objectives or kills.

3) Ezreal – a default pick of mine and many other ADCs. He is in a decent spot right now, especially when going for Manamune into Trinity Force, he is no longer the kite god he used to be, blue build having been nerfed a lot of patches ago, but he can still shine with the “new”/old build, he will be more mobile, but he won’t slow down the enemies anymore, so basically with the current build you have more damage, more room to snowball, but you trade the ability to keep enemies perma-slowed for that.

4) Lucian – still a strong pick, but not as efficient as others. He gets overshadowed by the power of the other 5 top ADC's, but can still be picked to win games -- although it will be much more difficult with the nerf of the Black Youmuu build in patch 6.22-6.23.

5) Sivir – pretty decent ADC, holds her ground against others and will always be useful in comps that relies heavily on team work and premade teams. She might not be as strong in the role of a carry, but in the role of an utility ADC who can waveclear really well and provide engage/disengage when needed she is one of the best.


As soon as the next patch is out this ADC tier list will be updated to reflect the changes and show the top 5 adc's for the new patch!

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