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            Welcome to another free mini guide focused solely on discussing one champion, Syndra - the master of all balls from Ionia. It will be a pretty lengthy, soo grab some popcorn and enjoy.


            Syndra is a high-burst mage, who needs great micro to make use of her balls and kit, which includes spawning a ball in a certain area and doing damage, throwing a minion/ball into an area and doing damage while slowing the enemies caught in the area, a pretty long ranged stun, which can surprise a lot of enemies and a great ultimate, which deals a LOT of damage if you have maxium amount of balls spawned. Her kit comes with a price though, she has no innate dash. relies on her stun/slow to escape enemies and they both can be quite tricky, if you miss your stun, you become very vulnerable.


syndra guide


As a general guide, , I'll tell you about what you need to focus on during pre-game regarding runes/masteries and build-path. For runes, you need:

a) red ( 9x magic penetration or hybrid penetration );

b) yellow ( 9x armor against AD champions or 9x health/lvl vs AP champions );

c) blue ( 9x flat magic resist or 9x flat AP against AD champions );

d) quints ( 3x ability power, no debate over here ).

            For masteries, you want to get Thunderlord's every game, it's the best keystone mastery which you can get, which will improve your burst potential by a margin. As for the rest talents, you should go every mastery which increases your damage, by granting you flat % damage or ability power.


Item build path:

1) Start with a standard Doran's Ring + 2 health potions;

2) Focus on getting Morellonomicon + Dark Seal if you have spare gold while building Morello. Morellonomicon has everything you would want, a lot of ability power, cooldown reduction and a great passive against people who have heal or some sort of sustain. Dark Seal will help you during laning phase pretty nicely, especially considering the fact that if you stack it, it's gold value will be easily doubled or tripled.

3) As a second item, after finishing Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, you should try to get Abyssal Scepter ( if you need MR ), Zhonya ( if you are facing some assasins ) or Rabbadon if you just want to do even more damage than before.

4) From this point, you need to adapt your build and just buy whatever fits your teams needs. If you need more kiting potential, you can invest into a Rylai and have a slow on every ability of yours, if you want to do damage to people stacking MR, get a Void Staff, if you want to become resistant to hard-CC initiations, buy a Banshee's, it's all up to you from now on.


  Favorable match-ups: ( * - contains notes on how to play vs that match-up )

- Orianna ( her main core of the kit, the ball has a pretty neat travelling time, while your balls don't, which gives you windows to attack without receiving any damage, + being immobile makse her susceptible to easy ganks );

harras her with a Q+auto+W/E to proc Thunderlord's every time you have the opportunity when she goes for a last hit, always keep track of her ball during laning phase and beyond. Ask for early ganks from your jungler, with your W+E it will be pretty easy to land kills and allow you to snowball and then completely crush her.


syndra guide league of legends


- Twisted Fate ( pretty easy match-up as long as you pay attention to not overextending without any vision coverage and punishing him while his cards are on cooldowns );

* - harras him when he goes for last hits or after he used his Q or W, make sure to punish him every time he wants to last hit as long as you have vision around mid lane or you know where te enemy jungler is, bringing teleport in this match-up is advised to make you stronger and being able to respond to his ultimate ganks or teleport ganks in case of he brought teleport on top of his ultimate );

- Ahri ( this is a pretty good match-up, it's not entirely in your favor, but you have the edge as long as you position properly to avoid the charm );

* - fight her when she has just used her orb of deception, she won't be able to reply with a lot of damage, even if she hits the charm. You have the upper edge & range as long as you avoid getting poked for free. Once you hit level 6, you can burst her in a stun before she gets to use her ultimate, bringing cleanse is acceptable in this match-up as long as you feel comfortable without an offfensive summoner spell.


Unfavorable match-ups: ( * - contains notes on how to play vs that match-up )

- Fizz ( annoying little fish with the ability to completely dodge your combo/kit and kill you in the process );


free syndra guide season 6


* - the early levels will be fairly easy for you, just poke him around when he goes for last hits and try to force him to back early as much as you can, as he gains levels he becomes a bigger threat, try not to walk to close to him when he has his E ready and don't ever use E on him if he has his E up unless you want to go for a kill and even then, try not to waste your ultimate if he has E up cause it will completely nulify the damage )

- LeBlanc ( the infamous LeBalanced, pretty annoying due to how mobile she is and her ability to play around your balls );

* - try to predict her Q+W combo and use a Q+E in exchange, this will stop her mid-flight if you time it properly and also do a lot of damage to her, be careful of her post-level 6 where she can just jump and land a Q+ mimic Q for a lot of untradable damage, rush some early magic resist if you're in trouble and try to farm as much as you can till you get to mid-game.

- Vladimir ( annoying sustain mage, insanely tanky and lots of damage on top of that );

* - hard lane, there's not much you can do outside of going for trades when he had just used his Q and isn't charging up his E, he can sustain through all your laning phase damage pretty easily if he dodges a few balls, untill you get level 6 / Morello, it's a farm fest, afterwards you can start trying to go for kills.


How to play versus Vayne:

Syndra is a mage who relies on the players individual, mechanical skill to be useful. The skill floor in order to be a "bad" Syndra is pretty high, not everyone picks up this champion, soo you should be aware that it's pretty easy to spot "bad" Syndra and abuse that to your advantage:

- high range, low cooldowns, you have low windows to trade with her soo pay attention to that;

- her kit is designed to murder you in a 1v1, ask for your jungler's help if she overextends and is zoning you under your tower;

- highly reliant on ball positioning, pay attention to every single ball ( their duration is pretty big ) to avoid getting surprise stuns;

- rush magic - resist early on and avoid sticking on lane if you're low health, one good combo and you're dead, her damage is pretty high;

- rush tier 2 boots as soon as possible, can even go Mercury Threads for extra MR to make you more mobile and more able to dodge her skills.


            This is all folks, I hope you enjoyed the read. Good luck on the Summoner's Rift, unleash her power and become the greatest Syndra of all times!

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