Want to think like Sherlock? Use your “Deductive Reasoning” skillz.

How thinking like Sherlock Holmes can help your decision making reach a whole new level.

Hmm, maybe we're on to something here.  Maybe... just maybe... thinking like our good ol' fictional detective Sherlock Holmes can help us better our decision making.  Why, that sounds like a great idea!  Now what I mean by this exactly, is picking up on and realizing the amount of “free information” the enemy team provides you (the player) without realizing it.


           Next time you play take a look at the map around 1:55 seconds.  See on your side of the map what everyone's doing.  Are they hiding in a bush to surprise the enemy bot lane?  Are they helping their jungler out with their respective buff?  Is it Shaco, Fiddle, Nunu whereas they need little to no help?  Are you staying too long when helping your jungler that you've lost a CS?  Now that you see how it works on your side of the map, you've actually already got a good idea of what the enemy team might be doing.  You'd be surprised to realize how much this helps you when it comes to knowing what's going on on the enemy team's side.


           So now, around 2:15 seconds when players get settled into their lanes is the next time you should take a look at the map.  Is their bot lane late?  What about their top lane?  Is he Renekton and has some unexplainable fury even though he just showed up to lane? For example if their bot lane is late and you're on blue side what does this mean?  It means they're starting blue and they will/might be late to lane.  Take advantage on bottom and try to get level 2 before they do.  Once you know this, you can have an idea of where the jungler went after wards.  Is he going towards Red?  Doing wolves/wraiths?  Does he have fast clear time?  Is he mobile?  Are you a champ that he can/wants to gank early?  Are you Vayne/Tristana with a great late game? These are the questions you should be asking yourself!  From there you can deduce the amount of time the jungler might take to gank your lane.  Of course there are always exceptions.  Early ganks, mobile junglers, and farming junglers.  Some might not gank you until 6 so they've time to farm up.  This is also important to identify!  Warwick and Skarner for example like to wait until 6, but Maokai and Nautilus who fall off a bit in the later levels might want to help his team early!

            But with that being said, knowing where he starts can help you deduce where he's going and where he'll be.  And that's definitely not all.  That can tell you when it might not be a great time go aggressive, as he might be waiting or on his way to gank.  You always want to have an idea of where the jungler is, even if you don't know exactly.  But he also leaves more clues for you summoner!  Think about your level 1 invade if there was any, or perhaps the last time you had one.  Did you flash?  Did you use ignite or exhaust to try to kill an opponent?  Be cautious then, the enemy is aware of this fact and if you're top with no escape mechanic you can bet a pretty penny he's coming to gank you.  Doesn't mean he always will, but you need to be aware of this possibility and heavily prepare for it.  Your flash is going to be down for approx. 5 minutes, so for 5 minutes the enemy has his if he hasn't use it.  And if you've not an escape than they might both use theirs to secure first blood.


           Speaking about free information, if you've recently slain an enemy and have vision of where they died you can also see what items he buys if he buys while dead.  Pretty cool eh?  With that being said, there are loads of ways this can be useful.  Perhaps your lane opponent top is now building defensively against you, and you're AD.  You can see this before hand and ask your capable mid laner if he'd like to switch if he's AP.  Of course he may not always feel comfortable but this game is all about making opportunities and you'd be silly if you let one slip!  Perhaps it's late game and you've just slain the ADC, and you see he's bought GA.  That's one more free thing that enemy has told you.  Free is always a bad thing for the enemy, you want to limit how many free things you give your opponent.  From free information to free trades, it's your job to try and limit them as much as possible.          


           Next time you acquire any free information make sure that you let the rest of your team know.  If someone in your lane flashed, tell your jungler/team the time for when it comes back up or type down when he did.  If you've just seen the jungler bottom recalling let your top laner know that, he might have grounds to make a kill happen.  If you've slain their blue, jot that down as well.  The more tools and options you have the better.  Maybe you've just passed by their wolves and the camp is empty.  It takes 50 seconds for them to respond and if you've wards surrounding the area and they didn't pass through the wards they might've recalled.


Written By FireTye

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By Budaxxx
Posted : July 19, 2014
Very interesting post!

I think being attentive to the enemy, we have won 30-40% of the game, plus the 40% of warding = we win the game!