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Lucian Counters - Learn who and how.

Laning against the jack of all trades, master of none – Lucian


            Welcome to an article focused on explaining who is Lucian, what does he do best and how to counter that to ensure a pleasant game. He had a lot of changes during this season, but still remains a a good, staple pick due to his versatility in any team composition.


            Lucian is the jack of all trades, he is strong throughou the entire game. His early game can be considered the best of all time, can adapt to any setup. You can pick him, crush early game, snowball and stay strong all the time, regardless of your team composition. He never becomes weak. This is why I think he should be your top champion if you’re playing ADC in solo que.


            His powerspike relies on him reaching level 2, hitting a certain item ( Serrated Dirk / Ghostblade / Black Cleaver ) and level 6/9. These are his strongest points in the game where he can do a lot of unexpected damage to uncareful enemies. That is why you always need to watch out for how a good Lucian player moves around the map, he can come out unexpectedly from different areas and just kill you in a second if you’re not careful enoug and get hit by all his autos & abilities.

lucian counters


            How to lane against him is hard to tell, cause all Lucians are different, some prefer to play passive and farm for an item, some like to go all-in from level 1/2, but I’ll give you a general idea on how to play against him.



1) Sivir – an excellent ADC who excels at waveclear, teamfightning, engaging, disengaging, anything you want. Her kit is amazing to deal with Lucian during laning phase and afterwards, but at the same time because she doesn’t have a dash, sometimes you might get caught in a bad spot and Lucian can demolish you, but worry not, you have a support for this. For masteries, I recommend going Warlords and outsustaining Lucian during laning phase, farm safely, unless you’re playing an aggresive lane, where you could go with Fervor of Battle instead. As for items, try to back for a BF to match up Serated Dirks power, or you’re going to encounter some difficulties while trading. Save E ( Spell Shield ) for his Qs or wait out the CC/engage from the support, try not to push too far cause you can get punished easily by the enemy jungler.

2) Jhin – the immobile marksman prodigy who revitalised the ADC role a bit. Jhin’s role is to stay at a safe range, use his 4th shot & Q properly during laning phase for incredible poke, catch out with a W and just abuse the early damage. The fact that Jhin goes for Yoummu’s aswell makes him a big threat, because Serated Dirk doesn’t get countered by BF like in Sivir’s case, BF only tries to make up for the damage by a bit, but the effect to do +15 damage every time you kill a minion is amazing. Things you need to focus on is not dying during the early Lucian powerspike and try to poke him or his support down with the 4th shot + Q from dying minions which is going to hit like a truck. As for midgame, Jhin does a lot of damage if positioned correctly, with his ultimate he can get picks really easily on squishies or force them to back off if they’re chasing. The biggest problem with Jhin is that he has no escapes, if he gets caught, he is going to die or if he stands still too much for his ultimate, he can get easily picked off by enemies who flank around.

3) Vayne – „I smell black magic” exceptional ADC who needs a bit of time to build up, but once she reaches her powerspikes ( Botrk/PD ) she becomes an insane beast. You need very good micro to play her properly though, soo you might not win from the begining, but wiht time you might get better and actually win the lane. The most important thing is that bot relies mostly on support and not on the ADC to win the laning phase, soo that’s why even if you’ve mastered a champion or another, you will stll have some issues sometimes or an easier time other times. With Vayne you want to max Q and hold it for Lucian’s Q, go for trades when his Q is down and when his support used something, try to chain CC with condemn one of them into a wall and burst him down or wait for next rotation. Always use your mobility properly, don’t waste your Q for some extra damage, use it to dodge and do damage on top of that. During laning phase, your early levels aren’t as strong, soo you need to be careful on how you position yourself to hit and kite. Get Warlord’s Bloodlust for this match-up to make it easier, back when you’re low hp, keep farming, get a powerspike item and then punish him.

4) Caitlyn –lucian counterthe doomsday of low ranged ADCs, she can lane against Lucian pretty easily as long as she either pushes him into the tower, to avoid him using the level 2 powerspike or just getting pushed herself under the tower, get to level 3-4 then start poking Lucian down and setting up traps to protect yourself from ganks or just get a kill if you won’t be able to run. You can’t afford to waste your traps though, you need to hold atleast one when pushing to make sure you have a way to interrupt their movement and slow them down. If Lucian decides to E into you, try to E > auto > Q for insane amounts of damage. Feel free to bring Fervor of Battle or Warlord’s depending on how you feel it. Your weak point of the game is in between BF/Pickaxe + Ruunan’s Hurricane where Lucian will have Ghostblade, you need to be extra careful during this period of time to not get caught and just keep farming untill you complete IE + Ruunan then just group and stomp their towers.

5) Ashe – just don’t. Ashe is like the worst ADC to carry solo que with, you need a team around her to protect her and unleash her power. But...if you decided to play her anyway, there’s a few things which you should know. You have your W and your Q for damage early on, that’s all..and for Q you need to autoattack a bit before you can enable it, now compared to Lucian ( 3 abilities – 1 dash & 2 damage abilities, all which enable his passive to do a double auto attack ) and some simple math, you can understand that all the damage you’re going to do to him will be much less than the damage he will do to you. That is why just go Warlord’s Bloodlust and try to farm up and wait level 6 to enable your team before you doing anything by yourself, Ashe is not a solo-carry ADC like Lucian is.



1) Braum – the moustache support, is very useful against Lucian because of his passive and his ability to block Culling with Unbreakable, he gives Lucian a hard time, coupled with another aggresive ADC, they can shut down Lucian pretty easily in laning phase and make his life hell for the entire period of the game. Just make sure not to be overzealous and just play properly and carefully against him to avoid him getting a few early kills and snowballing.

2) Janna – the ultimate „protect the ADC” support, she is very good at disabling snowballs, if someone tries to go in, just throw a tornado and knock them up or slow them down while shielding the person they’re going for. During laning phase, you should have no issues against Lucian and anyone he is pairing up with as long as you time your Q’s properly for disengaging, they can’t kill you. Make sure to go for trades with your shield up and just play safely and save your Q’s for his E ( dash ).

3) Alistar – „you can’t milk those” as Lucian you really can’t. Alistar is phenomenal at making aggresive plays early on, especilly with the current Thunderlord + AP support item which allows for very early level 2-3 kills. Couple him with an ADC like Sivir/Jhin and Lucian isn’t going to have an easy time.

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4) Thresh – „He who carries Senna ( Lucian’s wife ) will always give him a hard time”, Thresh is the ultimate all-around support, has everything you want, will always be in the meta, with minor exceptions. He has CC, damage, a lantern to help your immobile friends, he is really goo during laning phase cause his damage allows him to trade almost evenly with Lucian, especially if taking Thunderlord for that lane pressure.


            As a final note, bot lane is consists of two champions per team, that is why there are countless factors which can contribute to your victory or loss, but by picking the correct champions, runes, masteries and items you can increase the chances of a victory soo keep that in mind, thanks for the read, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did by writing it. If you feel interested in seeing how Lucian works from first-person view or to see other ADCs battling him, check out my VOD’s on the website under the „Scairtin” nickname.  


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