The Ultimate Pre-Season Guide to Climbing

All Lanes - All Roles - Everything Revealed

Hello everyone, my name is Shade and I have written an extremely in-depth guide for the new patch. It includes information on all the lanes, all the roles each lane can fill and the champions that best fit each type. In addition, it covers startling revelations about the pre-season changes and how to utilize these changes to make it remarkably easy to climb the ladder.

Before I tell you more about my guide, I wanted to start out by telling you a little bit about myself. I am dedicated League of Legends player, that much you probably figured out already. I peaked at the very end of Season 6 at low Master Tier. But now I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not actually that good at League of Legends. So how, you may ask, am I in high elo? And the answer is simple, knowledge. My mechanics aren’t great, my reaction time, a little slow, and my hand eye coordination could use more than a little work. But I have one thing going for me that got me this far and that’s knowledge. I have put thousands of hours into this game and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t picked up a thing or two in that time. What I lack in mechanical skill, I more than make up for in game knowledge and dedication.

Now right about now you’re probably wondering, why is this guy telling me this? The reason why I’m telling you this is simple, I have taken a huge amount of time, research and experimentation and compressed it into a simple, easy to understand format, all for your enjoyment. My guide is over 12 900 words, which is equal to about 28 book pages in length. The guide is divided into sections, so you can choose to read the whole thing or only about the lanes and roles that you are most interested in. This guide can be found on our guide page here for $14.90 - read on if you want to know more about it before deciding if you think it is worth investing in (spoiler alert: it really is). 

pre-season guide in league of legends

People have asked me, why should I buy this guide? I’ll answer that question with another question, why do people hire tutors? The idea is very similar. I’ve already worked the numbers, found the meta, made all the mistakes worth making and learned from them. So why spend weeks or even months trying to figure things out, when someone else has already done it and can help you climb the ladder without all the blood, sweat and tears that is normally necessary?

This is the cutting edge of meta information. I have poured my time into getting this guide to you guys ASAP, while the information is the most potent. I will also update it for every new patch in the foreseable future, which means you are investing in several months worth of new data. Whenever I update the guide, the version you aquired is automatically updated by the website, so check back after every new patch for the fastest break down of patch notes and how to quickly utilize the new information to climb.

Below I’ll give you a little taste of what my guide entails. For those of you who are relatively new to the game, I start off with an introduction where I give a bit of background on what has happened throughout the years of the evolution of the metagame. After that we will go into the specifics of the different roles in League of Legends. Each one gets 5-8 sections solely dedicated to making you an expert on anything and everything League of Legends. We will cover everything you could possibly want to know, and then some.

Here’s a quick look at what is included in this 13 000 words guide:

Top Lane - Overview - A quick introduction to the Top Lane and it’s history. 
Top Lane - Bruisers - The rise and fall of the big bruisers, throughout the years and how to use them to win.
Top lane - APs - AP Top’s strengths and weaknesses, when to use them and when to avoid them.
Top Lane - Let's Talk Tanks - Good ol’ tanks, what to do with high base damages and low scalings.
Top Lane - Metagame And Champs To Learn - What you need to know to climb from the Top lane.

Jungle - Overview - The Jungle is new and unfamiliar, here I take you through the changes and how to use them to your advantage.
Jungle - First Clear - The huge differences between this patch and last patch and what to do to opimize your route.
Jungle - Ganking - When and how to gank each lane, and what to do once you have.
Jungle - Mid Game - Your role in the mid game meta.
Jungle - Late Game - What to do when one death could mean the game.
Jungle - Champs To Learn - How to climb from the Jungle.

Middle Lane - Overview - Being the centerpiece of the preseason patch means this place is a mess, I’ll help you figure out what to pick into every situation.
Middle Lane - Mages - An introduction to the classic mage.
Middle Lane - Supports - The invaders from the bot lane, I’ll tell you when to pick them and what to do with them.
Middle Lane - ASSASSINS WOOT WOOT - The class everyone is excited about, but it’s not always what it seems.
Middle Lane - Big Assassin Reworks - I take you through step by step, through each big Assassin rework.
Middle Lane - Smaller Assassin Reworks - There are quite a few of these and remembering them all can be hard, I’ll give you what you need to know if you end up with or against one of these guys.
Middle Lane - Assassin Items - Lethality and the like.
Middle Lane - Metagame And Champs To Learn - Who to play to climb through Mid.

ADCs - Overview - The tower takers, your team’s dps, the glass cannon, whatever you want to call them, I’ll help you understand their very core.
ADCs - Early Game ADCs - I’ll explain who they are and what their role is.
ADCs - Hyper Carries - These can be very potent situationally, I’ll help you understand when to pick them and when to forsake them.
ADCs - Utility ADCs - This relatively new class is very important when talking about the evolution of the metagame, and trust me I don’t skimp on it.
ADCs - Metagame And Champs To Learn - How to carry games as a marksman.

Support - Overview - The support role has always been undervalued and I’ll explain why they’re get less credit than they deserve.
Support - Peel Supports - I’ll explain these in detail and how not to die while keeping your ADC alive.
Support - Lockdown Supports - Whether you play these or not it’s important to understand what their focus is going to be at different points in the game.
Support - Mage Supports - These are very unique class that requires careful play and plenty of preparation. 
Support - Itemization - I go into all the new support items, as well as the new buy values that Riot has just put out.
Support - Metagame And Champs To Learn - Believe it or not you can carry from support, and I’ll tell you how.

Rune Pages - Just a list of starter rune pages that synergize well with many champions, for those of us who don’t have a billion IP to spend.


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