Jungle Tier List

Jungle Tier List - Updated every Patch.

Jungle tier list 

Last Updated  24th of November 2016

This Jungle Tier List will be updated for every patch! Current patches included: 6.16 - 6.23


            Welcome to the jungle tier list, where we will be talking about the top 5 jungle champions to carry solo/dynamic que with. This tier list will provide the reason the champions belong on the tier list, give you an understanding of why they are getting picked and give you a brief idea on what to do with them, as well as give you a generic build to use for each of them. 


About this tier list: This Jungle tier list is created by a Master player and is based on his experience, knowledge and skill as well as information collected from platinum+ games such as pick rates, ban rates, win rates and in depth analyzis of games from the following regions: EUW/NA/KR. - The tier list should work in all divisions, but is written specifically for people who want to carry without being team reliant and who are placed somewere between high gold to diamond. 
The champions aren’t listed in any specific order, just the general top 5 that belongs on this Jungle tier list for League of Legends. Every champion has a certain role which will be described in the brief information next to that champion.
Keep in mind, this list will tell you which champions are the best to carry with in each patch when you play alone or with a friend. It does not feature champions that are heavily team reliant, even if they are strong picks as this Jungle tier list is not aimed for 5vs5, but rather for Solo/Duo queue players who want the best champion to carry with even when your team sucks.




Jungle Tier List for Patch 6.22 and 6.23

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Top 5 Junglers: RengarZacKha’zixHecarim Ivern
Honorable MentionsGraves, Evelyn



Jungle Tier List for Patch 6.21

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Top 5 JunglersEliseZacNidalee, OlafNunu
Honorable MentionsKha'zix, Graves, Skarner


Jungle Tier List for Patch 6.19 and 6.20 (same champs in both patches due to lack of big changes)

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 JunglersEliseZacNidaleeSkarnerGraves - Graves is now God Tier.
Honorable MentionsKha'zixEvelynn


Jungle Tier List for Patch 6.18

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Top 5 Junglers: Elise, Zac, Nidalee, Skarner, Graves
Honorable Mentions: Kha'zix, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks




Jungle Tier List - Information on each champion mentioned in each list. 





Elisejungle tier list - elise



- very good early game;

- strong ganks;

- her E allows her to dodge a lot of abilities and escape when needed.



- high mana costs;

- high skillfloor;

- squishy early-on;

- team-reliant in mid/late game.


            Elise is a jungler who needs to snowball her lanes during the laning phase and making sure the lanes get into midgame with an advantage. She has a very good early game, her clear is pretty fast and her sustain is even better, the extra abilities help her a lot early on, she can maneuver with them to make sure that she isn’t standing still doing nothing but autoattacking the enemy champions. She wasn’t that popular last patches, but she seems to become a default go-to pick with Rek’sai/Gragas being nerfed and Nidalee being banned most of the games in patch 6.18-6.19. She is harder to master because of the micro plays (you need to make sure you don’t screw up using your abilities) compared to the other meta champions, but with a few games you’ll get used to it and then it’s all up to your decision making to make good use of this pick. Just remember one thing, in mid-late game where her damage starts slowly falling off and her tankiess becomes a issue if you went for the snowballing build, you will rely a lot on your team, which makes it a risky pick for solo/dynamic que, where teams are usually very uncoordinated so use this pick at your own risk, if you feel like you can snowball the early game.

             Generic build: 0/18/12 ( SoTa ), 9x red AS, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat ap, 3x quints ability power. Stalker blade – Echoes -  Boots of Swiftness/Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Hextech Protobelt – Rylai – Abyssal – Deadman’s plate. ( a standard snowballing Elise build who wants to scale into late game better by investing in some flat hp/mr/armor & utility with the last 3 items. ) 








Rengarjungle tier list - Rengar




- CC immunity;

- one-shotting potential;

- can escape after killing his prey pretty easily after rework preseason rework.


- hard to come back from if you fall behind;

- can get punished by tanks pretty heavily;

- needs to be able to manage ferocity to reach potential.

            Rengar is an assassin-oriented jungler who excels at killing off his prey fast and withdrawing to the shadows or to the bushes for another ambush. The rework made him do even more damage, but at the same time it gave a small window to his enemies to notice that he is coming for them. Overall, in a pretty broken state, definitely pick/ban worthy every game and a god tier pick for the jungle. 

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord ), 9x red AD, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat mr or scalling mr, 3x quints attack damage. Stalker / Skirmisher’s Warrior – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Duskblade – Ravenous Hydra – Edge of Night.








IvernJungle Tier List - Ivern



- god of counterjungle;

- great utility ( double blue/red buffs );

- strong initiation;

- great peels;

- good clear speed and sustain.


- very high skillcap;

- high mana costs;

- utility focused champion, requires proficient carries.

            Ivern is a tanky jungler, who excels at buffing and debuffing, clearing camps quickly and invading and providing good map pressure to his team. His ganks are really good as well - he can counter-gank really easily if he has good vision of the map, turning the tides of the enemy gank against them. He can also turn a losing game into a winning one due to the flexibility and versatility of his kit in team fights. The current items which were added to the game sync perfectly with his utility kit, making him the most valuable jungler in the game in a coordinated game.

            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( CoC ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat mr, 3x quints ability power. Tracker’s Knife – Echoes/Cinderhulk -  Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Athene’s Unholy Grail  – Redemption – Locket of the Iron Solari.









Olafjungle tier list lol - olaf



- spammable slow;

- CC immunity;

- strong sustain;

- easy jungle clear.

- decent damage

- carry destroyer



- if you miss Q, you are semi-useless until it’s up again;

- no hard CC;

- has to play with Ghost for maximum effectiveness;


            Olaf is a tanky jungler who can easily clear the jungle and do some good ganks with his axe. His bread and butter ability is the Axe, if you can’t hit it you are preey much useless, that is why practicing this ability in normals before going into ranked can be important. Understand the “grip” and cast time of it to know where it will land. Olaf is insanely strong in the current meta and is a definitely pick/ban champion. One of the best things about Olaf is his CC immunity when using his ult. That, combined with ghost and his axe pretty much means you can set your sight on any of the enemy's carries and destroy it. Olaf is feared by ADC's far and wide for his ability to tear through the frontline and go straight for the most squishy, helpless champion in the game.

            Olaf is easy to play, but hard to master. If you feel like trying him out, go ahead! You won’t have any issues, but if you want to win with him then you’re going to need to practice a for a bit to understand the decision-making behind this strong Viking and to become a master of the throwing axe - knowing its CD, cast time and limits is a must.

            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( SoTa ), 9x red AD or Armor penetration, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat mr or scalling mr, 3x quints attack damage. Cinderhulk – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Randuin’s Omen – Locket of the Iron Solari – Deadman’s Plate – Titanic Hydra.










Nunujungle tier list - Nunu



- god of counterjungle - seriously, no one counterjungles like Nunu;

- great utility ( buffs/debuffs );

- good clear speed & sustain.



- blue buff dependant;

- can fall off into mid-late game;

- hard to pull off ultimate;

- team-reliant in mid/late game.

            Nunu is a jungler who focuses on starving the enemy jungler while providing a lot of utility via slows/attack speed & movement speed boosts and tons of vision. His main route should include the enemy jungle all day long, every time he sees the enemy jungler attempting something on a lane, he should go into his jungle and devour his exp/gold, so even if the enemy jungler's gank is sucesful, it wont matter! You ate his jungle and he will slowly fall off while Nunu can just casually walk away unharmed. He is insanely hard to deal with early on due to the Q buff he received where he gets a lot of health and movement speed.

            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( SoTa ), 9x red AS, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat ap, 3x quints movement speed. Stalker blade – Echoes/Cinderhulk -  Boots of Swiftness/Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Randuin’s Omen – Locket of the Iron Solari – Frozen Heart – Thornmail.








Zacjungle tier list - zac



- strong initiator( can initiate from a very long distance );

- decent AoE damage;

- obnoxious to deal with in a teamfight as an immobile champion;

- good sustain in the jungle;

- decent CC ( knockback/slow ).



- weak duelist;

- low amounts of single-target damage;

- needs a good team to follow up on his engages.


            Zac is a versatile jungler, who can either go with a tanky route, an ability centric route or a mix of both. He started getting picked up more with Rek’sai/Gragas being nerfed and Nidalee being permanently banned almost, leaving out not so many good jungler choices in patch 6.18-19. The biggest downside of Zac is that he relies on his team during mid-late game, that’s why he needs to make sure to do everything what’s possible in his hands to snowball early on, which can be achieved easily if you get good vision around the map and engage from the fog of war because of the range of his E.

            With patch 6.21 Zac saw a small nerf - Enemies now get a warning before Zac lands. This, however, doesn’t affect him that much. He is still in a really good place and one of the best junglers in the current meta..


            Generic build: 0/12/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red armor, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue scalling mr, 3x quints AP. Stalker’s Blade (Runic Echoes) – Boots of Swiftness/Mercury Threads – Spirit Visage – Deadman’s Plate – Liandry’s Torment – Locket of the Iron Solari. ( Some people prefer to go for Cinderhulk, but from a solo/dynamic que perspective, Runic Echoes is better to go, to make sure you have an easier time to snowball your laners with that extra damage, if you want to get tankier, you can always invest into tankier items later on. 








Hecarimjungle tier list - hecarim



- very good early game;

- strong ganks;

- great aoe jungle clear;

- very mobile;

- easy to play.



- low skillcap;

- weak ganks pre-6;

- needs to farm a lot to come back into game if falls behind.


            Generally speaking, Hecarim is a pretty easy jungler to play, who excels at farming a bit to reach his powerspike then punishing immobile enemies by charging at them and pushing them into your team, while fearing the entire enemy team into different directions. His kit makes him a very offensive jungler, exactly what you need to carry solo/dynamic que with. So all you have to do is compliment his utility and tankiness with runes, masteries and items to unleash his power.

            Patch 6.22 was great to Hecarim and made him sky rocket on the jungle tier list. The new tanky mastery makes him insanely tanky, even tankier than before, which turns him into a huge problem for the enemy team and makes him very difficult to deal with.


            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( CoC ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints movement speed. Stalker blade – Echoes/Warrior/Cinderhulk ( depending on what you need, more tankiness, more AD damage, more AP damage, all 3 work perfectly fine on him ) – Boots of Swiftness – Trinity Force – Spirit Visage – Deadman’s plate – Guardian Angel.


( Stalker’s blade allows for better early ganks, but Skirmisher’s is better in the longer run soo think about what you want before buying it, as for other items after the first 3 ones, just adapt to the game and buy what you need, armor / mr / more damage )






- strong initiator;

- decent AoE damage;

- obnoxious to deal with in a teamfight as an immobile champion;

- a lot of crowd control ( knock up, slow, stun );

- useful, even if you fall behind.

- can win teamfights alone with a good flash/ult from fog of war.



- weak early game;

- low amounts of single-target damage;

- needs a good team to follow up on her engages.


            Sejuani is a tanky initiator, who excels at engaging from fog of war with a good ultimate, briefly knock up certain enemies and keep them slowed for a long enough period of time for your team to catch them up and kill them. Her early game is pretty weak, which makes her a questionable pick for solo/dynamic que, where games can be decided in the first 10 minutes, but the trends across the solo/dynamic que across regions seems to show that people seem to overcome this difficulty by not picking her into very aggressive junglers/laners who need to be focused and shut down early on.


            Generic build: 0/12/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red AS, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue scalling mr, 3x Armor. Stalker’s Blade ( Cinderhulk ) – Boots of Swiftness/Mercury Threads – Locket of the Iron Solari – Randuin’s Omen – Frozen Heart – Deadman’s plate. ( you need to adapt the build to every game, if the enemy team has no magic damage, then you don’t need a locket, if their adc/AD top laner seem to be snowballing, rush the Frozen Heart earlier or build a Randuin’s Omen first or even invest into a Ninja Tabi, always adapt your build if you want to improve your chances at winning the game. )






Nidaleejungle tier list - nidalee



- very mobile;

- easy aoe jungle clear;

- great ganks;

- high burst;

- great gap-closer.

- can carry games alone if played properly by shutting down the enemy jungler.



- no cc;

- high mana costs;

- her waveclear is melee ranged, soo puts her in a bad spot if you have to defend.


            Nidalee is an amazing aggressive, snowball jungler. She has a safe early game combined with a strong mid game and a decent late game. She can dominate the map pretty easily with her ability to move insanely fast across the map, plant traps and then get out without getting noticed or caught. She can shutdown the enemy jungler and make him unable to farm any jungle camps with proper vision and playstyle. You will always be up close to your enemies when playing her because she has only one ranged spell ( her spear ), which deals quite some damage from a good range and enables the rest of your kit. Your ganking usually will consist of you landing a spear or a trap ( which is insanely difficult ) and then follow up with cat form. Her problem relies with heavy-engage comps the enemy team are running, she needs time to poke and siege, but if she gets hard engaged one, she has a hard time dealing with it, soo you need to make sure the enemies are a bit underfed and underleveled when you get to the teamfightning stage.

             Patch 6.21 brought a small nerf to the queen of the jungle: All her abilities got a 1 second increased cooldown. Riot also changed her E increased the cooldown of her abilities by 1 second and redesigned E to heal depending on how much health targets are missing, she might not be pick/ban 100% worthy, but she is still a pain to deal with, so she still remains in the list.


            Generic build: 0/12/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue flat ap, 3x quints AP. Runic Echoes ( any enchanment you want, tracker for more vision, stalker for more catching up opportunities, skirmisher’s for more dueling potential ) – CDR Boots – RoA – Lichbane – Abyssal Scepter – Zhonya. ( The first two items are core, the rest are complementary, you can substitute RoA for a Rylai, Zhonya for a DeathCap, Abyssal for a Void Staff, basically just adapt to whatever you need, more damage, more magic resist, more armor or whatever else you feel like you need )






Skarner jungle tier list - skarner



- insane damage output with Q / Sheen combined;

- strong ultimate;

- very fast jungle clears;

- great CC;

- does mixed damage;

- decent ganks, even pre-6.



- can be kited to eternity;

- squishy without defensive items;

- 1300 gold can counter his ultimate.


            Skarner is a bruiser jungler, who excels at clearing camps, counter jungling and doing early ganks with the crazy damage he has. He does fairly well against all other current meta junglers, because of his ability to clear camps efficiently while not losing a lot of health, being able to countergank when needed and just exerting pressure on the map with his pillars. He scales insanely well with the Trinity Force coupled with the Warrior enchantment, with the low cd Q it allows him to do a lot of damage constantly while being on top of the enemy from the bonus movement speed it gives. Couple that with some Boots of Swiftness and a Stalker’s Blade and you got an unkitable tanky jungler who will keep you CC’ed for a long time while killing you.


            Generic build: 12/0/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Stalker’s Blade Warrior/Cinderhulk – Boots of Swiftness – Trinity Force – Randui’s Omen – Sterak’s Gage – Banshee’s Veil ( this is a generic build, but you can adapt I to your needs, if you want more damage, you could go for something like Youmuu’s Ghostblade, if you want more magic resist, go for a Maw of Malmortius or Spirit Visage, just make sure to get the first 3 items )







Graves jungle tier list - graves



- good and healthy jungler clear;

- smoke screen; ( denying vision )

- has a dash in his kit;

- decent ganks/counter-ganks;

- passively tanky;

- can outduel other junglers pretty well.



- low attack range;

- reloading mechanic on autos;

- no crowd-control;

- his autos can be blocked.


            Graves is a ranged carry jungler, who excels at farming, invading and doing decent ganks or counter ganks early on for his team. His base damage is really good, which allows him to be a menace to all the laners during the early stages of the game. Every single item built on him makes him a lot stronger and the current meta build on him makes him insanely tanky on top of that. He is obnoxious to deal with and doesn’t require a lot of time to be useful.

            Patch 6.19-6.20 update - Graves has ascended to the god tier status, his builds are extremely efficient and easy to complete. His damage and sustain is beyond insane, while also having innate tankiness from the E & SoTA. Graves is definitely the go-to jungler if he’s not banned.

            Patch 6.21 Update - Riot changed his E to make him overall less tanky in short-duration fights, while he will regain the same tankiness in long duration fights; this is a change we are probably seeing to reward Graves players for smarter plays and to make Graves harder to use in a one on one burst downs. He is still a high threat and belongs near the top of jungle tier lists.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle/Warlord’s ) or 12/0/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Skirmisher’s Sabre ( Warrior ) –Boots of Swiftness – Phantom Dancer – Death’s Dance – Sterak’s Gage – Infinity Edge ( a lot of people like to rush for a early Phantom Dancer, because it gives some great combat stats, attack speed, crit, the bonus reduced damage and a good way to chase people down. This is a generic build, soo make sure to buy what you feel suited for the current game you’re in, if you’re facing some heavy ap champions, consider getting an early hexdrinker/maw, if you’re facing a lot of AA champions, consider buying Ninja tabi and/or Randuin’s Omen, basically adapt your build every game. )










Kha’zix jungle tier list league of legends - Kha'Zix



- flexible playstyle;

- decent jungle clear;

- can snowball pretty easily;

- high utility;

- lots of damage;

- can get good picks which usually end up in guaranted kills due to the absurd isolated Q damage and the mobility with his E.



- squishy;

- no hard CC ( has a slow on his W / passive );

- hard to catch-up if behind;

- high skillcap.


            Kha’zix is one of the most unique assasins in the game. He excels at assassinating out of position players by using the isolation bonus. He has a lot of damage in his kit, but it comes with a price, he is pretty squishy. Kha’zix is incredibly flexible due to the ability to use evolution on his abilities, depending on how the game goes. He can assume a lot of roles: assassin, fighter, tank, bruiser and build accordingly.

            The reworked stealth mechanics and evolutions in the recent pre-season update makes him a very big issue and hard to deal with, especially if you’re a squishy carry. He is a god tier in patch 6.22 and 6.23 and belongs at the top of any jungle tier lists.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x AD or Armor Pen. Stalker’s Blade ( Warrior ) – Mercury Threads – Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Maw of Malmortius – Guardian Angel – Ravenous Hydra. ( stalker’s blade warrior is a must, rest doesn’t matter, there are a lot of good items for Kha’Zix because he can assume soo many roles as I mentioned before. That is why you should just build according to the game, but the build I mentioned is usually an offensive build with not soo much tankiness, good for snowballing games. )







Jaxjungle tier list - jax



- mid-late game monster;

- innate tankiness from his ultimate;

- great split pusher;

- decent ganker;

- can duel other junglers pretty well.



- weak early;

- can get shutdown by aggressive junglers;

- needs items to be efficient;

- can be kited and rendered useless.


            Jax is a farming type of jungler, who shines after acquiring a couple of items and reaching his insane power levels. He excels at split pushing and dueling enemies in a 1v1. In a teamfight scenario without items he might seem rather weak, that’s why with him all you need to focus on is farming, getting towers, drake, crab control, herald/baron and just push like no tomorrow. His burst damage allows for some fast kill pick ups if you gank properly without getting seen. Even though his early game is weak, that doesn’t stop him from being able to invade and surprise the enemy jungler at a camp with some burst damage and a stun on top of that for some easy kills if they’re low enough. Regardless of how you play him, you will still need to farm a bit for his core items to make good use of this farming jungler.


            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Fervor of Battle ) or 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red ad, 9x yellow armor, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AS. Stalker’s Blade Devourer ( stalker is a core because it will allow you to catch-up to enemies and then land a stun for easy pick ups, without it, you’re going to have a hard time to catch up to people, devourer is just the best item because it gives you what you need, attack speed ) – Boots of Swiftness / Mercury Threads to get rid of Jax’s weakness ( the kiting / CC locking ) – Trinity Force – Gunblade – Randuin’s Omen – Guardian Angel ( the first 3 items are core, rest is up to you, a lot of items are viable on Jax because of his hybrid damage, but you need to make sure to have some defensive ones aswell like a Guardian Angel always if you want to make good use of him and his tankiness. )


Jungle Tier List for patch 6.16:
Nidalee, Jax, Skarner, Kha'zix, Hecarim.

Jungle Tier List for patch 6.17:
Hecarim, Sejuani, Nidalee, Skarner, Graves.







Honorable mentions

1) Kha’zix – In a meta where people play tanky champions, his role is really difficult to execute. He is still in a good spot, and people who have mastered him can carry the game during early/mid game pretty easily, but is more difficult to realise compared to before. The game is heading more into a direction of tanky mid laners with top laners who want to farm and drag the game until mid/late game where they shine. Khaz is riskier to realise than other junglers, but is still playable, just make sure to use his duelist strength and invade weaker junglers, who need some time to scale, to allow your laners to fight without enemy jungle intervention for a bigger period of time.

2) Rek’sai – A really good jungler as shown in the recent competitive games, “competitive” being the key word. She excels at putting a lot of pressure early on and enabling her teammates with immense vision, CC and some damage, if you decided to go for a damage build. She was nerfed in the current patch, which makes her a bit less desirable to be picked in competitive, but that won’t stop her from being god/S tier in competitive because of the utility she brings. Now, back onto solo/dynamic que with, the place where you need to be able to carry games alone, without relying on your team, Rek’sai is a difficult champion to realise. She needs a good team to be realized, especially during the times of her W+flash initiation, if your team doesn’t follow up on such engages, you’re essentially a liability for your team, because you don’t bring much to mid/late game stages outside of split-pushing and W+flash engages. Compared to Sejuani who was included in the “top 5 junglers for this patch”, Rek’sai does the job worse, because Sejuani compared to her has more reliable and visible CC’s for your team and gives them a bigger window to follow up on engages + the cooldown of her ult is much smaller than Flash.

3) Gragas – A good jungler, who excels at clearing the camps really fast and doing early ganks with a lot of health, compared to some other junglers. His power comes with the E/flash+E + R towards his team onto the carry of the enemy team to kill them and then clean up for the rest of the fight or go for objectives. Up until the stage where he can do this though, he can still be used as a decent ganker pre-6 with the body slams and early damage. He is in a spot like Rek’sai, where he is really good in competitive, but not as good in solo/dynamic que with, with a great team, sure, he is one of the best junglers out there, but you will have great teams extremely rare in your solo/dynamic que games, soo why not just pick something more consistent, who can be realized without having to rely on your team.

4) Evelynn – A niche pick, which doesn’t seem to attract a lot of junglers, but allows those who have mastered her to make good use of her stealth passive. She seems have a pretty solid winrate and is pretty fun to play, she is insanely good at snowballing on top of that, so if you like to take a risk & gamble, then go for her and try to win the game before laning phase is even over, by constantly camping that immobile champion, who has no idea what a vision ward does to Evelynn. Patch 6.22 + update below at point 8.

5) Fiddlesticks – Definitely an interesting pick, seems to have a lot of traction, is not that popular in high elo, in masters + ( only mostly being played by one trick ponies ), while becoming more and more attractive the lower the elo you go, being the most popular in low platinum. He seems to be doing a good job at snowballing certain lanes with the fear & silence, while also not requiring a lot of items to be useful ( Runic Echoes/CDR boots/Zhonya ), on top of that it’s a pretty huge surprise factor, not a lot of people expect a jungler to pick an immobile champion in the era of mobile champions. 

6) Skarner - Fell from top 5 junglers to honourable mention in patch 6.21. Skarner is still a threat and a really strong jungler, but his job of being a tanky menace has been replaced by Olaf, who can’t be stoped as easily with 1300 gold ( QSS ), rendering him rather weak sometimes. He can still be picked to win games, but he isn’t as top priority as before.

7) Graves - Staple pick who can dominate games, the constant nerfes makes him a less desirable pick, but he can still be the go-to pick if you’re unsure what to pick. He is in a decent spot, scales really well of items, but is no longer as tanky as before ( where you could just spam E and have a ton of armor/magic resist for no reason, other than spamming your dash ).

8) Evelynn - after the stealth changes in 6.22, Eve is proving to be very difficult for players to deal with. She can be used to abuse certain laners who don’t know how to ward properly ( most of the time it being the mid lane ) and snowball hard early from killing unwitting and unwarding laners. If she is successful she can try winning during mid game, but even if the game drags to late game, Evelynn can pretty much crush the mid/ADC if played properly and using flanking techniques. 

Jungle tier list - Evelyn





Tier list will be updated after next patch!




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