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LoL Tier List

Our tier lists features the top 5 champions for each role. Click on the tier list you want to see and the page will scroll you to the patch you want to read about. We update for each patch, each season. Current updates:





Welcome to LoLBoost's tier list - an ever up to date League of Legends Tier List where we will mention top five champions per role and their strenghts in order to give you a hindsight on why they are so popular and their win rate is so high. Every time a new patch is released, we will create an updated list at the bottom of this page. So let’s dive in straight to business:

Tier List Patch 6.14

                   lol tier list


a) Top lane:

1) Swain ( even after the nerfs, he is still a strong pick due to his ability to attract a lot of pressure onto his lane during the laning phase and is a good distraction to enemies during mid to late game, be it split pushing or teamfighting );

2) Ryze ( the new reworked Ryze is indubitably strong as pretty much every reworked champion by Riot, it might take time for people to adapt to his new ultimate, but overall he is “healthier” to play against so the direction Riot is going with him is good );

3) Jax ( a trinity force user, the 20% cdr which it gives after it got reworked is amazing on Jax, and he is really good against other S tier top lane champions right now);

4) Irelia ( another trinity force user, she is a monster in the correct hands, therefore you hear “nerf Irelia” so often, she is an insane duelist and can do well vs the other top laners mentioned aswell, just like Jax );

5) Trundle ( great, staple pick which can hold off the aforementioned champions and still be a good threat in teamfights, especially considering the way junglers are starting to be tankier and tankier ).


b) Jungle:

1) Hecarim ( easy to play, straightforward, strong engage, lots of damage, easy camp clears );

2) Kha’zix ( hard to play, high-risk and high-reward, core flat penetration build is insanely strong and the components are pretty cheap );

3) Volibear ( easy to play, insanely strong vs immobile champions which are currently very popular and raking up with high winrates );

4) Sejuani ( the frejlord warrior is back again, she has a easy way to clear camps, the damage she does in teamfights is really good and the CC she brings with Q/E/R is invaluable );

5) Skarner ( hidden op pick, not as popular as others, but very strong, versatile warrior or cinderhulk build ).


c) Mid lane:

1) Malzahar ( strong, popular mid laner, obnoxious to play against, easy to play as, reflected in his high play rate and very high winrate, permaban / first pick material );

2) Taliyah ( obnoxious mage which deals a lot of damage and has some nice amount of CC on low cooldowns );

3) Swain ( just like top lane, he is a very strong pick and can attract a lot of pressure on his lane, it’s safer to play him in mid lane to avoid ganks );

4) Anivia ( not that difficult to play as before, scales amazingly well with her new ult, can win lane pre-6 aswell if you have good accuracy on Q );

5) Cassiopeia ( hidden op pick, needs very good micro, but it can be learned after a few games with her, the damage she does is tremendous and the ult+flash combo is deadly during mid game ).


d) ADC:

1) Ashe ( great initiation, great waveclear, lots of AoE damage, really easy and fun to play aswell );

2) Jhin ( insanely strong, has a lot of damage without coming even close to his enemies, core build includes duskblade of drak’thar, a very strong item with great passive stats especially for Jhin );

3) Sivir ( lots of waveclear, game changing ult, can be used to engage or disengage, + has a spellshield which allows to do some mistakes and still get away with them);

4) Lucian ( jack of all trades, master of none – he specializes in everything, waveclear, assasin, sustain damaged, burst damage, basically it’s all up to you on how you play him, has more than 1 viable build aswell compared to other adcs );

5) Ezreal ( really strong with the new trinity force, can go a semi blue-build with TF instead of IBG and wreck havor on the rift ).


e) Support:

1) Sona ( the rework overbuffed her like crazy, permaban/1st pick status, she does a lot of damage, a lot of healing, gives a lot of movement speed and her cooldowns are ridiculously low );

2) Soraka ( the sustain princess, with the coin buff she is going to be more and more popular, brings a lot of healing to the table which is really good in sustained battles );

3) Janna ( great disengage champion against all the meta champions which strive to jump in and kill you, easy and fun to play );

4) Zilean ( he is both popular in the mid and bottom lane, I’d rather have him as a bot laner in a dynamic que game due to the fact that the mid laner in these games needs to be as offensive as he can, while with Zilean’s kit you usually need someone to act as a good frontline for you to be useful );

5) Blitzcrank ( as a good pick-up champions, he is really useful against the meta where a lot of champions are immobile, with great skillshot accuracy you can easily climb up ).


That is all for the tier list, thanks for reading, good luck on the Rift summoners and see you during the next patch!


TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.14

Top Lane

Swain • Irelia • Ryze • Jax • Trundle


Hecarim • Volibear • Kha'Zix • Volibear • Sejuani • Skarner

Mid Lane

Malzahar • Taliyah • Swain • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Ashe • Jhin • Sivir • Lucian • Ezreal


Sona • Soraka • Janna • Zilean • Blitzcrank






Update 14th of August 2016.

LoL Tier List: Patch 6.16

Top: Jax/Irelia/Trundle/Kayle/Gankplank ( with the resurgence of bruisers, Ryze & Swain can’t deal with them, that is why people started picking up Gankplank again and a small surprise: Kayle – a great champion who can deal with melee champions quite easily )

Jungle: Hecarim/Kha’zix/Skarner/ Nida/Jax ( Volibear and Sejuani seem to slow right now with how aggressive people are playing the map, especially in the jungle where you need to exert pressure for your laners. With the small buffs for Nida, she is becoming a big threat again, a soon to be perma-ban status once more people find about how high her damage is )

Mid: Taliyah/Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol/Vel’koz ( Swain/Malzahar aren’t that picked anymore after the nerfs to their abilities and items which they built, they have fallen out of flavor a bit, Aurelion Sol and Vel’koz are taking their spots for being able to do a lot of damage from a very safe range, which allows to siege lanes easily )

Adc: Ashe/Jhin/Lucian/Ezreal/Sivir ( unchanged ) 

Support: Sona/Soraka/Janna/Zilean/Blitzcrank ( unchanged )


lol tier list patch 6.16


TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.16

Top Lane

Kayle • Irelia • Gangplank • Jax • Trundle


Hecarim • Nidalee • Kha'Zix • Jax • Skarner

Mid Lane

Aurelion Sol • Taliyah • Vel'koz • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Ashe • Jhin • Sivir • Lucian • Ezreal


Sona • Soraka • Janna • Zilean • Blitzcrank









Update 28th of August 2016

LoL Tier List: Patch 6.17

Top: Jax/Irelia/Gnar/Yasuo/Gankplank ( the top lane remained unchanged this patch, even if Gnar/Yasuo got toned down they will still remain power picks, Yasuo has to adapt his build a bit and get some crit to get good use of his ultimate armor penetration, while Gnar got some nerfs that caused him to no longer be a permaban/pick top laner in competitive. That being said, he can still be abused in solo que because of how oppressive he is. As for Irelia, unless she gets nerfed, she will still be a good pick. She can easily zone out or even kill enemy mid laners or adcs really fast with just trinity force as a damaging item, but if you’re snowballing, you could even go for more offensive items, something like wits end against heavy stacked AP teams or blade of the ruined king against insanely tanky compositions. Gankplank is a staple pick, he has too many pros to be removed from the lol tier list, insane AoE damage, high gold generation, global ultimate. As for Jax, he is more of a “cure” to Yasuo/Irelia, he can be used to counter them and have big success.)

Jungle: Hecarim/Sejuani/Skarner/ Nida/Graves( with people picking tanky champions again, using Kha’zix efficiently is pretty though, while Jax needs way too much time to scale, which is certainly a bad thing for solo/dynamic que where people need to jungle fast and efficiently, before their team start fighting each other in the chat. So, as a response to the current problems, Sejuani & Graves come to aid, Graves is in a strange spot, one patch he is gone, the next he is back into the meta with a great pick/winrate, while Sejuani has fallen off in the last patch, but came back during this one again )

Mid: Taliyah/Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol/Vladimir( the mid lane is unchanged, except for Vel’Koz, people seem to not like to spend many games to master him, he has an insanely good winrate for 30+ games and can hold off his ground against the other meta mid laners, but people would rather play something easier, which doesn’t require much skill/thought behind it. Vladimir comes to the aid, with a high pick/ban/winrate, the sustain king of the mid lane returns to the tier list to shut down people who want to have fun, while playing the game by perma slowing them and healing himself up constantly. )

Adc: Ashe/Jinx/Lucian/Miss Fortune/Kog’maw ( The Jhin nerfs made his laning phase weaker, which indirectly buffed other ADCs, while also people realized that the 3 new ADCs in ther tier list – Jinx, MF & Kog’Maw do extremely well against Jhin, both during laning phase and outside of it. On top of that, all these 3 champions have a really good ability to carry the game themselves if played properly, without having to rely on the team too much.)

Support: Zyra/Soraka/Janna/Zilean/Blitzcrank ( Sona isn’t picked that much anymore, because her ultimate has a pretty long cooldown, while her other abilities doesn’t seem that impactful outside of laning phase, so here is why Zyra seems to be replacing her: she has an amazing laning phase, she has crowd-control pre-level 6, she has a lot of damage which can make the laning phase hell for the enemy ADC and allow your ADC to scale, and last, but not least, she scales really well into mid/late game. )

lol tier list 6.17


TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.17

Top Lane

Gnar • Irelia • Gangplank • Jax • Yasuo


Hecarim • Nidalee • Sejuani • Graves • Skarner

Mid Lane

Aurelion Sol • Taliyah • Vladimir • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Ashe • Kog'maw • Jinx • Lucian • Miss Fortune


Zyra • Soraka • Janna • Zilean • Blitzcrank








Update 18th of September 2016

LoL Tier List: Patch 6.18

Top: Jax/Irelia/Gnar/Yasuo/Gankplank ( top lane has swaped from a variety of champions to Gnar & what can deal with Gnar right now. The best successful top laner at holding his ground against Gnar seems to be Yasuo, and not just a simple Yasuo, but a tank, fervor-of-battle Yasuo, who rushes Frozen Mallet into Trinity Force or Phantom Dancer and keeps his targets perma slowed while slowly chiping them down )

Jungle: Elise/Zac/Skarner/ Nida/Graves ( Hecarim seems to slowly go down into the shadows, becoming less of a needed pick as he has become weaker compared to his counterparts. Elise/Zac replaced him and Sejuani, because they need less resources to become useful, but at the same time they’re a bit more team-oriented champions, so while you could almost solo carry as Hecarim and maybe solo carry as Sejuani with some good ultimates, you can’t do that anymore with Elise/Zac, they both need their team to follow up during mid-late game to ensure that their team wins, so a bit of coordination is definitely required for those picks to work. )

Mid: Zilean/Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol/Ahri  ( Vlad and Taliyah got nerfed pretty hard in this patch, they are not as much of a mandatory pick/ban as before. Taliyah can’t roam as easily as before, (and roaming was one of the things that made her a powerful pick last patch) while Vlad got nerfed in the damage and sustain department pretty hard - nerfs he kind of deserved after the performance in the last weeks of LCS where he was either being banned or picked by default by any mid laners, something which we all know Riot disapproves of as they want to be known for having a game with a variety of champions that are "viable" at all times.
Zilean is currently in a great spot from a mid lane point of view - his damage is pretty insane if you can land double bombs. The only downside is the ultimate as it requires someone on your team to be the frontline and know how to play around your ultimate (nothing worse than putting your ultimate on a frontliner who is just about to die, only to watch him run away leaving your ult useless). That being said, Zilian, even without ultimate, can become the king of the game and carry alone with chain bombs. Ahri is a mobile assassin, she used to be the queen of solo que assasins up until the point where some essential items were removed (DFG for example, oh how you are missed) and following that her kit underwent some minor changes. Still, she is in a pretty good spot right now, mainly due the mobility and maneuvers you can do in a teamfight to win. )

Adc: Twitch/Jinx/Lucian/Miss Fortune/Kog’maw ( The carries which proved efficient last patch still maintain their slots, being as popular and winning as many games as before, with the exception of Ashe. People in solo/dynamic que swaped from the team-oriented ADC (like Ashe) to a more assassin-style ADC (like Twitch) who can snowball games from laning phase and then unleash his inner potential in teamfights. )

Support: Zyra/Soraka/Janna/Sona/Blitzcrank ( Zilean was removed from the top 5 supports on the tier list during this patch. Despite having proved to be a useful and good pick, he is rather difficult to have success with in the support role. His current high winrate is related to his low pickrate - usually the winning Zilean player will be in a premade with his ADC or his mid laner who usually picks an offensive champion. Zilian was replaced by Sona in the top 5 supports, as she is currently doing very well in this patch, she has high burst early and midgame, and her ult is one of the more useful support ults.)



TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.18

Top Lane

Gnar • Irelia • Gangplank • Jax • Yasuo


Elise • Zac • Nidalee • Graves • Skarner

Mid Lane

Aurelion Sol • Ahri • Zilian • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Twitch • Kog'maw • Jinx • Lucian • Miss Fortune


Zyra • Soraka • Janna • Sona • Blitzcrank



lol tier list patch 6.18








Update 1st of October 2016

LoL Tier List: Patch 6.19 and 6.20

Top: Jax/Irelia/Sion/Yasuo/Gankplank ( Sion has taken Gnars place as being a powerpick due to his insane pushing power, mixed damage and innate tankiness. The Gnar nerfs apparently were too brutal and affected him too much to be as playable and as popular as before. The rest of the top laners in the tier list remain the same, but we have a small note to add to those who play Yasuo - Yasuo is still an overpowered top lane pick due to the amount of tools he has - the mixed damage, the pushing power and the insane item synergy that lets him enhance his damage and tower pushing even more - but a lot of people don’t know how to handle this amount of power. The best thing you can do to keep from throwing is to always try to keep calm and not overextend too much. Always remember to ward when pushing side lanes and try to listen to your team if they ask you not to push too much or group with them. Yasuo can be a real game changer, but he has to be played properly to take full advantage of his power.)

Jungle: Elise/Zac/Skarner/ Nida/Graves ( Graves looks like the go-to permaban/permapick jungler, he is one tier above the others, he is insanely strong and can dominate games by himself from the jungler role by dominating any lane he wants or by denying the enemy jungler. He might be a bit hard to play due to the positioning requirement for his autoattacks to do damage, but you can easily learn how to bypass that, as for the other junglers – they are the most efficient in the current meta after other junglers were nerfed. )

Mid: Zilean/Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol/Ahri  ( even though Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol got nerfed, they still remain as the best champions to carry games with. They went from S+ tier to S, where they still have a lot of tools, damage and utility to carry games with, especially Aurelion Sol, who can be played with barely any mid lane experience due to how easy it is for him to push lanes, roam and also be extremely obnoxious with his RoA into Rylai build.)

Adc: Twitch/Jinx/Lucian/Miss Fortune/Kog’maw ( Twitch got nerfed a bit in the early department by removing a few % of his Q attack speed, while Kog’maw, for the first time in history of Riot was reverted to pre-rework status. His W became the same as before with the exception that it costs mana now to keep him in a balanced spot, most likely due to the fact that in the past an OOM Kog’maw was almost a big of a threat as a Kog with mana, while now he needs to properly manage his mana before going into a fight. )

Support: Karma/Bard/Taric/Braum/Tahm Kench ( these 5 supports right now seem to be the most efficient in carrying from the support role, each one offering different things for the team, shields, heals, invulnerability and much more. The most often picked being Karma because of how easy it is to fit her in any team composition and how versatile she can be with her build and gamestyle. Honorable champions who can still be good are Soraka and Janna, but they do require some more team coordination to be efficient. )



TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.19 and 6.20

Top Lane

Sion • Irelia • Gangplank • Jax • Yasuo


Elise • Zac • Nidalee • Graves • Skarner

Mid Lane

Aurelion Sol • Ahri • Zilian • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Twitch • Kog'maw • Jinx • Lucian • Miss Fortune


Karma • Bard • Taric • Braum • Tahm Kench




lol tier list 6.19



Update 24th of October 2016

LoL Tier List: Patch 6.21

Top: Jayce/Irelia/Kennen/Yasuo/Gankplank (Sion and Jax were removed, they are efficient and strong pikcs, but right now they are shadowed by the new powerpicks in town: Kennen and Jayce. Jayce has become a monster with the current meta build of Black Youmuu’s or Black Maw without any tear stacking involved. In the past he needed some time to get going while right now every small item becomes a big activator for him. Jayce is a king of dueling and can easily push in a lot of top laners and then spend mid to late game just split pushing. However, he neesd to appear in team fights, as he will generally be outfarming the enemy team and can do a lot of damage in the fights. As for Kennen, the protobelt and zhonya combo makes him a big pain to deal with. You  can’t really stop a flash+protobelt ultimate from Kennen, usually even if you’re ahead you’re still going to automatically lose to this combo. He is definitely a pick/ban worthy champion. To read more about each of these individual champions, check out our top tier list.)

Jungle: Elise/Zac/Olaf/ Nida/Nunu (Skarner was removed in favor of Olaf, who is doing the tanky frontline job amazingly well right now and who has a CC immunity ultimate. This immunity is extremely effective in a meta that's overflowing with slows and stuns. On top of that Olaf doesn’t get hard countered by a 1300 gold item – QSS –like Skarner does. This doesn't mean Skarner isn't still a threat: you can still pick him, but if you need a tanky jungler you would be better off with Olaf right now. As for Graves, he got replaced by Nunu after the series of nerfs he received. He was moved from God Tier to tier 1 and can be found in our honorable mentions section in our jungle tier list. He is still a strong jungler, but not as insta pick/ban worthy as before. Nunu is the king of counterjungling - the Q mechanic which was recently added made him an even a bigger nuisance to deal with. Not a many junglers can do anything to him early game, and with most of the laners picking scalling champions, he can do whatever he wants early on. To read more about the individual champions on this list, check ou)

Mid: Zilean/Anivia/Cassiopeia/Aurelion Sol/Syndra (the first four remain from our 6.19 tier list as pretty big powerpicks. We removed Ahri was in favor of Syndra because Syndra is currently better at doing what Ahri wants to do in pretty much every situation. She has a higher burst, she can assassinate as efficiently as Ahri and she isn’t dependant on the R ultimate like Ahri is to escape - Syndra has a nice knockback on a pretty low cooldown, which can push enemies away in order for her to escape to safety. Additionally her laning phase is godmode aswell - She is often the reason why the enemy jungle decides to camp mid 24/7, which again will give a lot of free time to the other lanes to farm safely, without jungle threat. These 5 midlaners can carry games by themselves in the corret hands, and belongs firmly on top of our tier list for the midlane. To read more about the specific champions on this list, check out our mid tier list.)

Adc: Twitch/Jinx/Lucian/Miss Fortune/Caitlyn (Kog Maw was removed from our top 5 ADC's as people are unsure what is efficient on Kog’maw right now. No amazingly viable buildpath has made itself known since the recent patch changes and until people start spamming him again and finding that "one of a kind, amazingly OP build" he will be going on the shelf for a little while. Caitlyn has taken his place as she can fully take over Kogs role as the high ranged sieging, tank-crushing champion instead. She isn’t hindered by a “W’ cooldown as Kog’maw currently is. Cait can unleash her almost full potential with a Ruunan and Infinity, further increased by other items such as RFC/BT/Lord Dominiks Regards and others. The only bad thing about Cait is the clunky build path of BF-Zeal-Pickaxe/Ruunan, basically you need to mix AD & AS items to be efficient, which forces her to automatically be behind compared to a Ezreal or Lucian for example who will have completed 1 or 1.5 items by the time Caitlyn has 1. Despite this, she is one of the 5 most efficient ADC's in the current meta. To read more about each individual champion, check out our ADC tier list. )

Support: Karma/Bard/Zyra/Miss Fortune/Tahm Kench (Taric & Braum are good, no doubt about that, but right now they’re overshadowed by the ranged support kings who can crush the laning phase without getting a single scratch. Zyra/Miss Fortune are both pick/ban worthy in 100% of the games. Pick them when they’re open and proceed to stomp bot lane with ease. Miss Fortune came as a shock to players all around the world when she was used botlane in the 2016 Worlds. After seeing how effective she was, especially paired up with Ashe, she has become a popular stomp pick in Solo / Dynamic Queue. Read the individual tier list for supports for more information regarding this. The winrate might be dragged down by all the clueless people who pick her without knowing what to do, but if people start slowly reading some guides or watching some streams, they will make the winrate skyrocket easily with MF support.)



TL;DR - LoL Tier List Patch 6.21

Top Lane

Jayce• Irelia • Gangplank • Kennen • Yasuo


Elise • Zac • Nidalee • Olaf • Nunu

Mid Lane

Aurelion Sol • Syndra • Zilian • Anivia • Cassiopia

AD Carry

Twitch • Caitlyn • Jinx • Lucian • Miss Fortune


Karma • Bard • Zyra • Miss Fortune • Tahm Kench





lol tier list - patch 6.21





New tier list will be added with next patch - Look for the next update!



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