Jhin Guide - Season 7

Season 7 Jhin Guide for League of Legends

Jhin Guide Season 7Welcome to this mini Jhin guide for ADC pre-season 2016 and season 7, written by the OCE booster otamot (Nickname on lolboost.net).


Jhin is my favourite character and I have been playing him since the first release. As the pre-season just started, I will quickly provide you with basic build path, runes, mastery tree and match ups (mainly focus on ADC bot lane).

Jhin is a mid-late game caster hyper carry who excels at poking, bursting, catching the enemies out and taking down foes from an extremely long distance. However, due to being such a high-burst and utility marksman, Jhin got some drawbacks as well. He has no mobility and a weak-self peel (W and E aren’t the best for peeling). In addition, he has a fixed attack speed and a unique laning phase due to his reloading mechanics and the 4th bullet in his weapon Whisper which makes him little bit sluggish to get used to trading and farming at the same time. He also has a high-skill floor and ceiling which takes a lot of practice to get better at. Hard to play, harder to master and an incredibly potent champion in the right hands. If played correctly, Jhin can be a very rewarding marksman to win almost every games. 


Jhin runes:

  • Marks: 9 attack damage or 9 lethality runes
  • Seal: 9 armor runes
  • Glyph: 6 scaling cooldown reduction runes + 3 scaling magic resists runes (if you’re against a bot lane that doesn’t have a lot of magic damage) or 9 magic resist runes (if you’re against support like Zyra, brand or a bot lane with lots of magic damage)
  • Quint: 3 attack damage runes

See example:

Jhin Runes Season 7

Note: Due to the pre-season changes towards armor pen and lethality for the assassin reworks, this also affects towards Jhin gameplay as well. Specifically, flat armor penetration is now "lethality" that's functionally the same as flat pen, but scales based on the opponents level. This allows Riot to give Assassins more of the stuff, without them snowballing as hard. In my opinion, lethality is still pretty good for mid game when most of the enemies are around level 8 + and items with lethality are way cheaper comparing to the crit item builds.



Jhin Masteries:

Jhin Masteries Season 7


18/12/0 should always be the masteries when playing Jhin just due to the fact that his passive + deathfire touch late game deal an insane amount of mixed damage. In addition, I will go through the masteries comparison.


Fury vs Sorcery – Jhin is designed to assassinate people with his long range ulti and low cooldown on his ability, in addition jhin has a fixed attack speed so taking sorcery would be a better option.

Fresh Blood vs Feast vs Expose Weakness – With the 6.22 patch right now, Fresh Blood is the best option comparing to the other two. Low cooldown with only 6 seconds and guaranteeing more damage on the first champion hit makes this mastery amazing at poking and Jhin excels the best at poking in laning phase. Feast cooldown is way too long for it to be effective at dominating the laning phase. Expose Weakness will not be effective if your teammates are not around to make use of the 3% bonus damage against the enemies being hit by you.

Vampirism vs Natural Talent – I would recommend Vampirism if you’re not a very confident of yourself to dominate the lane, the sustain of vampirism will help you stay in lane longer when you’re making bad trade. Otherwise, if you’re an aggressive player, Natural Talent bonus attack damage and ability power can be rewarding for you. Since your q scales with both ap and ad, taking Natural Talent increases the power of Jhin early game. The attack damage late game from Natural Talent can still scale pretty well late game due to Jhin passive bonus attack damage.

Bounty Hunter vs Double-Edged Sword vs Battle Trance – Bounty Hunter bonus in pre-season has been increased up to 1.5% per stack for killing a unique champion (you will get 7.5% if you end up killing 5 enemy team members). This is the best choice for ad carry in this patch at the moment. Double Edged Sword is the second best option since Jhin is a character that trying to deal lots of damage from long range so the 5% bonus damage is really insane on Jhin and you don’t have to kill champions like Bounty Hunter for the bonus damage to kick in. However, Double-Edged Sword makes you take increasing 2.5% bonus damage from any sources so if you’re not very familiar with Jhin positioning in fights, this drawback can be a real pain in the ass as you will get blown up instantly because you’re an immobile ad carry. Battle Trance is not very good since you don’t want to do a long trade as Jhin. Your goal is just to poke and burst in lane so the Battle Trance bonus will never be effective in a poking lane.

Battering Blows vs Piercing Thoughts – This is an obvious one in the mastery tree. Of course, Battering Blows is an insane mastery for ad carry. 7% armor penetration bonus makes ad carry strong throughout the entire game. In addition, there are not many items giving % armor penetration besides Last Whisper and Black Cleaver. Piercing Thoughts is not a choice here since most of your damage are physical damage (except for deathfire touch and e but still not an excuse to take this mastery)

Warlord Bloodlust vs Fervor of Battle vs Deathfire Touch – Warlord Bloodlust can be decent on Jhin since the sustain can go really well with the passive crit which helps you to gain a portion of missing health with the 4th bullet. Fervor of Battle is not very good on Jhin since you don’t have attack speed and getting 10 stacks takes a long time as Jhin due to his fixed attack speed and reloading mechanics. Deathfire Touch is my choice to go on Jhin. Its crazy scaling late game with 60% attack damage turns into magic damage can be a finisher tool or an insane bonus to Jhin kits late game since Jhin attack damage passive gets stronger the higher level he gets.



Wanderer vs Savagery – Wanderer bonus movement speed out of combat 3% can be really effective at moving around the map and getting back to lane faster. However, Savagery is my choice for Jhin since it helps you to set up a nice Q bounce to increase that poke damage in lane. In addition, it also helps you last hitting better in lane and farming jungle creeps.

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin – Secret Stash is the best option out of three of them. The biscuits or increasing potions up to 10% bonus can be extremely effective to help sustain in lane. This helps you to survive the early game and laning phase and let you get to mid and late game safely. Runic Affinity let the red and blue buffs last longer on you by 15%, this bonus is good but in order to get the bonus to work, you have to get the buffs so if you’re in a game where no buffs are given to you or taken by you, this bonus will be useless. Assassin 2% bonus damage when you’re being by yourself is really good as this will increase your ultimate damage and 1 v 1 potential. However, as an ad carry, especially Jhin, you don’t want to stay away from your team to be an easy pick for the enemy team

Merciless vs Meditation – Increasing 5% damage when enemy below 40% is an insane bonus to Jhin since his 4th bullet scales with missing health on the enemy. Merciless allows Jhin or any ad carry to secure or finishing off lots of kills. Meditation is not a bad option either but if you’re good with controlling your mana pool then having Meditation will not benefit you.

Greenfather’s Gift vs Bandit vs Dangerous Game: New Greenfather’s Gift gives you bonus 3% magic damage when walking through a bush is pretty good in my opinion. Dangerous Game also increases your survivability after a really close trade. Bandit is the worst option since you will always last hit on the creeps and the bonus gold will not kick in if you last hit them.


Jhin Item Build:

  1. Always Start with Doran’s Blade + 1 health potion. Doran’s blade gives you bonus ad which helps you trading and bonus lifesteal can help you sustain. The health bonus can also provide a good survivability through laning phase.
  2. First item: Now this is really important. If you’re looking to build crit, Essence Reaver really extremely important due to its 30% cooldown reduction. If you’re looking to build lethality, Youmuu ghostblade is essential because it gives 20 lethality and cooldown reduction.
  3. Crit build path: Essence Reaver , Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper Lord Dominik’s; Lethality build path: Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Duskblade, Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper Lord Dominik’s.


Situational items:

  • Mercurial Scimitar against people with crazy crowd control (example: Twisted Fate)
  • Guardian’s Angel if you’re constantly being jumped by assassins
  • Edge of the Night can be extremely useful if you’re vsing Nami or Bard (Those can interrupt your ult from really far away)

When you hit full items, you should sell your boots for Phantom Dancers



Jhin Matchups


Easy Matchups:


Kalista:jhin guide for season 7 in lol

This champion is currently broken right now. So you won’t be seeing much of her as she keep. However, if you do stumble across her, try to trade with Q + 4th bullet. Always wait for teammates to CC her so you can follow up with a W root. This will always guarantee a kill. Late game try to keep a distance against her and don’t get CC from her ultimate.

Ezreal:   Ezreal will be doing the same thing as you, just trying to farm and avoid fighting. This is good for you as you outscale him very hard and his poke can be negated by some lifesteal/good dodging. Make sure to remember he can easily get out of his Curtain Call by arcane shifting over terrain, and he can line up his own ulti whilst you channel. Other than that, just outscale with ease. Stay behind/inside your creep wave so he cant Q poke you.

Kog’maw: Late game god, but requires his team to keep him safe. Early-mid game, he's incredibly weak and can easily be pushed around. Early game always force fights and grenade bounces. Thanks to his low mobility, you can easily set up your E, W combo and show him his Curtain Call.

Jinx: Jinx is a late game hyper carry that can easily farm under tower making it hard for her to be denied. Extended trades and positioning out of the creep wave is what Jinx loves, look to shoot her with a 4th shot whenever you can and do your best not to be cut off by her chomper traps. In the early-mid game, abuse her lack of damage and no mobility by picking her off with your extreme range and CC potential.

Twitch: Twitch is a potent mid game assassin, and a team fighting powerhouse. Early game however he's pretty weak. Avoid long fights so he can't expunge you for a lot of damage, so poke him with Q bounces and 4th Whisper rounds. Later on stay close to your team and pay attention to how you plan your Curtain Call as he can open up on you and kill you before you even realise he's there.

Sivir: Sivir is weak against auto attacks, strong against abilities and stupidly powerful at rushing down teams/targets. Avoid her Q at all costs as it will deal a lot of damage, and try and bait her spellshield with a W or direct Q to then set up a snare or a bounced Q. Her ult makes it a struggle to properly set up your Ult, so it should pretty much exclusively be used as a follow up to a team fight rather than one during/before. She’s extremely weak after the nerfs.


jhin guide league of legends season 7



Skill Matchups

Lucian: Endless mobility, great poke and can all in on a whim. But in practice, with proper spacing and usage of your 4th shot you can outrade him and because he has less auto range than you he'll usually be dashing in to trade, meaning his mobility is cut AND your movement buff from whisper allows you to disengage. Never try to 1v1 him though, he can still destroy you if he's not behind. In lane, avoid getting Q poked down so position awkwardly behind creeps and don't take extended trades. Lucian is one of the best champs to use fervor on and if he can stack that up he will destroy you. Play a slow game vs him and you'll come out on top

Caitlyn: Caitlyn is 110% lane bully and nothing really else. You won’t be doing much in lane as she'll always get the first/last auto on you usually resulting in a won trade for her. Farm up as much as possible and do your best to avoid traps/nets as she'll hit you with a passive shot dealing a tonne of damage. Mid game, you just simply become a better version of her, allowing you to trap/pick off enemies in ways she could only dream. Just make sure to not walk around too low, her ult can’t miss.


jhin vs caitlyn


Corki: Immobility is Corki's best friend. This guy deals a lot of magic damage, more than physical by a good margin, so don't be fooled by him buying all AD. He's a poke god and in midgame with his tri force, a very strong burster. Keep him at arm’s length and weave autos between moving all the time. When you hear the package tell your team you won’t be prepping curtain call, as he can just carpet bomb to your location, stop your channel and put you in a dangerous position

Varus:  Varus is a problem for Jhin, the range on his autos makes him a pain to out trade pre 6 and post 6 he can hardcore CC you, and with a lack of mobility make it hard to dodge, causing you to be unable to attack back because of his auto range and lose the fight thanks to his Q/W burst. Focus on farming early and let your support/jungle create the pick, which thankfully is pretty easy to do due to his lack of any form of mobility. Not even a movement speed steroid

Ashe: Ashe likes to poke with her W and then all in once her Q stacks are max. Stand behind stuff so she can’t W you for poke/slow and when her Q is on your support should disengage the fight because her DPS gets very very high. Midgame watch out for her ultimate so she can’t create picks and just generally play a little further back than you usually would. A well placed lotus trap and deadly flourish will stop her dead thanks to her lack of mobility. Your lifesteal item should be a mercurial against ashe, so if you do get hit by her ult you can escape before follow up arrives.

Draven: Draven is a nightmare for Jhin as his lane presence is simply disgusting. You can never really trade with him so stick to farming hard, and only use your Dancing Grenade to harass. Even with a 4th whisper shot you won’t outdamage him. Play it safe on this one. Just wait for a perfect moment to burst him down and avoid long trade and all-in.

Tristana: One of the few champions that can get on you from pretty far away, mid-late game she has impressive auto/ability range and her jump is one of the longest a carry has. Her main power is extended trades/duels. When she throws her E on something, stay away from it, if she throws it onto you make sure to back off as it deals a lot of damage once stacked. Poke her down and abuse the fact she always pushes hard.

Miss Fortune: A very potent lane bully and wombo-combo queen. Avoid standing right behind low hp minions as her double up will destory you, and her E (whilst it's been nerfed) is a major thorn in your side and health bar. Trade with the 4th shot of whisper and outrange her with well-placed traps, Deadly Flourishes and show her Curtain Call. Don't get caught out by her movement speed as a quick bullet will drop that faster than a bad habit.


jhin vs mf



This concludes my Jhin mini-guide on lolboost.net, I hope you guys enjoy it and dominate the Summoner’s Rift with The Virtuoso Jhin in the bot lane. Feel free to request me for your boost if you are on the OCE servers and want an ADC main. My booster name is otamot. 



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