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             Welcome to LoLBoost's MId Tier List, where we'll be talking about the top 5 top midlaners to carry solo/duo que with. This list will be updated for every, single patch in every, single season. In this Mid Tier List there will be information and an explanation for why these supports are getting picked and a brief overview on what to do with them. 

Current Patch: 6.23 - Updated on site. 



About this Mid Tier List

This Mid Tier List was created and is kept up to date by a Master/Challenger player and is based on his experience, knowledge and skill as well as information collected from platinum+ games such as pick rates, ban rates, win rates and in depth analyzis of games from the following regions: EUW/NA/KR. - The tier list should work in all divisions, but is written specifically for people who want to carry without being team reliant and who are placed somewere between high gold to diamond. 

The champions aren’t listed in any specific order, just the general top 5 that belongs on this Mid Tier List for League of Legends in each patch. Click on the champion you want to learn more about in the current patch to see generic build, general info and pros and cons for that champion. After you are done reading, click the backspace to get back to the tier list, where you can click on another champion from that same patch to read about.




Mid Tier List for Patch 6.22 and 6.23

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 midlaners: Katarina, ViktorSyndra, Malzahar, Orianna
Honourable MentionsAnnieAhri, Cassiopia



Mid Tier List for Patch 6.21

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 midlanersZileanAnivia, SyndraAurelion SolCassiopia
Honourable MentionsAnnie, AhriOrianna, Viktor


Mid Tier List for Patch 6.19 and 6.20 (same champions as changes were minimal in 6.20)

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 midlanersZileanAniviaAhriAurelion SolCassiopia
Honourable MentionsAnnieSyndra, Orianna


Mid Tier List for Patch 6.18

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 midlaners: Zilean, Anivia, AhriAurelion Sol, Cassiopia
Honourable Mentions: Annie, Syndra.




Mid Tier List for Patch 6.17

Click on a champion to read more about it.
Top 5 midlaners: Taliyah, Anivia, Vladimir, Aurelion Sol, Cassiopia. 
Honourable Mentions: Zilean, Syndra.





Mid Tier List - Information on each champion mentioned in each list. 




Ahrimid tier list - Ahri



- very mobile;

- strong all-in champion;

- can force picks and waste of summoner spells and then escape to safety;

- safe laning phase;

- good waveclear.



- skillshot reliant;

- one form of hard CC with a pretty long cooldown.


            Ahri is a flexible mage, who can either go with an assassin-type of route or go for the utility-poke. She can adapt to any match-up and build accordingly for maximum efficiency. Her strong pointers are her laning phase, where she can safely waveclear, sustain with her passive and farm some gold for her first few items, which usually are components for Morello or Abyssal. She might get outscalled by other meta picks, but if played properly around her strengths, you won’t reach the point where you are weak too often. She scales amazingly well into mid game and that is the time where you need to shine, force picks with your charm and then get objectives out of it.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Morello – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Abyssal – Rylai – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Void Staff. ( a standard build against a heavy AP stacked team with a good laning phase, if laning phase is rough, Abyssal can be rushed first, just remember to buy a Morello whenever you can even if you’re having a hard time, because the cooldown reduction from it, the ability power and the mana regen is too good to pass up. )










KatarinaMid tier list - Katarina



- high burst;

- resourceful;

- can snowball pretty hard from small advantages;

- one of the strongest assassins in the game.



- weak to CC/tanky champions;

- high skill-floor;

- melee range.

            Katarina is a strong melee range assassin who focuses on manevrating during the teamfights to score kills fast, resetting her cooldowns and moving onto the next targets. With the addition of daggers and the rework she had during the preseason, she is a very powerful pick and if mastered can easily carry games alone. To take full advantage of Katarina's current "OP-ness" you need to avoid picking her into a counter and avoid picking her into an enemy comp with a lot of CC or with a good, tanky frontline who can keep you Crowd-Controlled and disrupt your ult.

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red attack damage, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Hextech Gunblade – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Rylai – Zhonya’s Hourglass – Void Staff – Rabadon. 









ViktorMid tier list - Viktor



- high burst AoE;

- AoE stun;

- outscalles other mages with hex core;

- godly at defending towers;

- strong waveclear.



- mana hungry;

- lacks mobility ( compensated by evolved Q + ghost );

- high skillfoor and skillcap.

            Viktor is a high potential burst mage that can melt down tanks and one-shot squishies during mid to late game with his combo. With the current changes on the Summoner’s Rift, Lichbane works perfectly well when synced with his Q for insane burst damage. His poking ability ( Death Ray ) is the bread and butter ability of his kit which allows him to be versatile, use it either for farming, poking down enemy champions or both if the enemy champions are close to the minions.

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Perfect Hex Core – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Lich Bane – Rylai – Void Staff – Rabadon’s Deathcap.









OriannaMid tier list - Orianna



- strong passive throughout the entire game;

- great team utility;

- great waveclear;

- game-changing ultimate;

- insanely good scalling.


- need to track ball constantly;

- no dash;

- weak against assasins;

- high skillfloor, high skillcap.

            Orianna is a unique, mid-lane mage who relies on her ball to do the deeds for her - be it throwing the ball around where you want to do damage or aiding a teammate who wants to engage and just following up with damaging AoE abilities. She used to be the queen of midlane, but then fell off as more and more champions appeared on the Rift. Right now in the current meta (patch 6.23 + ) she is back in action, has a pretty solid pickrate and winrate with a build that is very cost-efficient and allows her to unleash chaos on the Summoner’s Rift.

            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Morello – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Rylai – Rabadon – Void Staff – Zhonya’s Hourglass. 









Malzahar Mid tier list - Malzahar



- AoE silence;

- high AoE damage;

- can kill objectives such as drake/baron pretty fast;

- very strong passive;

- strong waveclear.


- lack of mobility ( compensated by picking ghost/flash );

- mana issues;

- slow early game;

- squishy without passive up.

            Malzahar is a strong, wave-clearing, bursty, annoying mid lane mage who focuses on pushing the waves really fast and roaming around the map. His E combined with his minions allows him to push waves in to the turrets at high speed and then just do whatever you want with him, be it roam, take a jungle camp or pressure the enemy under the tower. The below mentioned buildpath will make him a big pain to deal with during the mid game due to the endless slow and silence which he will unleash in teamfights.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Deathfire Touch ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Morello – Sorcerers Shoes – Rylai’s Crystal Scepter – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Void Staff – Liandry’s Tornment.










Syndramid tier list - syndra



- oppressive in lane;

- strong all-in champion;

- soft & hard cc;

- good waveclear.


- skillshot reliant;

- squishy;

- hard to play.

            Syndra is a bursty ranged mage who excels at zoning opponents, be it laning phase or beyond. She has high base damage and amazing scalling, making her one of the best mid laners in the game, especially in the current meta where, if she buys Rylais or … , well when she buys Rylais since it is mandatory right now, she gets a big boost. Her kit syncs really well, allowing her clutch kills even if the enemy is at full health because of the amount of damage a multi-spawned orb ultimate can do.  She does amazingly well against other meta mid laners aswell. For patch 6.21 she is either pick or ban so get into the game and raise your rating with this amazing assassin.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Morello – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Rylai – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Void Staff – Luden’s Echo. 






Taliyahmid tier list



- very strong laning phase;

- strong waveclear;

- strong teamfight presence;

- great utility with the knockback & wall;

- core build makes her pretty tanky;

- rewarding when mastered

- easy to roam with and snowball other lanes.



- low in combat mobility;

- no combat ultimate;

- high skillfloor.


            Taliyah is a strong, competitive caster mage, who excels at at dominating the laning phase, roaming around the map and create picks around her ultimate, which can easily block enemies in a bad spot and force them to use Flash and even then, most likely die because of the complementary knock-back ability which you have. She belongs near the top of most mid tier lists as she is amazing against champions with low mobility, because her core second item is Rylai, which allows your Q, on a low cooldown to be spamed a lot and constantly slow enemies who are trying to chase you down or run away from you. She is a bit difficult to get into, because you need to understand properly the usage of her abilities, when and how to use them, without accidentaly killing your own team or knocking back targets who shouldn’t be knocked bad, but once you master her after a few dozen games, you will enjoy playing it, she is really fun and rewarding to play and can carry games alone, starting from laning phase.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Morello – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Rylai – Rabadon – Void – Zhonya. ( the first 3 items are core, you need the mana regeneration from Morello, you need these sort of boots to be able to unleash maximum damage during your burst window opportunities and Rylai allows you to keep people perma-slowed. There is only one exception, where you should delay these items, if you are laning against a heavy AP punishing champion/assassin like LeBlanc or Syndra, going for Abyssal first is better, then completing the other items. )





Anivia mid tier list lol



- three forms of CC ( a slow, a wall and a stun );

- good laning phase ( a stun into a frostbite is very punishing );

- long auto-attack range;

- passively tanky with her buildpath;

- very strong post-6 waveclear.



- no escape;

- high mana costs;

- using the wall properly is rather difficult for beginners;

- low movement speed.


            Anivia is a utility mage, who excels at scalling and dominating the teamfights during mid and late game. She has been back and forth on all the most prominent mid tier lists since she was released. She was hit by a small nerf in patch 6.19, but is still in good shape and can still dominate the laning phase if you land Qs efficiently and combo with Frostbite for a big amount of damage. She can block out teams with her wall in bad spots and punish them with her teammates in order to win the game pretty easily, but in order to do such tricks, you will need to understand the range of the wall, how it works, the amount of damage you can unleash and more, all which can be learned by playing her for a couple of days. Worry not if you cannot play her properly from the beginning, it will get some time into getting to understand her playstyle, but once you do you’ll understand how rewarding and fun she is.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue scalling ap or cdr, 3x quints AP. Archangel’s Staff – Sorcerer’s Shoes  - Rod of Ages – Void staff – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Liandry’s Tornment. ( general build, Archangel’s Staff & ROA are a must to give you the ability to do whatever you want in teamfghts, without running out of mana too fast, the rest are just items adapting to the game – Void staff if enemies are stacking MR, Rabadon for more damage, Liandry’s if they have a lot of tanks and you need to shred them down. If you’re facing an assassin mid laner, feel free to bring armor yellow if he’s ad, blue magic resist if he’s AP and rush Abyssal if they’re AP, as for AD mid laners, just go standard build path, maybe a Zhonya if you’re laning against Zed. )



Vladimir mid tier list league of legends



- insane sustain from his Q and ultimate;

- very tanky due to his buildpath;

- insanely strong and disruptive in a teamfight;

- a lot of AoE damage;

- good laning phase;

- has a way of escaping ganks and avoid certain CC abilities.



- needs to time scale;

- no hard-CC ( slow from W & Rylai ).

            Vladimir, the Hemomancer is a tanky mage who specializes in sustained combat. His prowess is disrupting the backline or just slowing the frontline and peeling for your ADC to give him an easier time to unleash his full potential. He has a good laning phase due to how tanky he is, how much he can sustain with his Q and how easy it is to farm with him. His core build-path makes him a second tank, who heals a lot with his improved Q and Rs in teamfight and makes it insanely hard for the enemy team to shutdown you.


            He is a perma pick/ban status in both solo/dynamic que and competitive because of how easy it is to play him, how easy it is to scale and then just unleash havoc on the enemy team. He definitely belongs on a top spot on any mid tier list. He is insanely tanky and has a lot of damage because of his base scalling. I suspect further nerfs soon enough to make him equal with other laners before Worlds, if it remains like this he is surely going to be see a lot of play there, if not every game.


            Generic build: 0/12/18 ( Strenght of the Ages ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Spirit Visage – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Rylai – Protobelt – Void Staff – Rabadon. ( this is a general build and in no way should you keep building the same items in the same order every game. A few other early items which are for a more aggressive playstyle are Abyssal/Protobelt instead of rushing Spirit Visage, you will sacrifice healthiness and sustain for more straightforward damage. While I like the aggressive style aswell, I would recommend going for the tankier Spirit Visage into Rylai version to be the annoying tanky ap mage, which Vlad is earlier in the game. )



Aurelion Solbest mid laners



- passively tanky due to buildpath;

- strong laning phase, due to his passive and Q;

- great crowd-control with Q + R;

- good sustained damage.



- easy to gank early on, if Q is on cooldown;

- vulnerable to assasins during laning phase;

- no dash, while in combat.


            Aurelion Sol is a tanky mage, who excels at doing a lot of AoE damage and provide a good AoE crowd control with his Q and ultimate on top of that. He is a good ganker, because of his ability to travel around the map fast with his Comet of Legend ability, which allows him to fly over walls. He can provide a lot of pressure on side lanes, while also making sure his opponent mid laner is constantly feeling the same pressure. You want to pick him if you need a strong, ranged mage who is constanly poking people down and perma-slowing them, he is both good at engaging and disengaging because of the Rylai synergy with his passive. In the current meta, he does extremely well against other meta mages and can be blind-picked. 

            Patch 6.19 saw Aurelion getting nerfed from an extremely overpowered state to one where he is still overpowered but to a lesser extent. He is a champion which requires almost no mechanical skill, you can sit at a safe range and punish people with your stars without ever getting damaged back. His build of RoA & Rylai is also insanely obnoxious to deal with.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Rod of Ages – Boots of Swiftness / Ionian Boots of Lucidity / Sorcerer’s Shoes – Rylai – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Void Staff – Liandry’s Tornment. ( RoA + tier 2 boots + Rylai is core every game, rest can be adapated. RoA + Rylai ensure you are tanky and can keep enemies perma-slowed, while doing a big amount of damage from yourself and your teammates. )



Cassiopeiamid champions



- decent laning phase;

- insanely high DPS ( allows for early Baron );

- great crowd-control ( W slow, R stun + Rylai perma slow );

- rewarding when mastered;

- scales like a hypercarry.



- no dash;

- squishy early on;

- has mana issues until gets Tear/Archangel’s;

- hard to come back from if falls behind.


            Cassiopeia is a caster mage, who excels at doing a lot of damage in a short period of time, while also keeping the teamfight zone in check by slowing crucial enemies, stunning entire teams who hard-force an engage, while being ignorant of her ultimate. She needs a bit time to scale to get to her core mana item, Archangel’s Staff, but once she gets it, she is going to have an easier time to farm and become stronger and stronger.


            She does very well against the perma pick/ban status champion, Vladimir, because she naturally builds Morellonomicon and her laning phase punishes Vladimir pretty heavily. A mastered Cassiopeia player could possibly snowball this lane and punish Vladimir so heavily, that he won’t have enough time to reach his powerspikes by the time you secure a big advantage and take a lot of objectives. Cassio has been on our own mid tier list before, and will most certainly make it in the future (unless heavy nerfs are applied, and knowing Riot that is probably quite likely). 


            Cassio's laning phase was affected a bit by the changes in patch 6.19 - Her sustain is not as big as before and she needs to level to be able to heal as much as previously, but this wasn’t her strongest point. Cassio can still burst you down quite fast if you get caught in her poison and she is in a still good spot. Patch 6.19 brought her from S+ tier to S.

            Generic build: 18/12/0 ( Deathfire Touch), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr or scalling ap, 3x quints AP or MS ( movement speed ). Archangel’s Staff –– Morello – Rylai – Void Staff – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Liandry’s Torment.  ( Staff / Morello / Rylai should be your priority, but if you are encountering difficulties during laning phase against an AP champion, you can choose to skip Rylai and get Staff > Abyssal > Morello into Rylai. )





Zileanmid tier list zilian


- high burst;

- AoE cc;

- Guardian Angel ultimate;

- strong waveclear.



- weak early/mid game;

- vulnerable against mobile champions;

- no sustained damage;

- requires some coordination to play properly around the ultimate.


            Zilean is a very strong, scalling mage, who needs some time to get going and use his strengths which are a lot of AoE damage combined with Crowd Control. His laning phase might not be as strong as other mid laners, especially considering he needs a few items before he can start spamming his abilities almost non-stop, but up until that point, it is completely possible to just play passively a bit, use your double bombs properly to clear one or two waves of minions (or to do big damage to your enemy laner) and then just back away to your tower and wait safely for next waves.


            Generic build: 12/18/0 ( Thunderlord’s Decree ), 9x red magic pen, 9x yellow scalling hp, 9x blue mr, 3x quints AP. Rod of Ages – Sorcerer’s Shoes – Morello – Rabadon – Void Staff – Zhonya. ( a traditional Zilean build, some people like to purchase Tear aswell on top of that, maybe not investing into a Morello, but my personal opinion is that both are good, but depending on situation, if you can go without being punished too much, then tear might be the better choice, but in the current state of the game, where you might want to reach your powerspikes faster, Morello is better. )








Honorable Mentions for a Mid Tier List.

1) Syndra– she is a good pocket pick, a niche mage who excels at assassinating people, she can easily snowball from laning phase and punish unexperienced mid laners. She excels at catching people off guard with her stun and then unleash a burst of damage before they can react, she is doing great against meta mid laners, but doesn’t scale with utility as much as they do and cannot control certain teamfights because she is heavily relient on her stun.

2) Zilean – his winrate spiked this patch by quite a lot, he can do fairly well against meta mid laners, but he is more of a team reliant champion due to his AoE stun & revival ultimate, requiring someone to bait them into stacking up, then reviving that person and AoE stunning everyone in order to easily win teamfights. His laning phase against meta mid laners is good aswell, because of the ability to easily wave clear and retreat to safety.

3) Annie – she seems to be popular in the European regions, holding a pretty good winrate, mostly due to the fact that she is a bursty type of mage, who has pretty high base damage and allows her to punish all these scalling mid laners and take control over the game. The problem with Annie is if she falls behind, she is going to have a very hard time to come back from, that’s why picking her is a high-risk, high-reward, but if you adjust your playstyle and make sure you’re warded properly if you overextend, then she might be the champ for you.

4) Orianna – while she might not be the most popular and dominant mid lane pick, she is still a go-to default pick who will start to shine when other power picks are picked and you’re unsure what to pick against a certain match-up. She can hold her own against a lot of match-ups, the most difficult ones being certain mobile assasins who aren’t that popular right now. She is also the best mid lane champion to practice your micro on, she can single handedly carry games with her combo if you are proactive and reactive enough. While she can do all this, she still has some weaknesses, sometimes she might need a “ball-carrier” to be able to land her combos efficiently in teamfights, which is rather difficult to find in a solo que setting, so for most efficiency run Orianna with a tanky top laner/jungler premade who can be that “ball-carrier”.

4) Ahri – she is a situational pick - a really good assassin against immobile comps, but at the same time she is struggling with current meta mid laners who have insanely strong kits with barely any counterplay.

4) Viktor strong pick, easy to play, hard to master. He requires a lot of mechanical prowess in order to be useful and get maximum usage of his kit and not just his lazer. Easy to comeback with if he falls behind and definitely a decent pick if you are a main mid laner. If you are not used the the midlane role he is a bad pick since he is very hard to play properly with maximum utilization of all that is Viktor.

5) Cassiopeia – solid pick, still strong, but not as good as the current top 5 mid laners. Cass is still decent in some match-ups, actually amazing, but really hard to pull off and win solo/duo/flex que with in certain situations. Basically the other top 5 does her job better.


Keep in mind, this list will tell you which champions are the best to carry with in each patch when you play alone or with a friend. It does not feature champions that are heavily team reliant, even if they are strong picks as this support tier list is not aimed for 5vs5, but rather for Solo/Duo queue players who want the best champion to carry with even when your team lets you down.

Make sure you save this Mid Tier List and check it after the next patch - It is updated after every patch, every season!


Leave a comment with any questions and we will get back to you.



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